Emma Sleep Review NZ: Best Mattress In A Box {2023}

Emma Sleep Mattress Review – Best Mattress In A Box?

Today we will be opening, personally testing and thoroughly reviewing the award winning Emma Sleep Mattress which has recently launched here in New Zealand. Until recently it was only available overseas.

We are going to give you detailed feedback on everything from purchasing, receiving it with details on the packaging process and opening it up, to how it feels to lay on, the quality of sleep that it provides and much more!

Read on below to find out just how good this innovative luxury mattress really is.

What is the Emma Sleep Mattress?

This mattress is one of the best mattress in a box mattresses that you can get out there in today’s current market. What is this ‘mattress in a box’ phrase that you speak of you ask? The mattress in a box service is a highly innovative mattress product which has taken the world by storm over the last few years.


emma sleep review nz

The mattress arrives to you in a compact vacuum sealed sized package. The mattress itself is carefully vacuum sealed and packed securely with plastic wrap all around. This then comes inside of a well packaged box about the size of a mini fridge making for easy and affordable shipping.

Once you open up the box, remove the plastic packaging from the mattress and then unfold the mattress itself, it will automatically expand and grow into a fully fledged mattress on the spot within minutes.

It can take up to and hour or 2 for it to fully expand but visibly it will be fully done within minutes. Note that this is not an air bed it is a proper full fledged memory foam mattress!

The Emma Original Mattress just so happens to be one of the best mattress in a box products out there. Emma has won several awards for its superior comfortable mattresses from all over England and Europe, you can view all of their awards here.

The Emma Original Mattress is a premium quality memory foam mattress which has a medium-firm level of mattress texture. Many customers have provided feedback to us stating that a medium to a more firmer mattress is better than having a softer one when it comes to memory foam mattresses. It rates as a 6/10 on a firmness level with 1 being soft and 10 being firm.

This is because firmer ones tend to provide better support for all areas of your body from your joints to your muscles and they are more effective at relieving those pesky aches and pains, softer mattresses tend to aggravate muscle and body pains in the long run.

In addition to this customers have reported getting a more deeper, comfortable and undisturbed quality of sleep throughout the night in comparison to when they were using any other type of mattress before purchasing the Emma Original Mattress.

It is suitable for users of any body type or shape, no matter how big or small, old or young you are, one thing for sure is that you will benefit hugely from sleeping on the Emma Original Mattress for a variety of different reasons which we will cover in today’s review.

The mattress is designed to allow optimum airflow through the mattress with its innovative and unique shape and design which will allow you to get a wonderful nights sleep. The cutouts in the foam mattress help improve the comfort level and the air flow. The cover is removable and machine washable, it is secured with a strong high quality zip on the side of the exterior of the mattress.

Receiving and opening your Emma Sleep Mattress

We purchased a queen sized mattress from Emma Mattress. It came beautifully packaged with the mattress itself vacuum sealed and folded up. It was fully wrapped as well as being put neatly into a well padded box which kept it fully protected during transit. The box was about the size of a mini fridge.

emma sleep review nz

Once we opened up the box and removed the vacuum sealed plastic packaging the mattress it then began to automatically expand and it was very cool to watch this all pan out. Within minutes we had our brand new fully queen size memory foam mattress ready to use!

The manufacturer states that it can take up to 1-2 hours for it to internally fully expand but in terms of visibility on the exterior it was fully expanded within minutes for us.

It came out of the box smelling very clean and fresh, on my first time laying down on it I thought that it felt quite firm but not too firm. It as firm but comfortable. After the first nights sleep on it that firm feeling felt more like a safe, secure, comfy and soft to firm feeling – just right.

The box and packaging kept the mattress fully covered and protected from when Emma shipped it from their depot right up until it arrived at my doorstep. Emma Mattress can ship globally to  any one of the 17 countries that it currently ships to (including New Zealand!), this list is constantly being increased so keep an eye out for your country on the list, most main countries are currently in service.

It is worth noting that Emma Mattress company offers free shipping and free returns if for any reason you want a refund. You are also allowed to test it out on a trial for up to 100 days before your opportunity for a return and refund expires.

