5+ Best Tauranga Window Tinting Specialists For 2024

5+ Best Tauranga Window Tinting Specialists

You should call only the best Tauranga window tinting companies when it comes time to get some new tints put onto your car or homes windows.

Whether it be for privacy reasons or for some added protections from the sun for you and the inside of your car or building, be it residential or commercial we've got a window tinting solution for you.

Adding some new window tints is a great way to protect your belongings from thieves and from the sun.

Read on below to see who who think are the best tinting technicians in the Tauranga and Mount Maunganui area, with coverage throughout the Bay of Plenty.

Best Tauranga Window Tinting Specialists

1. Tint a Car

  • Car & residential
  • Range of styles and tints
  • Trusted reputation

Specialising in both car and residential window tinting, Tint a Car offers a range of finishes and window tints that ensure privacy, glare and heat reduction to increase your comfortability in any vehicle.

Boasting their status as a household name, Tint a car has developed a trusted reputation for creating the most sleek and clear tints in Tauranga.

One of their most popular is the Formula 1 tint, which allows complete clarity and clear views while preserving your privacy and providing heat and glare protection, making it a fantastic tint for a range of needs.

Even darker, the Octane tint is the darkest legal tint and provides the maximum level of heat and glare rejection for the driver, making it their most popular and sought-out style.

If you’re looking for a tint that will beautify your vehicle and leave onlookers jealous, their Midnight Express tint is well-known among the automotive community and will surely garner you some longing looks.

Customer Review

James Lange left this google review:

“Took my Nissan stagea in to get tinted, Wow what a mint job, best products in town, I have used other places in the BOP before and have had issues, great value for money.”

Address: 4b Brook Street, Fraser Street, Tauranga 3112

Phone: 075 776 059

Services: Formula 1, octane, midnight express, spectre and ash cool car tints, car paint protection, protection film and interior protection and home solar film, safety and security film and decorative film

2. Tint Master

  • Long, trusted reputation
  • Wide range of tints available
  • Car & residential tints

Having operated for over 14 years, Tint Master has delivered privacy and sleek looks to a range of vehicles, residential and commercial properties in Tauranga.

Tint Master boasts a team of experienced and qualified professionals, whose high quality service can be used throughout the home and applied to vehicles, protecting your valuables and reducing UV damage.

One of the most beneficial elements to their window tinting is the protection afforded, as Tint Master provides security and safety films to ensure windows do not shatter.

What differentiates Tint Master from competitors is their wide range of films and tints, meaning almost any glass surface can be tinted in a way that suits surrounding colours and decor, so you don’t have to sacrifice aesthetics for safety.

So, whether you’re looking for protection from the sun, extra strength for window glass or simply increased privacy in your home, commercial property or vehicle, Tint Master delivers a wide range of services bound to suit your needs.

Customer Review

Sharni Wilson left this google review:

“Awesome service and great price! Thanks again for doing such a great job.”

Address: Unit 4, 67a Courtney Road, Tauranga, 3118

Phone: 07 577 9099

Services: Commercial, residential and vehicle tinting

3. Kellan Tinting

  • Industry leading & innovative technology
  • Excellent customer service
  • 7+ years warranties included

Using Korean protectant technology, Kellan Tinting has developed a trusted reputation across the globe for their innovative and industry leading techniques in vehicle tinting.

Kellan Tinting has been in operation since 2005, providing a balance between nano ceramic heat protection, a clean appearance, safety and high visibility levels.

Their premium range of window tints include bronze, silver, gold and diamond options, which have between 7 and unlimited years of warranty to protect your investment.

As an industry leader, their diamond tint decreases UV penetration by 99%, heat by 96% and glare by 80%, highlighting exactly why Kellan’s popularity in Korea has found itself mirrored in New Zealand.

The Kellan experience is made easy through expert staff, whose thorough understanding of the tints on offer means you won’t have trouble making the choice for your vehicle.

This is backed by a community reputation for excellent and friendly customer service, making them a great option in the Tauranga area.

Customer Review

Kelly Mills left this google review:

“Thanks for a great service. Andy did an amazing job,very honest and friendly.I would highly recommend getting your car tinted here.”

