Best Windows Data Recovery Software In NZ For 2024!

5+ Best Windows Data Recovery Software Tools

If your computer crashes, or you simply need to recover some lost or deleted data, you'll want to consider using a Windows data recovery software. These programs can help you recover files that have been deleted, lost due to a hard drive crash, or even corrupted due to a virus. While there are many different Windows data recovery software programs available, our top picks are listed below.

If you've ever experienced the pain of losing files due to hard drive crashes, viruses or general system errors, these programmes can help you recover those lost files, but how do you know which is the best software to choose? These programs can be used to recover data from a Windows computer, desktop or laptop hard drive, with some also being able to retrieve files from flash drives. Some are also able to recover files deleted by the operating system itself, while others are specifically designed for recovering deleted files on a Mac system. 

Best Windows Data Recovery Software

1. EaseUS Data Recovery Software

  • Professional & Safe
  • Preview before recovery
  • Compatible with Windows 10

EaseUS Data Recovery Software is an information rescue system that recovers lost files and restores data without destroying it.

Its effective rescue processes include data recovery in forms of HDD/SDD, format, raw and partition on Windows 10, 8, 7, 2008, 2003, Vista and XP.

Inaccessible RAW data files and deleted or formatted information can all be restored by this advanced software that searches further into the device storage than other rescue software are capable of.

Storage devices that data can be retrieved from include laptops and computers, removeable drives, hard drives and flash drives like USBs, memory cards, floppy disk drives, cameras, zip drives and music or video players.

The software is easy to us, reliable and safe, and takes only 3 steps. These steps include locating where the data was lost from, scanning for lost data, and previewing files to ensure they are correct before recovering.

It is compatible with Windows 10 and available in a number of different languages.
There are 3 pricing options: $55.96 (was $99.95) for the Pro version, $99.90 (was $159.90) for the Pro+Wipe version or $299 for a technician 1-year subscription.

The technician subscription allows for unlimited use on any computer whereas the other 2 are limited to one computer with a single license. All rescue an unlimited number of files from differing situations and salvage your precious information. 

2. Disk Drill Data Recovery Software

  • Free data recovery of 500MB
  • Can recover every type of file
  • Ideal for companies

Disk Drill Data Recovery Software does exactly as the name suggests: recovers lost data. Just when you think that file you accidentally deleted is gone for good, this software brings it back from the brink. 

It is as simple as downloading the software, clicking on ‘recover’ and delighting in the return of your files that you thought were gone for good.

The software can be downloaded on Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista or XP and Mac OS X. The basic version is free but has a data recovery limit of 500 MB.

A PRO upgrade is available for $148.75 that has no limit on data recovery size and can be activated 3 times by 1 user. It is ideal for users at home and can recover every type of storage and file system.

An enterprise upgrade also exists for $834.02 that also has no limit on the size of data recovery but allows 10 users to utilise the software with no limit on activations.

This version is ideal for companies as it can easily recover commercial data and users can receive support immediately to ensure timely data recovery of important files.

Discounts are available for users who have purchased a past version of the software, those in education or non-profit sectors, and for those who own a competitor’s software and would like to swap it for Disk Drill. 

3. Kernel Data Recovery

  • No file size limitations
  • Easy data recovery
  • Try Demo version for free 

Kernel Data Recovery has the ability to recover lost and deleted data including files and folders without altering the original format.

This includes data recovery from removeable devices like USBs and ZIP drives as well as hard drives. Errors of corruption from Windows are also able to be repaired so that any files effected or deleted by corruption or viruses are able to be recovered.

It is easy to specify the types of files needed to be recovered so that other unnecessary files that were supposed to be deleted do not re-emerge.

The demo version is available for free and allows users to see the files they thought may be permanently lost.

This means that files are able to be viewed before being saved where you need them to be to ensure they are the correct file before downloading.

However with the demo version, users cannot save the restored items; to do so, users must purchase the full version. There are 3 full versions available at differing price points but are all a 1 year license.

The home license costs $49 and is only for personal use. The corporate license is $99 and available to multiple devices at the one location whereas the technician license is $199 and available to many devices at many different locations.

Apart from the license use differentiations, all other features of the software are the same. 

4. DoYourData Recovery Pro

  • Easy-to-Use data recovery
  • Advanced data recovery scan
  • Trial version available

DoYourData Recovery Pro is a data recovery software program that enables recovery of files that have been deleted, lost or formatted.

These files can be recovered from a number of devices including laptops, PCs, hard drives, etc, as well as file systems.

The file can be any type including photo, audio file, video, email, document, folder, etc, and as the process of scanning is read-only, no files can be overwritten or damaged.

It is easy to scan for lost files using the software either via a quick scan or advanced deep scan.

The quick scan looks through files that have been recently deleted whereas the advanced deep scan scans deep into the device to locate files and can find files that have been damaged or corrupted.

There is a trial version that allows users to scan their hard drive and see the files to be recovered but in order to restore or save them, users will need to buy a license code. A 1-year license costs $49 and a lifetime license costs $69.

They offer a 30-day money back guarantee that ensures customers are satisfied with their recovery results.

There is a bundle available that includes the lifetime recovery software for PCS along with lifetime recovery software for iPhones at a discounted rate of $79. Users who purchase any lifetime license are entitled to all lifetime updates for free. 

5. Stellar Data Recovery

  • Recovers any file format
  • Easy to use interface
  • Trial version available

Stellar Data Recovery is a software program that enables users to recover data easily and from the comfort of their own home. Files that are thought to be gone for good can be relocated and saved to any desired location.

Any type or format of file is able to be recovered as well as encrypted, corrupt, lost, deleted or formatted data files.

Data can be recovered from devices such as computer hard drives, SSD, USB drives, memory cards, flash drives, CDs, DVDs, etc., and drives do not need to be bootable to enable recovery.

The software is simple to use so customers do not need to have superior technical abilities in order to utilise the recovery software. It is a matter of downloading, scanning for files to recover, and then selecting the ones desired to save.

Once the device has been scanned, users can preview files as well as save the scan results in order to continue data recovery at a later time. Scans can be ‘quick’ or ‘deep’ depending on the time since the file was lost.

The free version allows data recovery up to 1 GB. Subscriptions are available at different rates with the dearer versions offering more features. All paid subscriptions allow for unlimited data recovery.

They start at $49.99 for the standard version and go up to $299 for the toolkit. 

What can cause data loss on my computer?

Data loss is one of the most common incidents faced by individuals and businesses. It can be caused by a variety of reasons, including human error, faulty equipment, natural disasters, computer viruses and data theft. In some cases, data can be recovered using traditional methods such as recovering deleted files from a hard drive or retrieving lost pictures from a digital camera. However, if the data has been lost due to a computer virus or other software fault, recovery may be more difficult.

Fortunately, there are various software options available that can help recover data from damaged or crashed computers as we've mentioned above.

How to recover deleted files?

Windows data recovery software is an essential tool for anyone who has lost data due to a computer crash, virus infection, or computer theft. There are many different types of data recovery software available, and they vary in terms of the features they offer and the speed with which they can recover lost files. If you've lost your files due to a hard drive crash, corrupted file, or just general neglect, you'll likely want to find a way to recover those files. Windows data recovery software is available in both free and paid versions, and it can help you pull your photos, music, and documents from damaged or lost storage. Here are the best Windows data recovery software programs for recovering lost files.