5+ Best Tauranga Landscaping Specialists For 2024!

5+ Best Tauranga Landscaping Specialists

If your property needs some outdoor work done you will want to make sure that only the best Tauranga landscapers get called in for the job.

Whether you need basic things such as a lawn and garden to be set up or maintained, or a new planting area installed or whether you need something like a retaining wall or a deck done, most of these businesses can do it all!

Any job related to lawns and gardening can be covered by these highly experienced professionals and some of them offer additional services related to building outdoors and other things.

Instead of breaking your back trying to do a big landscaping job yourself and potentially failing at it in turn having to call up someone to do it in the end anyway, why not take a look in at the below landscaping businesses who we think are the best in the city of sails.

Best Tauranga Landscaping Specialists

1. Michelle McDonnell Landscape Design

  • Qualified and highly skilled
  • Team of professional experts 
  • Residential & commercial

Need a landscape designer whose vision and style is classic, yet with a hint of contemporary elements? Michelle McDonnell is a highly skilled landscape designer whose expertise can allow your dreams to flourish.

Both residential and commercial properties can come to life through McDonnell’s landscape designs, which work to reflect your lifestyle, home, requirements and aspirations in stunning yet functional garden spaces.

The company’s pooled knowledge of planting, design, fauna and additional garden elements such as pools, engineering and lighting is derived from an expansive team of qualified experts, leaving this precious element of your home or business in capable and experienced hands.

So, for a beautiful, sensory extension or upgrade to your garden, Michelle McDonnell Landscape Design is a great option in Tauranga, backed by a trusted reputation and set of qualifications ensuring that you will love her work.

Customer Review

John and Ann Donald left this testimonial:

“Michelle was so easy and fun to work with and absolutely met our brief. We are delighted with the result and constantly receive compliments on our garden.”

Address: 73 Kings Avenue, Matua, Tauranga, 3110

Phone: 07 577 1118

Services: Consultation, concept plan, planting plan, lighting plan, landscape design plan, plant supply, maintenance and total project management

2. Terra Firma Landscapes

  • Reputation for excellence
  • Complete landscaping services
  • 24 years of experience

At Terra Firma Landscapes, the entire process from design to construction is undertaken and supervised by owner,

Paul Hammond, whose 24 years of experience has enabled him to successfully and confidently transform residential and commercial properties.

If you’re looking for a personable and considerate landscape designer, Hammond’s passion for realising artistic flair within the earth and plants can beautify any outdoor living space, making him one of the best choices in Tauranga.

Taking care of the entire garden and outdoor infrastructure, including garden landscaping, paving, decks, retaining walls, digger services and fencing, Terra Firma has the ability to conceive of a shared vision and transform your property, while adding value, too.

So, for the perfect combination of expertise, extensive industry experience and a reputation for unfailing knowledge, Paul Hammond at Terra Firma is a fantastic choice of landscaper for anyone.

Customer Review

Brian and Margaret Beverland left this testimonial:

“We are extremely pleased with the result and now get much pleasure from our garden. His vision, meticulous planning, and attention to detail has transformed an average garden into a stunning oasis.”

Address: Tauranga

Phone: 027 492 3161

Services: Landscape design, garden landscaping, fencing, cobblestone paving, decks, retaining walls, digger services

3. Groundworks Landscaping

  • Full range of landscaping services
  • Trusted reputation
  • Strong work ethic

For an experienced and trusted landscaping company that prioritises the small details, ensuring your satisfaction with the overall project, Groundworks Landscaping is the perfect choice in Tauranga.

Groundworks Landscaping has over 25 years of experience, meaning their design and development of stunning landscapes is backed by expertise and the best quality of construction.

Their specialities span across design and consultation, construction and pool installation, with a focus on your ideal outdoor living space, lifestyle and objectives in development.

The construction process is grounded in a love for satisfying and exceeding customer expectations, so you can be sure the collaborative and attentive consultation and subsequent construction experience will result in a well-loved and used outdoor space.

Naturally, Groundworks Landscaping maintains a reputation within the community for excellent customer service, a strong work ethic and the creation of fun, livable outdoor areas. Sounds like the perfect combination!