Emma mattress recommends that you try it out for at least 3-4 weeks before making this decision to get a decent gauge on your opinion on the mattress.

emma sleep mattress review nz

Tried & Tested Emma Sleep Mattress Review

Well where do I start? With no exaggeration intended here I have never slept better! I myself am a difficult sleeper with not only in getting to sleep but also with staying asleep throughout the night and boy did this mattress help me out big time! 

It has helped me with my back and shoulder aches and pains, my partner has claimed the same thing and said that her back has felt better as she sometimes suffers from a sore back.

We have both managed to fall asleep earlier than usual and that is a big deal for me as I am a very difficult sleeper. We seem to be having deeper and more undisturbed sleeps too, I think this is due to the fact that the other half of the mattress barely moves when someone on the other half moves around on top of the mattress which provides you with an overall superb level of quality and comfort.

I have been sleeping soundly consistently now for the past 4 weeks and I have been falling asleep faster. I honestly didn’t expect to get such good results from using it. The fact that it is firm (but not too firm) provides the optimum amount of support and comfort for all areas of your body.

The breathability in the mattress is great, I didn’t feel too warm or cold during each night when I used it and each time I hop into it I felt complete bliss, the mattress features innovative cooling technology to prevent your body from overheating during those hot summer nights.

I already had a pretty decent mattress before buying this one but the difference is that my old one was plush and super soft. I will now never return to using my old softer mattress as the Emma Mattress is now my favourite one hands down.

The old mattress will now be going into the spare room. Although the Emma Mattress is a medium firm type of mattress it still provides enough bounce and movement for any other activities other than sleep if you get my drift.

The edges of the mattress are secure and provide a comfortable level of stability so that you can’t roll over the edge and you most certainly won’t sink into the middle of it either due to the memory foam technology holding firm. There are side handles on the mattress too which make for easy portability with transferring it around.

The mattress is easy to move around on, if you are a side sleeper fear not! The Emma Mattress adjusts and contours to the shape of your body as you blissfully sink in to a peaceful nights slumber.

For back sleepers you are also in luck, the Emma Mattress provides the perfect amount of hip and spinal support to provide your spine and the entire body with an optimum level of comfort.

Noone is left out here because stomach sleepers are also well catered to here, the mattresses 2 layer foam technology is suited to adjust to sleepers of any angle or style!

How much does the Emma Sleep Mattress cost?

Pricing for the Emma Mattress varies depending on what size you choose during the ordering process, the prices for each size are as follows.

  • Single: $680NZD
  • King Single: $760NZD
  • Double $840NZD
  • Queen $920NZD
  • King $1000NZD+
  • Super King $1080NZD

Note that Emma Mattress Company regularly run promos and discounts for each country so it is worth keeping an eye out for these promos.

Emma Sleep Shipping & Warranty

As stated above shipping is free for most countries as well as product returns and full product refunds. You are entitled to a free 100 day no obligation trial which is a superb feature in our opinion. Shipping times are generally 1 week – 3 weeks dependant on your country or origin. Emma Mattress currently ships to 17 total countries so please check your country in the list before ordering.

Emma recommends not leaving the mattress unboxed and unopened for any longer than 6 months. Emma Mattress company will provide you with a generous 10 year product warranty which covers all of the usual things such as manufacturer defects or faults, dents or rips in the cover on the mattress done prior to your use, foam damages and much more.

In the event of a product refund when granted by Emma Mattress Company they cover the costs of picking it up from you.

Final Verdict On Emma Sleep Mattress

As a whole, this mattress is fantastic! It has provided both me and my partner with consistent good night sleeps for four weeks going on five now, we’ve never slept better, we fall asleep faster and body aches and pains are a thing of the past. When they do arise it seems that Emma Mattress is certainly making a difference with speeding up the healing times and process with them, even my child loved it!

I think the shipping was fast and the mattress came in superb condition, they gave me 100 days to trial it and I will certainly be keeping mine. The pricing is fair in my opinion and I don’t think I will be using any other mattress for a long time to come yet. The 10 year warranty which is included gives me peace of mind in knowing that this is a top quality mattress highly regarded and heavily backed by the manufacturer.

Emma Mattress provides exceptional customer service, fast shipping and a fantastic overall top quality mattress, you’ve absolutely got to try it out for yourself, you will not look back.

You can purchase the mattress here.