5+ Best Tauranga Towing Companies In 2024 [Updated]

5+ Best Tauranga Towing Companies Right Now

When you need a vehicle towed you should only be calling up one of the best Tauranga towing companies because your vehicle (or whoever else's vehicle) is in their hands.

Whether you need your own vehicle towed after a breakdown or accident or if you need someone else's vehicle towed for illegal parking or for whatever other reason, we've got a list full of the best companies that specialise in moving cars from A to B below.

Need a luxury or low vehicle towed? Need a vehicle towed late at night 24 hours a day? We've got you covered! Read on below to see who can get things moving for you quickly!

Best Tauranga Towing Companies

1. Tauranga Towing

  • Strong community reputation
  • Transparent pricing
  • 24 hour service

It’s understandable to be selective about the kinds of companies you entrust with towing your vehicle.

Tauranga Towing, with their 24 hour emergency towing service and reputation for reliability, is a great, trustworthy option within the local area.

To maintain this reputation among the Tauranga community, they provide discounted rates for regular work.

What’s more, Tauranga Towing are also transparent about their prices, offering free quotes to give you an idea of your vehicle transport costs.

How do you know they’re reliable? Tauranga Towing is a licensed and certified towing company with complete coverage in case of accident or damage.

In the event that you need Tauranga Towing for services related to an accident, their status as an AA Breakdown Contractor means they are well equipped to deal with breakdowns and vehicle recoveries.

So, no matter your vehicle, as their low loading tray can transport vintage and modified cars, Tauranga Towing has a range of emergency services fit to help you out of a tricky situation.

Customer Review

Ashia Cope left this google review:

“You guys helped ease the situation in a calm, friendly and professional manner. Everything was sorted and towed within 20 minutes. I am very grateful for your services yesterday.”

Address: 109 Clarke Road, Bethlehem, Tauranga 3176

Phone: 0800 842 869

Services: 24/7 emergency towing, vehicle towing and transport for boats, motorhomes, caravans, portable buildings and automobiles, light machinery transportation, and low loading tray transportation for vintage and modified vehicles.

2. Bay of Plenty Towing

  • Can tow many types of vehicle
  • Weekly vehicle transport to Auckland
  • Affordable pricing

If you’re looking for a simple towing service offered at affordable rates, Bay of Plenty Towing is the perfect option for you.

Across the Bay of Plenty, Tauranga, Rotorua and Whakatane, they tow and salvage vehicles large and small. Their breakdown and towing services are offered at all hours, 7 days a week, including jump starts, tyre servicing and vehicle lockouts.

If you’re looking for vehicle towing for a vintage or classic car, motorbikes or light machinery, Bay of Plenty Towing has you covered.

They offer vehicle transport towing between Bay of Plenty and Auckland each week, equipped with insurance to cover any possible damages, so you can feel reassured of your vehicle’s handling.

Bay of Plenty Towing is known for professionalism and prompt, reliable services, so you can feel reassured that your vehicle will be in the best hands.

Customer Review

Karl Mundy left this Facebook review:

“Just had my car towed. Great service at an even better price thanks very much Bay of Plenty Towing will be using you again.”

Address: Whakatane to Rotorua and surrounding areas

Phone: 022 3967 056

Services: Towing and recovery, vehicle transport towing, breakdown services

3. DVR Downtown Recovery

  • Reputation for trustworthiness and reliability
  • Prioritises customer care and satisfaction
  • 24 hour services

A business that truly cares for each of its customers is a business you can trust. This is what makes DRV Downtown Recovery a great vehicle towing option in Tauranga.

Their commitment to delivering outstanding and personalised customer service is what defines each customer’s experience, as the DRV team pride themselves on one of the fastest and most reliable response times in the market.

Providing 24 hour assistance through towing services and roadside assistance, DRV Downtown Recovery strives to provide the utmost care and attentive towing for your vehicle, making the experience stress-free for you.

Whether your car has broken down, keys have been lost or your tyres have gone flat, the DVR team will provide prompt and effective assistance to get you moving once again.

With a trusted community reputation for friendly and reliable service, feel reassured that they can help you out of the most challenging situations.

Customer Review

Jay De Treend left this fitting google review:

“Highly recommend this towing service, fast, affordable and professional!”

Address: 323A Fraser St, Tauranga

Phone: 07 5783 571

Services: Emergency towing, general towing, breakdown assistance, paint and panel vehicle repairs

4. Rowe Motors Towing

  • Undercover storage
  • Longest family-run business in the area
  • Reliable & safe

If experience is paramount in your mind, Rowe Motors Towing cannot be trumped in the Tauranga area.

