Best VS Sassoon Hair Dryers In NZ For 2024

The Best VS Sassoon Hair Dryers To Buy In NZ

Are you looking to buy a new VS Sassoon hair dryer in New Zealand? If you are, then you won't be disappointed, but with so many different models to choose from, how do you know which is the best one for your needs? 

Do you really need to spend $300+ on a new hair dryer from VS Sassoon, or can you make do with a budget friendly version instead? What's the difference between this brand and other branded and unbranded models available throughout NZ?

Today we're going to help you choose the best VS hair dryers, as well as look at pricing, features, pros and cons for each, as well as links to places you can buy them. 

The Best VS Sassoon Hair Dryers Right Now

1. VS Sassoon Super Power 2400 Hair Dryer

  • Salon Grade AC motor
  • Powerful dryer
  • 3 heat / 2 speed settings

Boasting a mighty 2400 watts of power the VS Sassoon Super Power hairdryer is their most powerful dryer which delivers fast drying and salon level results. The motor is an AC salon-grade which is designed to last up to three times longer than most other dryers on the market.

It also has a higher velocity airflow which is capable of drying your hair up to 50% times faster than other dryers out there – that’s a bonus in your busy weekday morning routine!

With three heat and two speed settings, this is a versatile appliance which suits all hair types and styles. Its slimline concentrator allows you to style your hair with more precision and it also features a ‘cold shot’ for setting your style in place for the duration of your busy day.

A diffuser attachment is ideal for drying those natural curls. You also receive with purchase a Thermal Styling Brush for smoothing the hair and adding volume as you dry.

The Super Power 2400 also uses ionic technology in its design. This means that the dryer doesn’t open up hair shafts as it dries but keeps the shafts closed to retain its smoothness and shine and to reduce frizz. You can use a lower temperature to dry the hair when it is an ionic dryer.

2. VS Sassoon Elegance Hair Dryer

  • Ceramic Ionic Technology
  • High-torque fan
  • Super-fast drying

Looking particularly cool with a rose gold finish the VS Sassoon Elegance is a hairdryer which uses Ceramic Ionic Technology and a high-torque fan system to deliver a fast-drying solution to those who want a great salon finish without having to devote a lot of time to the process.

The Ionic technology basically means that the dryer doesn’t open up the shafts of your hair and therefore keeps the hair smooth, sleek and shiny despite the drying process. The hair can be dried at a lower heat so frizziness is controlled and minimised.

The high-torque fan delivers two times the pressure of an ordinary hair dryer for a stronger effect at the roots of the hair, leaving a salon-style result. The dryer comes with a concentrator for precise styling, and a ‘cool shot’ to set the style in place for the day.

The 2200W motor is powerful enough to provide a fast-drying
Three heat and two speed settings mean that the Elegance will suit every type of hair, and every style and finish that you may want on any given day. The 2200W motor is powerful enough to provide super-fast drying at the highest settings.

The long 1.8m cord makes it easy to manoeuvre the dryer around your head, and a handy loop means that storage is easy as well.

3. VS Sassoon Go Travel Hair Dryer

  • Portable hair dryer
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Dries hair quickly

Looking for a travel dryer that still does a good job of drying and styling your hair? The VS Sassoon Go Travel may be the one for you.
Compact and lightweight, this dryer is also dual-voltage to ensure that it will be useable in most hotel rooms.

It also boasts a 2000-watt motor for the same power as you enjoy at home with your full-size dryer, and therefore still dries your hair quickly. The dryer has a concentrator for styling, and two heat and two speed settings to manage most styles. The dryer leaves your hair just as silky and smooth and shiny as you achieve at home.

And it’s quiet as well. There is even a ‘cool shot’ function to set your style which you wouldn’t normally expect from a travel dryer. And the outer case doesn’t heat up as other compact dryers can tend to do.

The Go Travel folds up into a very compact unit which easily fits into any size travel case. At a price that you can’t go past this a must-have travel dryer if you're often on the move. Many women even choose to use it at home as well. Or on those holidays at the beach, even a trip to the hospital.

4. VS Sassoon - 3Q High Performance Dryer

  • Less style time
  • High-tech dryer
  • Ionic conditioning technology

If you’re looking for excellence in the world of home hair dryers you need go no further than the VS Sassoon 3Q High Performance dryer. This is a high-tech dryer which features a brushless digital technology which promises to dry your hair up to 70% faster than other driers, even others from this manufacturer.

This technology also produces less ‘hot spots’ than standard dryers so your hair stays in better condition and maintains its shine and health from the roots to the tips for longer between salon visits.

As well as the brushless technology the 3Q also uses both Ionic Technology and Ceramic Tourmaline Technology, which keep your hair protected during the drying process, leaving it sleeker, smoother, shinier and frizz-free.

The dryer also has a concentrator attachment to increase styling precision, a diffuser to really enhance those curls, and features a ‘cold shot’ to lock in your style at the end.

Lightweight and comfortable to hold, the dryer doesn’t take a toll on your arm or hand as you style your hair. The controls are also well-placed for intuitive use. It’s also noticeably quieter than many other hairdryers.

Overall your hair will look like you’ve just left the hair salon every time you leave home!

5. VS Sassoon - Digital Sensor Dryer

  • Digital Sensor
  • Ultra-fast
  • Longer life

With an eye on design as well as an impressive attention to performance, the VS Sassoon Digital Sensor hairdryer is an intelligent dryer with all the features you could ask for as well as a stylish modern look, all of which are Italian engineered and inspired.

One of the principal differentiating features of this dryer from others is its digital sensor which keeps the temperature to an optimal 70-degrees Celsius, the upper limit for maintaining healthy hair by eliminating the generation of ‘hot spots’ which damage the hair shafts.

The dryer also boasts a smart digital motor which can adjust the speed of the airflow up to 208km/h for a quicker drying process. For example, the airspeed will automatically increase when the 'cold shot' is used after styling with the concentrator has finished.

The digital motor has a twenty times longer life span than an AC motor. This ‘IQ’ extends further, however, to the point of auto-regulation of the airflow and air temperature when the diffuser or concentrators are being used.

The dryer comes with two concentrator attachments for styling, smoothing and adding volume to the hair.  It also incorporates Ionic Technology to reduce static and fizziness by keeping the hair shafts closed through the drying process.

And a ‘cold shot’ is there to finish your look after the styling is done.
This is a modern dryer for a modern woman!