5+ Best Tauranga Wedding Photographers For 2024 [Updated]

5+ Best Tauranga Wedding Photographers

On your special day only the best Tauranga wedding photographers should be there to capture all of the special moments because you only get one day and one opportunity to lock these memories away in picture for eternity.

This is where Top Rated come in to extensively research who the best of the best are when it comes to taking all of those special shots during any wedding and for any type of theme.

You want to be able to look back 10,20,30 or even 50 years down the track on when you and your beloved other half tied the knot and photographs are the best way of doing that.

This is a great way to show your children or even grandchildren years on on where their lineage and ancestry came on depending on how far of a generation you pass them down to.

More importantly though wedding pictures are a great way to remember and celebrate your love for one another as each year passes by and as each anniversary approaches.

Read on below to see who we think can do the best job for you on your special day from around the Bay of Plenty region.

Best Tauranga Wedding Photographers

1. Courtney Horwood Photography

  • Relaxed environment and style
  • Personable with excellent customer service
  • Produces stunning photos

As the person capturing the most precious moments of one of the most important days of your life, a wedding photographer should be passionate about their craft and love forging bonds with people. No better photographer than Courtney

Horwood exists in Tauranga if this is what you’re looking for.
Horwood specialises in lifestyle and wedding photography, seeking candid photos and cultivating a relaxed atmosphere for each of her clients to enjoy.

Producing vibrant photographs that capture her subjects’ personalities is Horwood’s priority, as she intends for her wedding photography to bring couples back to their special day through cherished memories.

Your photographs can be collected after between two and three months, priced from $3000. Captured in high resolution without any markings or watermarks, Horwood leaves the photos completely in your hands.

So, for a friendly, accommodating photographer who will work in the background during your wedding to facilitate an authentic, carefree atmosphere, Courtney Horwood is the perfect choice.

Customer Review

Selena and Tim left this testimonial:

“ She put everyone at ease on the day and managed to capture really beautiful intimate moments of us and our families, as well as our ceremony and reception, without being intrusive.”

Address: 95 Oceanview Road, Mount Maunganui, 3116

Phone: Check website

Services: Wedding, engagement, lifestyle and portrait photography

2. Erica Jane

  • Passionate and knowledgeable
  • Range of packages
  • Added album and videographer options

For a photographer whose priority is capturing beautiful, authentic moments shared between couples, you should approach Erica Jane in Tauranga.

Her passion fuels her craft; fleeting moments filled with love and joy are captured by her lens and delivered to you as a package full of cherished memories.
Jane’s talent and friendly demeanor are not her only points of appeal.

Her efficiency in delivering your photographs within five weeks of the wedding means you can relive your special day soon after!

Wedding packages start at a reasonable price of $3000, with the option to include the services of a skilled, well-acquainted videographer and an engagement shoot.

To complete these beautiful packages and make them truly all-inclusive, Jane also creates stunning, customisable wedding albums for only $100, leaving your memories bound for safe-keeping.

Customer Review

Simone Martin left this Facebook review:

“All I can say is WOW Erica is so talented and captured our beachfront wedding so beautifully. Erica is so professional and listened to everything we wanted and more.”

Address: RD 5, 388 Welcome Bay Road, Welcome Bay, 3175

Phone: 07 219 7901

Services: Wedding and engagement photography, wedding albums, family portraits

3. Justin Aitken

  • Award winning reputation
  • Interesting, contemporary style
  • Caring & friendly

If you feel that an award winning photographer is the only kind you can trust at your wedding, Justin Aitken has won Wedding Photographer of the Year in New Zealand every year since 2017.

Described as documentary style with an intriguing flair, the Tauranga based photographer creates authentic images that capture the passion, love and connection between couples on their special day.

His priority for creating images loved and cherished by clients means wedding photographs are approached attentively and in a relaxed fashion, ensuring you enjoy yourself throughout the process.

Having won several awards and boasting a portfolio comprising a wide variety and range of styles and themes of wedding photography, you can surely trust in Aitken to capture the beauty of the day.

Customer Review

Andrew Leighton left this google review:

“Absolutely awesome experience with Justin. Made the whole wedding photography experience really enjoyable! I would recommend Justin to anybody!”