Having been owned and operated by locals for an impressive 75 years, Rowe Motors Towing holds the status of longest running family firm in the Bay of Plenty. So, they’re more than just experienced.

Rowe Motors Towing are industry leaders and seasoned professionals when it comes to reliable, safe towing.

This accumulated knowledge and skill has allowed Rowe Motors Towing to become experts in emergency towing, heavy haulage and vehicle salvaging.

Most impressive is their team of onsite engineers, whose expertise can help to recover vehicles from a range of situations.

To accompany this onsite service, they also offer undercover storage facilities to safely house vehicles in transition periods.

So, whether you’ve got a car, boat or larger vehicle in need of towing or transportation, you can entrust the longest standing family-run business in the Bay of Plenty to safely assist you.

Customer Review

Shelley Spinley left this google review:

 “Thanks Rowe motors! You've taken the Stress out of one breakdown and one lost key situation and the last year. Reasonable rates and prompt service.”

Address: 23 Glenlyon Avenue, Greerton, Tauranga 3112

Phone: 07 578 8405

Services: Emergency towing and transportation, undercover storage facilities, heavy haulage, breakdown services, mechanical engineering, welding services and heavy engineering

5. Whakatane Towing

  • 30 years of experience
  • Towing, transport and salvaging specialists
  • Safe & reliable

With a wide range of tow trucks and the ability to salvage heavy machinery, Whakatane Towing is a company you can look to for servicing a range of vehicles.

Whakatane Towing have specialised in vehicle towing, transportation and even salvaging for over 30 years, giving them plenty of experience to help you out of challenging circumstances and accidents.

Most importantly, their prioritisation of the safe and secure transport of your vehicle means you can trust Whakatane Towing to leave your mind at ease.

Their vehicle recovery services are offered 24 hours a day for breakdowns and accidents of any kind, with a workshop onsite that deals with repairs in these instances.

Most reassuring is their guarantee to travel widely to assist customers, meaning your location will not get in the way of accessing their reliable services.

Customer Review

Rob Anderson left this Facebook review:

“Broke down on the rotomas, Brian was on site in under an hour. Then gave us a ride over to ohope… diagnosed the problem with the vehicle for us and the car was ready to drive home on Sunday.”

Address: 39 Gateway Drive, Whakatane, 3194

Phone: 027 436 6955

Services: Full emergency towing services, break down towing, roadside assistance, salvage and winching and secure storage.

What does it cost to get a vehicle towed in Tauranga?

The cost of getting yours or someone else's car towed depends on the size of the vehicle to be towed and on the distance that the car is going to be towed across.

In general towings of 10 kms or less roughly cost between $40-$130 depending on the time of the day and the company that you call.

Trips of 80 kms or under will generally come in anywhere between $120-$190. Trips anywhere above this distance can be around $200+ dependant on what the company states to you beforehand.

If you are someone such as the Wellington city council who regularly pays a towing company to tow illegally parked vehicles or such a business, you may be able to get discounts for multiple call ups and on going business, you will have to discuss this with your chosen towing company beforehand.

It pays to check your cars insurance policy before paying the towing company as you may have towing covered in your insurance policy if you added this into your policy when signing up for your car insurance.

Most towing companies offer 24/7 emergency towing at anytime of the day or night, this is dependant on each company, all you have to do is ring around and ask about this or check any businesses website on the matter.

Rules, regulations and rights with vehicle towing.

If you are an individual looking to tow someone else's vehicle who is illegally parked on your property by NZ law you do have the right to do so, feel free to check Consumer NZs useful information on the matter on the link here to help you understand what you can or cannot do.

If you are just looking to tow your own vehicle disregard the above and ring up the towing company of your choosing.

If your vehicle is towed because you have parked illegally then you will generally have to pay a fee to the towing company. This can include towing fees of around anywhere of $100-$800 depending on the circumstances.

You will also have to pay an impound fee which covers the cost of the towing company having to store you vehicle which generally comes in at around $100-$300.

Will my car be damaged during the towing process?

All of the towing companies above are companies which take the utmost care during the towing of any vehicle whether it be yours or somebody else's vehicle.

These companies above use only highly trained, quality and experienced drivers who tow vehicles all of the time so it is rare that any damages occur. In the event of any such damages occurring you can usually complain to the towing company and they will get their insurance company to cover the costs for any repairs required.

In general all cars usually get towed away in a safe and efficient manner.

Now that you know where to find the best towing companies in Tauranga you can get that car moved. 


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