7+ Best Tauranga Web Designers In 2024 [Top Rated]

7+ Best Tauranga Web Designers

If you are about to launch a business or website you will need one of the best Tauranga web designers to get things going for you.

Your website is like your portal to the world of potential customers, it is usually the first place a potential customer sees or hears about your company.

Your website should be a key cog in the moving wheel that is your business so it should be set up correctly, look good and be easy for users to navigate.

When you are busy running a business you hardly have time to design or maintain a website, why not pay a professional who knows what they are doing, will make you a great looking and performing website but most importantly someone who will get your business on the map.

All of the web designers we have featured in today's article are experienced and professional website creators and they know how to put your business on the map.

Read on below to see who's made the list. 

Best Web Designers In Tauranga

1. Cohesion

  • 23 years experience
  • Multiple services available
  • Professional & transparent

Cohesion is an online, mobile and cloud development and marketing company based in Tauranga, New Zealand.

The have been operating since 1997, with over 20 years experience in their field, and pride themselves in providing outstanding designs and concepts.

Their services include website design, mobile websites, online marketing, data massage and mining, internet services, entry level websites, ecommerce websites, content management software, intranet and extranet development and cloud software development.

Clients can also earn rewards for services they use, which can be redeemed for future services.

Cohesion also supports local and national community initiatives by offering their hosting and development services to them.

They have supported Hospital Play Specialists Association, Tauranga Society of Artists and Bay of Plenty Multiple Sclerosis.

More information about their services, testimonials, their design showcase, social media and contact details can be found on their website.

Customer Review

Review from Mike:

The Cohesion Online team did a great job creating our new website. They provided reliable expertise at an competitive price and were flexible and easy to communicate with. 

We value them as a development partner and we will utilise their services going forward as as our online needs grow within business.

Address: 65 Chapel Street, Tauranga

Phone: 0800 45 64 64

Services: Online Marketing, Website Design, Ecommerce,

2. Brave World

  • Multiple services available
  • Professional and experienced designers
  • Design for any platform

BraveWorld is a team of local, friendly and experienced web designers, based in My Mataugui, New Zealand. For the past 7 years they have worked across New Zealand and Australia, to deliver highly functional, good quality work.

They specialise in modern and responsive website design and development, producing sites which work on all screens and platforms.

Braveworld builds to industry standards to ensure servers are up to quality. Their services include producing social media strategies, EDM’s and Video content.

Some content management systems they use include Joomla, WordPress, Shopify, Magento and custom servers.

They also have design and advertising experience, which they apply to their website design. Their work in photography, cinematography, social media, print, design and web development adds further expertise to the finished product.

Their website includes further information about their experience, social media, their portfolio and contact details.

Customer Review

James left these words:

Braveworld consistently deliver in quality, service and communication. They go above and beyond to offer a superior experience and help to achieve marketing objectives! Thanks Mike and team! 

Address: 31 Valley Rd, Mt Manganui, Tauranga 3116

Phone: 021 82 0221

Services: Website Design, Website Development, Content Creation

3. Syndeo

  • Small business specialists
  • Reasonable prices
  • Good range of services 

Syneo Media is a digital marketing and web design business, and a one stop shop for all small business needs. Based in Tauranga, they aim to deliver simplicity, creativity, functionality and quality through their work, at a reasonable price.

Stewart is the founder and believes in helping his clients make a powerful connection to their customers, clients, fans and subscribers.

Their services range from web design, digital marketing, SEO, social media solutions, graphic design and branding. They offer service packages for website and media work, digital mastery workshops and business development.

Syneo also has a YouTube channel giving free tips and tricks. Videos on how to use Google analytics, free website building tutorials, zoom tutorials and business optimisation strategies can all be found.

Further information about the company, their blog, services, contact details and free quotes are available through their website.

Customer Review

Simon left these kind words:

The amazing team at Syndeo helped us develop a digital marketing blueprint in 2018. They helped increase foot traffic and online traffic to both our physical store and new website which they also helped improve. Cheers! 

Address: 49f Tawa Street, Mount Maunganui, Tauranga 3116

Phone: 027 810 2055

Services: Website Design, Digital Marketing, Social Media Solutions, Graphic Design

4. Good Websites

  • Web design specialists
  • High quality work
  • Simple yet functional websites

Good Websites is a Web Design company in Tauranga, New Zealand. They specialise in web design, web maintenance and web marketing projects.

They build their designs with high work standard, cross browser accessibility and functionality in mind, with a love for the internet, and a pursuit for perfectionism.

Their web design aspect is the core of their business, they build websites to be simple, functional and aesthetically pleasing. They specialise in WordPress design and One-Page websites.

They also provide web maintenance to keep websites up to date to changing web standards and trends, and optimise marketing. They have worked for clients such as Bethlehem Coachlines, CG Law and Scott Tours.

Through their website, they have a blog featuring news from their business and new software updates. Contact details, examples of their work Enquiries and contact details can be found on their website.

Address: 31 Dingadee Street, Welcome Bay, Tauranga 3112

Phone: 07 5446460

Services: Web Design, Web Maintenance, Web Marketing

5. What The Heck

  • Nationwide clients
  • Experienced & knowledgeable team
  • Websites work on all platforms

What The Heck is a Tauranga based Web Design agency, who build modern, high functional, search engine and mobile friendly websites for clients all throughout New Zealand.

