5+ Best Mount Manganui Surfing Lesson Instructors [2024!]

5+ Best Mount Manganui Surfing Lesson Instructors

Before you get out and hit the waves you should first get some of the best Mount Manganui surfing lessons that you can get because it can be a dangerous place out there for beginners with no experience.

Our instructors which we will review below have experience in teaching beginners, intermediate and advanced level surfers.

There is a range of lessons to suit any skill level and any budget. These coaches generally have a good class to coach ratio meaning that you will get good one on one time with any of the below trainers ensuring that you have a good overall learning experience.

You will leave these lessons informed on water safety and on the basics or advanced tips on surfing dependant on your experience level.

Read on below and get ready to hit the waves.

Best Mount Manganui Surfing Lesson Instructors

1. Mount Surf Academy

  • Small student to coach ratio
  • Affordable prices
  • Highly qualified staff

Looking for expertise, passion and a close relationship with your surf instructor? Mount Surf Academy offers excellent teaching from highly qualified coaches, leaving you in experienced hands.

Most impressive is their guarantee to facilitate one of the lowest coach to student ratios in the area, meaning you can take full advantage of their specialisation in surfing instruction.

This means their courses afford a personalised experience, providing a fun and relaxed environment for both beginners and intermediate level surfers to learn in.

Mount Surf Academy charges reasonable prices for their lessons, ranging from an hour lesson for $50 to a private day lesson for $125.

So, for an exciting surf lesson run by experienced professionals sure to boost your skills, Mount Surf Academy is a fantastic option in the Tauranga area.

Customer Review

Liliana Mountfort left this google review:

“Took a 2 hour surf lesson with these guys, my first time surfing and they taught everything so clearly and detailed that by the time I caught my third wave I was up on two feet.”

Address: Corner Banks Ave &, Marine Parade, 3116

Phone: 021 150 2370

Services: Private adult day lesson, family lesson, kids lesson, hour adult lesson, two hour adult lesson, board and equipment hire

2. Take Off Surf Lessons

  • Affordable prices
  • Qualified surf teacher
  • All experience levels welcome

Having travelled the world learning to surf, Sandy from Take Off Surf Lessons is the perfect coach to impart skills and knowledge on your journey learning to surf.

As a qualified surf instructor, Sandy provides a safe environment for learning as her one-on-one lessons mean she is in the water with students at all times. Even so, her passion for surfing means lessons are still joyous and fun!

Small group lessons are also available, meaning friends, families and couples can learn together, while still maintaining a low student to coach ratio.

Sandy’s expertise also allows her to give direct, personalised advice and feedback to each student, whether at the beginner or intermediate level.

For private lessons and small groups, two hours of instruction, fun, instructions regarding beach conditions, video analysis and feedback costs only $90!

So, for an all-rounder instructor who also speaks German, Take Off Surf Lessons are perfect for those looking to improve whether at the beginner or advanced level.

Customer Review

Basti Attack left this Facebook review:

“Fantastic surf lesson. Very flexible and adapted perfectly to our tough time schedule. Very recommendable!”

Address: 89A Oceanbeach Road, Mount Maunganui, 3116

Phone: 022 644 6384

Services: Private and group lessons for beginners, private advanced lessons and group advanced lessons

3. South Pacific Surf

  • Affordable pricing
  • Experienced and qualified instructors
  • Range of lesson forms and options

Owned and run by surf fanatic and passionate instructor, Travis McCoy, South Pacific Surf School provides some of the best lessons in Tauranga.

His experience surfing dates back to his adventures in the ocean as an 11-year-old, later spanning across the globe as he searched for new surf spots to teach in.

What’s most appealing is the mobile nature of South Pacific Surf School, meaning McCoy’s lessons can be conducted in search of the best swells, maximising your ability to have fun and enjoy the best waves.

McCoy ensures his lessons can be suited to complete novice surfers, intermediate level surfers with a drive to improve and even advanced surfers looking for a good surf guide.

Lessons can range from private and group sessions for individuals and kids, family lessons and even parties, corporate and school events, making it a flexible experience fit for a range of occasions.

Even better, group lessons start at $79 for adults, making this an affordable experience.

