5+ Best Rice Cookers To Buy In NZ For All Types of Dishes

best rice cookers nz

Whether you’re cooking a simple batch of jasmine rice for breakfast or an elaborate dinner for a group of friends, rice cookers are an excellent choice. These appliances automatically turn off after the rice is cooked, and many models include a warming feature. Today we’ll be looking at the best …

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5+ Best Boxing Boots For Every Type of Boxer

best boxing boots nz

It’s no secret that to go from beginner to intermediate in the boxing world, you need to get yourself some of the best boxing boots money can buy. The support for your ankles is paramount to your safety and ability to manoeuvre around the ring like the next Rocky Balboa.  Here …

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5+ Best Boxing Headgears For Ultimate Protection

best boxing headgears nz

When you’re starting out with boxing, having adequate head gear can ensure you remain safe without compromising on your ability to fight, or train as you please. Whether you’re buying for yourself, or for the protection of your son or daughter, choosing the best boxing headgear is a difficult task, …

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7+ Best Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards For Summer

best inflatable stand up paddleboards nz

Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards can be an exhilarating experience for just about anyone, but there are so many different boards available that it can seem overwhelming. From cheap and cheerful options, to ultimate boards that cost thousands, how do you choose the best inflatable SUP in NZ? We’ve taken …

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5+ Best Trail Cameras For Hunting & Security

When it comes to choosing the best trail camera for your home security, hunting excursion or trap line, it can be challenging with so many different models to choose from. Sure, you’ve heard of industry leaders, Moultrie but is it worth paying a premium for something universally similar between manufacturers. …

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The Best Gaming Desks For Serious Gamers

best gaming desks nz

Gaming is a serious business. Gamers invest time, money and energy into their hobby. They want the best gear that they can get to help them play at their peak level of performance.  One way to ensure you are playing your best game is by investing in the right gaming …

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The Very Best Sandwich Presses To Make Delicious Toasties

best sandwich press nz

Lunchtime is an extremely important part of our day, but it doesn’t have to be stressful. The best way to save time and still create a delicious sandwich would be with a sandwich press. You can use one of these handy appliances to quickly create the perfect sandwich every time. …

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5+ Best Portable Speakers For Every Audiophile

best portable speakers nz

Music is an important part of life, so it’s important to have the best speakers on the market. The best portable speakers in New Zealand are made by Bose, OrbitSound, JBL, UE and Beats by Dre.  These three brands each offer high-quality speaker systems that can be easily carried around …

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5+ Best Party Speakers For Every Occasion

best party speakers nz

Many people are unaware of how important it is to have excellent speakers attached to their stereo system. Larger venues, such as football stadiums, require powerful speakers that can be heard from miles away.  However, for smaller gatherings or parties in the backyard, there are many options available. For those looking …

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The Very Best USB Condenser Microphones

Best USB Condenser Microphones

While the Blue Yeti is well known in NZ, there’s many other condenser microphones to choose from. Today we’ll take a look at 5 different options to suit every recording situation.