Customer Review

Lynaire and Andrew Goold left this testimonial:

“Our backyard has been transformed from a postage stamp patch of half dead grass to a tropical oasis of palm trees, thatched fronds, colourful hibiscus, and a glistening pool.  Thank you Steve, it looks AMAZING.”

Address: 15 Orion Way, Welcome Bay, Tauranga 3112

Phone: 0274 622 184

Services: Consultation and design, decking, paving, retaining walls, fencing, garden beds, lawns, planting, pergolas and pool installation

4. Zones Tauranga

  • Accurate and honest pricing
  • Trusted reputation for excellent services
  • Attentive & friendly team

If you’re in search of professionalism and premium quality materials for your desired landscaping project, Zones Tauranga will create the space of your dreams through their commitment to high quality work.

With over 25 years of landscaping industry experience, Zones Landscaping have maintained their drive to deliver designs that are personalised and create joy and functionality in their clients’ lives.

Zones offer a full range of services in Tauranga, delivered with a personalised and nuanced approach to customer service in order to fully understand your needs.

These services range from landscape architecture, garden planning and outdoor rooms to pergolas and decks, meaning Zones can help with any home or commercial upgrade you’d like.

Their trusted reputation is backed by a commitment to initial design and construction quotes, while also allowing clients to save money through a low price guarantee, whereby excessive and unnecessary costs are reduced through their unique process.

So, if you’re looking for a reputable landscaping company worthy of your trust, look to Zones Tauranga to develop a stunning, functional and personalised outdoor area for your property.

Customer Review

Amanda Bailey left this Facebook review:

“Amazing service and friendly team”

Address: 99 Penetaka Heights, Pyes Pa, Tauranga, 3173

Phone: 07 808 3168

Services: Landscape design, outdoor rooms, outdoor kitchens, gardens and planting, lawns and grass, swimming pool installation, pergolas and decks, lighting and power, driveways and paths, rainwater systems, retaining walls, fencing and gates, maintenance

5. Level Concepts

  • Ethical and environmentally conscious
  • Unique, creative landscape designs
  • Great quality detailed workmanship

Level Concepts is a landscaping company that exceeds attentive customer service, by undertaking clients’ personal styles, objectives and lifestyles and using their creative flair to imagine completely unique landscapes.

Their 12 years of experience has built the company foundation on personable, passionate and environmentally conscious work, making Level Concepts a landscaping company with all the right qualities.

Utilising creative flair across a range of large-scale and smaller residential projects, the team at Level Concepts creates stunning outdoor areas that are faultlessly integrated into existing decor and architecture, enabling your landscaping upgrade to add true value to your property.

Their bespoke landscapes utilise a range of design and plant elements to achieve a personalised look that reflects each client, while still maintaining an ethical approach toward waste and recycling to do their part for the local community.

Just having a look at their popular handmade vegetable gardens, it’s easy to see how the Tauranga community has come to love Level Concepts and the work they do for families and businesses.

Customer Review

Kath and Keith Gorringe left this testimonial:

“His creativity, communication, integrity and workmanship are of the highest standard.”

Address: 16A Carysfort Street, Mount Maunganui, Tauranga 3116

Phone: 022 037 4711

Services: Landscape design, consultation, and construction, bespoke designs, custom vegetable gardens, maintenance and irrigation

What other services can a landscaping company provide?

Subject to each individual business, additional optional services available may be things such as installing and maintaining retaining walls, designing, outdoor building work such as deck construction or patio installs.

Paving can also be done by some companies, gardening work such as planting trees and plants or maintaining them is a common service provided by landscaping companies.

Lawn installs and lawn care are also one of the main services you will find offered by these types of businesses. Generally they will design a layout suited to your property and talk you through it beforehand in regards to when new set ups are required.

Basically anything to do with the outside of your property most likely will come under the services offered by a landscaping company.

Are all of the staff in these business qualified & experienced?

Yes, we have thoroughly checked over each business which we have looked into today, they all are required and are a part of the registered and qualified landscaping association which you can view here.

Only the most qualified and trusted businesses and personnel make it onto any of our reviews and we are pleased to say that each landscaping business above as well as all of their staff are highly qualified and highly experienced. 

Now that you know who the best landscapers in the Bay of Plenty are you can turn that mess out the back or front into a pristine masterpiece by using one of these landscaping professionals.

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