Customer Review

A customer by the name of Noxen left this google review:

“Trav is super passionate about what he does. His whole life revolves around surfing and when he's out there he is giving the customer the best experience.”

Address: 18b Crane Street, Mount Maunganui, 3110

Phone: 027 645 6959

Services: Adult and kids individual and group lessons, school, corporate and party lessons and family lessons

4. Hibiscus Surf School

  • Highly skilled and experienced instructors
  • Award winning, trusted reputation
  • Lessons for all experience levels

Boasting a 15 year reputation for excellence, Hibiscus Surf School is one of the best and most trusted surf schools in the Tauranga region, offering a wide range of lessons to all kinds of surfers.

Their strict requirements for the skill levels and expertise of instructors means you will receive only the highest quality coaching from passionate and personable professionals.

Private lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced surfers are $159 for two hours, while group sessions are priced at $79 per person, making the Hibiscus services great value for money!

Their reputation is backed by a #1 rating for surf schools on TripAdvisor, status as Winner of the Oceania Surf School of the year and recommendations by some of the top institutions and companies in the world, including Lonely Planet.

So, for a group of passionate surf instructors whose lessons are informative and recognised throughout the community as an excellent way to learn the waves, you should contact Hibiscus Surf School for lessons in the Tauranga area.

Customer Review

A customer by the name of Eva left this review on Tripadvisor:

“If you want to start surfing or even improve your surfing skills, I can highly recommend Ray and his team. They'll make sure that you'll have an awesome experience and give good feedback to everybody.”

Address: Main Beach, Mount Maunganui, Tauranga 3116

Phone: 027 279 9687

Services: Beginner, kids and private lessons, group lessons, multi day packages, school, corporate and party lessons, paddle board and skim board lessons

5. Hakanini Surf School

  • Hands-on instruction
  • Unique & informative
  • Great community reputation

If you’re in search of a holistic, well-rounded learning experience to accompany your surfing lessons, Hakanini Surf School is one of the best choices for you in the Tauranga area.

What differentiates the Hakanini Surf School lessons from others is the priority their instructors place on teaching students about the waves, currents and rips encountered during their time in the ocean, meaning you can emerge from your lessons a skilled and informed surfer!

Their lessons are ensured to balance safety with fun, enabling surfers of all abilities to derive valuable experience and knowledge from the hands-on coaching at Hakanini.

While their reputation within the local community is sustained by passionate and attentive instructors, their low prices also make this one of the best experiences in Tauranga.

It costs only $80 for you to participate in a small group lesson of up to four, lasting two hours and including an all-inclusive explanation of beach safety, what to expect in the ocean and physical assistance and tips.

Customer Review

Kris Taylor left this google review:

“All time,  positive experience with the team at Hakanini! Extremely professional and safety conscious instructors were great with the young ones.”

Address: 559 Papamoa Beach Road, Papamoa Beach, 3118

Phone: 021 036 6986

Services: Small group lesson, medium group lesson, full and half day board hire

What does it cost to get surfing lessons in Tauranga?

This depends on whether a child or adult is getting a lesson, this also depends on what level of experience the person already has with surfing.

On average surfing lessons equate to around $40-$90 per hour. Most establishments offer 2-4 hour packages in one which will average $100-$400 depending on the business and the clients experience level as stated above.

All you have to do is check each companies website or go in and ask them about their pricing, it pays to shop around before committing to anyone or any place.

Remember though that this is your safety and that the water can be a dangerous place for anyone so it pays to make sure any coach is reputable and qualified in teaching surfing before signing up for lessons.

All places and people which we have included in today's review are highly trained coaches and they have a great reputation within the Tauranga community.

How long does a lesson go for on average?

The average surfing lesson is around 1-2 hours. Some coaches offer full day one on one lessons which you can ask about before hand.

Group lessons can go for 1-4 hours due to there being more people being taught at any given time. Family lessons are also available on request and these generally go for 1-4 hours also.

Before going out on the water we highly recommend reading up on some NZ government water safety tips which you can find here. There is a large amount of information on this link in regards to water safety tips and much much more.

Now that you know where to get the best surfing lessons in Mount Manganui you can begin your journey to smashing up some sick waves.