Address: 141 15th Avenue, Tauranga South, 3110

Phone: 021 587 743

Services: Wedding, couples, portrait, family and event photography

4. Newfound

  • Candid, authentic photographs
  • Weddings across New Zealand
  • Range of themes covered

Inspired by a nomadic lifestyle and the thrills of travel, Newfound photography creates stunning and unique photographs to immortalise lasting memories from your wedding day.

All across New Zealand, Newfound photography captures the moments shared between couples on their special day, ensuring this work goes mostly unnoticed and doesn’t feel intrusive.

If you prefer candid images and want your wedding to feel like an intimate occasion shared between family and friends, Newfound is a fantastic option in Tauranga for this reason.

Ranging from beach to forest and farm wedding locations, Newfound boasts five years of experience across a range of wedding themes, so your style will be complemented no matter what.

With a reputation for capturing vibrant and raw beauty in each photograph, newlyweds around New Zealand regard Newfound photography highly, enjoying the relaxing and comfortable atmosphere created.

Customer Review

Hannah Martin left this google review:

“Bryony exceeded all our expectations - she made us feel so comfortable the entire day; it felt like we were just shooting photos with a good friend.”

Address: 18 Oceanbeach Road, Mount Maunganui, 3116

Phone: 027 331 1337

Services: Specialises in wedding photography

5. Fluro Grey

  • Specialises in wedding photography
  • Reputation for exceeding expectations
  • Great attention to detail

Feel as if you can only trust someone with a wealth of experience and who specialises in wedding photography?

Fluro Grey is built on a love for human connection, music and good times, so you can be sure your wedding will be captured with passion.

Having traveled the world and discovered his love for photography through his adventures, you can feel reassured that Chay’s broad experience in subjects and locations will create the most unique images possible.

This also means he can travel to any wedding within New Zealand. Chay’s passion for capturing authentic and intimate connections contributes to his trusted reputation within the Tauranga community, paired with his attention to detail and insistence on creating a fun experience for every couple.

Even better, Fluro Grey photography provides wedding pictures for reasonable prices, starting at $3000.

To complement these memorable images, his couples photography service can be used to capture the most precious moments of your engagement, too.

Customer Review

Tatsiana Palmer left this google review:

“We couldn’t have asked for a better photographer for our wedding! Chay is an incredible talent, and has real passion for his craft.”

Address: New Zealand Wide

Phone: 021 024 99858

Services: Weddings, couples and commercial photography

How much does a wedding photographer cost?

There is no set price, the total cost will vary depending on which photographer you use, which package you select and on how experienced or in-demand the said the marriage photographer is.

To give you a rough idea though in Tauranga you can pay anywhere from $1000-$5000 for a full package depending on how basic or advanced your package is and whether or not you've included optional extras into the deal.

The average middle price for a package that would cover everything would sit around $3000 between most companies.

Most businesses offer a range of different packages to suit lower, medium and higher budgets so it's always best to discuss your options with the photographer before agreeing to terms.

What will I get in a standard type of wedding photo package?

In general for most basic to standard wedding photo packages which are for the lower to medium end budgets you will get services such as:

- one to two photographers

- bridal and groom prep

- Photographs of the wedding ceremony, the detailed pictures of the venue, separate bridal and groom group photos, photos of the bride and the groom together, photos of the first dance and of cutting the cake, photos of the family and various groups.

You will also generally get 100-500 hi resolution photos sent digitally and 2-10 hours of high quality video footage. 

All of the above are what you should expect to get at least for a package where you are paying $3000+ however everything is subject to the business or photographer who you select to use and these services all vary between each one.

some of the above services and products will also be included in lower end packages dependant on the photographer that you use.

As with anything it pays to shop around between different photographers and compare packages and prices until you find one that best suits you and your wedding.

How to find the best Tauranga wedding photographers?

Usually you'll be recommended to a wedding photographer by a friend or family member who used them, however all photographers have to start somewhere and build a portfolio, so sites like ours help you find some cheaper alternatives that you may not have considered. Equally you can find some amazing photographers you haven't heard of or considered too. 

You should do your research though, and checkout their credentials, history, portfolio and background to ensure you're working with a professional. There's plenty of cowboys in this industry that see dollar signs at the thought of charging upwards of $3,000 - $5,000 for a days work. You should put your trust in someone who is going to deliver amazing photos, fast and efficiently after your wedding day.

Now that you know who the best Tauranga wedding photographers are you can tick that big thing off of the to do list before getting married and get on with enjoying your very special day, all the best.

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