Address: 31 Burrows Street, Tauranga South

Phone: 07 929 7767

Services: Bronze, silver, gold and diamond window tinting, headlight renewal, ceramic coating, water spot removal, tinting film product

4. Bay Window Tinting (No Car Tinting)

  • 18 years of industry experience
  • Reputation for excellent privacy levels
  • Excellent customer service

If you’re in search of a reputable window tinting provider that specialises in creating safer, more secure homes, Bay Window Tinting has an 18 year reputation for delivering premium quality tints to the Tauranga area.

Bay Window Tinting boasts use of the most advanced window films, created in the United States, in order to increase the safety of older homes and increase their inhabitability for younger families.

This specialisation means their ability to block UV rays, reduce glare and heat, increase privacy and security is amplified, seeking to grant their customers peace of mind in their homes.

Most impressive is their Frosted Window Film, which works to increase privacy during both daylight and evening time.

Customers share the view that Bay Window Tinting provides excellent and warm customer service, while delighting in the increased privacy achieved through a range of films. So, this sounds like a great option in the Tauranga area.

Customer Review

Helen Taylor left this google review:

 “Excellent and experienced service, my house is cooler and the privacy is fabulous.  Friendly people. Would definitely recommend this family business.”

Address: Bay of Plenty

Phone: 0800 22 98 46

Services: Home and commercial tinting and films, enerlogic films, anti-graffiti films, privacy films, safety and security films, solar protection films

5. Film Tint NZ (No Car Tinting)

  • Premium quality tints
  • Warm & friendly customer service
  • Residential, commercial and vehicles

If you’re trusting in a company to deliver increased safety and privacy to your residential or commercial property, high quality products are a must.

Hence why Film Tint NZ assert that only the highest quality tints from companies such as 3M are used in their specialist installation in homes around Tauranga.

The three most important factors, being durability, performance and appearance are guaranteed by Film Tint NZ to be delivered at their highest possible level, while still providing the added benefits like glare resistance, cooling properties and day-to-night privacy that window tints have become known for.

Because their wide range of options can become a little daunting, Film Tint NZ provides specialist consultants whose expert opinion can help land the perfect tint or film on your home windows.

So, for a company recommended on the basis of their excellent customer service and helpful advice, you can’t go wrong picking premium tints from Film Tint NZ.

Customer Review

Kelly Burnett left this google review:

“Professional service. We would highly recommend Film Tint to anyone. Phil was so friendly and efficient with his work, thank you. Very happy customers.”

Address: Tauranga or Whakatane

Phone: 0800 315 503

Services: Commercial window tinting, house window tinting, safety and security films, frosted and privacy films, anti-graffiti film, wall and glass graphics

What are the rules and regulations with getting vehicle windows tinted?

In a nutshell, the front windscreen is not allowed to have any tinting applied onto it except for the anti-glare line on the top part. For the front side windows you are allowed a minimum VLT rating of 35%, VLT stands for Visible light transmittance which is basically the amount of visible light that passes through any given window.

For the back side windows again it is a minimum of 35% VLT which is allowed in passenger vehicles and the same goes for the main rear window in the centre.

For more information on the rules and regulations of vehicle window tinting check out the official NZTA website for their more detailed description on the topic here.

What's the average cost to get your windows tinted? 

For vehicles getting the entire set of windows on the car tinted you can pay around $100 for a very basic set of window tints with average quality tints being applied.

For better and more effective quality window tints you can pay anywhere from $200-$400 for a full set of windows on the vehicle to be tinted. Better quality window tints provide better sun protection and better heat resistance and they have less of a chance of bubbling or peeling. In the long run better quality tints can actually save you money.

Some tinting companies can also charge you on a window by window basis charging you on average $25-$50 per window depending on the quality of the film that you select for them to apply to the windows.

For house window tinting this is obviously dependant on the size of the window to be tinted. House window tinting on average for a standard sized window can cost between $20-$40. The more windows that you get tinted though can end up getting you an overall cheaper discounted price for multiple windows being done.

Now that you know who the best Tauranga window tinting businesses are, be sure to checkout our other guides.