Their small but mighty team is made up of specialists with decades of experience in their field. Andrew, the director has years of experience building successful companies.

Their websites are responsive and useable on all screens and devices. They have worked with companies such as Montessori, Papaya Beach Family Practice and Maungatapu Primary school to name a few.

Their websites are designed beautifully, with high quality photography, and are user friendly.

They have an easy design process, starting with an idea and quote, followed by strategising and designing, followed by building the website and then finalising the product.

Through their site, you can also find further work experience, their blog, more about their company and contact details.

Address: 8 King Street, Te Puke, Tauranga 3119

Phone: 021 808 000

Services: Web Design and Development, SEO Strategy, Ecommerce

6. DM Web Design

  • Range of services available
  • Unlimited add-ons
  • Great SEO services

DM Web Design are based in Mount Maunganui, Tauranga. Their main services include standard website building, professional site building and ecommerce. They also specialise in small business be spoke web design, and SEO services.

They offer website packages, including website design, SEO, Domain names and hosting features.

Some of their service features include fully customised sites, responsive designs, unlimited addons, personalised emails, google adwords and much more.

Their SEO service is designed to compete with top ranking competitors, and is up to date with google standards. Site size, speed and domain authority are all accounted for in design.

They have a simple service process, starting with enquiries, designing and researching, development and finally, making sites live. Once the website is live, they offer a range of membership options.


Basic plans at $150 a year
Standard $380 a year
Professional memberships for $590 a year

Address: 3 Bain Street, Mount Maunganui, Tauranga 3116

Phone: 021 048 3038

Services: Website building, Website Design, Ecommerce

7. Moca Web Design

  • Passionate team 
  • Knowledgeable team
  • Range of services available

Moca Design are a team of passionate designers and coders, based in Mt Maunganui, providing Web Design and Development services. They are passionate about delivering their clients great services to help their aspirations come to life.

Their work is individualised, creative and efficient, planned with direction and the evolving market in mind.

Their services extend to e-commerce solutions, ongoing website maintenance, web application development, SEO services, Website hosting, social media, email marketing, content writing, viral marketing, mobile site development and video production.

There are examples of their work on their website, featuring projects they created for Bethlehem Town Centre, Generation Homes and Cooney Less Morgan and many more businesses.

Whether you have a personal business dream, or need professional services for a company, they provide a great job.

Enquiries about their services, further work examples, and specific service information can be found through their website.

Address: 240 Aerodrome Road, Mt Maunganui

Phone: 07 542 3453

Services: Ecommerce, SEO, Social Media, Website Design and Development

Why hire a Tauranga web designer?

Websites can take up a lot of your time to build and maintain especially if you're new to it, when you're running a business it can be challenging to say the least to find time to also run and manage a website.

There are also some technical aspects to running a website and things are always changing in the world wide web, by hiring a web designer they can create you a state of the art website and you can spend your time running and improving your business.

By investing in a decent web designer you're investing in your business and its future success. As mentioned in the introduction your businesses website is highly important for your company and it can bring in a lot of new leads if set up and ran correctly.

Most web designers offers minimal cost or basic plans, there is a plan to suit anyone's budget. If you compare the cost of hiring a web designer to hiring a full-time staff member a web designer is much cheaper in the long run.

What does it cost to hire a web designer in Tauranga?

The cost for a web designer to build you a website can range anywhere from $100-$2000.

Generally you can get a one page site which displays key info for around $100-$300. For a basic wordpress website set up with web hosting you can typically pay anywhere up to $500.

For more advanced websites which have things such as a shopping cart, no caps on upload limits, faster speeds, and a ton of extra bells and whistles such as SEO optimization and much more you could pay anywhere up to $1000. 

Each web designer will generally have a pricing chart on their website which will display what plans give you which services and how much they cost.

For ongoing work or things that you may need a web designer to do you can negotiate this with the designer themself if this is not already stated on their price guide.

Other web development costs to consider

When you have a website you generally pay a monthly fee for something which is known as web hosting. This is essentially rent for your website in the big world which is known as the internet. Your website needs to be stored somewhere and web hosting is what does this.

Most designers will sort out the web hosting for you and you can ask them what the actual cost for your hosting is upon creating your website.

Once a year you will also need to renew your domain name. A domain name is the name of your website also known as the link or the URL. You need to also renew your domain names registration once a year, this typically costs around $25.

SSL certificates which keep your site secure from hackers and viruses also need to be paid for but usually these are included in your web hosting's plan if they include them.

Premium themes or plugins for your site may incur an extra charge and they will sometimes need to be renewed, your designer should inform you of any of these potential extra features or charges in the outline of your invoice.

Backups, Design and marketing changes may also incur an extra fee, this is dependant on your web designer and what may or may not already be included in the plan that you have chosen.

Generally most web designers will ask you what extra features you want unless you give them full control in creating a good website for you, some of these extra costs are also included in some plans already.

You may pay for the full costs up front with a designer, in general though most designers will ask for 50% of the full price up front, 25% during the halfway point of the work being done and then the final 25% when the entire project is finished.

As always it pays to discuss things over thoroughly with your designer prior to any work being done.

Now that you know who best web designers in Tauranga are, you can ring up a professional and get your business on the map.