5+ Best Tauranga Funeral Service Providers [2024]

5+ Best Tauranga Funeral Service Providers

If you have a loved one who has recently passed away they deserve to be sent off with one of the best tauranga funeral services that you can get because this is their last recognition of a life well lived and what better way to remember them than by giving them a memorable send off.

For years these funeral directors have been providing families from all over Mount Maunganui with beautiful services for their loved ones. All of these businesses are empathetic and professional, they all take great pride and care in sending your loved one off in the best way possible.

Whether you are pre-arranging your own funeral or organising someone else's the below funeral directors have got all of your funeral and embalming needs covered, read on below to see who we think will do the best job for you and your family.

Best Tauranga Funeral Service Providers

1. Hope Family Funeral Services

  • 35 years experience
  • Personalised funerals
  • Plans to suit all budgets
  • Compassionate and caring staff

For over 35 years, Hope Family Funeral Services has worked to provide highly personalised funeral services with compassionate and sensitive delivery.

This family business offers flexible funeral arrangements suited to a variety of budgets and personal wishes, with the option to organise a prepaid funeral and even pay in installments to lessen the stress associated with an already difficult period.

From transportation of the deceased loved one to body care, caskets, vehicles and venues, you can feel assured the Hope Family team will help you to create the most suitable funeral possible. 

Customer Review


“The Hope Family met all of our expectations [...] all that one would want. Rather than be treated as clients, we were treated as friends.

Address: 4 Keenan Road, Tauranga 3173

Phone: 07 543 3151

Services: Funeral organisation, body collection, body care and funeral delivery

2. Jones & Company

  • Family operated business
  • Range of different plans
  • Affordable plans

If you’re looking for a family owned funeral home in Tauranga, Jones & Company can help guide you through this difficult time.

You can have a pre-paid funeral and choose from their full range of services, including spending time with the deceased, casket memorabilia offerings, photo presentations and floral arrangements, to name a few.

Their average package price costs $8,000, which includes a professional service fee, transportation, casket and optional add-ons, making this a great option for those who would like a funeral service but for a low cost.

Customer Review

Chris and Josie left this testimonial:

“The different options you discussed, allowed us to bring the funeral in at a realistic budget and still meet our wishes for the service in full.”

Address: Mount Maunganui, Tauranga, Te Puke

Phone: 07 578 4009

Services: Fixed price packages, add-on options, grief support

3. Elliotts Funeral Services

  • Caring & empathetic
  • Family-ran since 1967
  • Additional services available

Searching for a warm and empathetic team who can help plan the most suitable funeral for your loved one? Elliotts Funeral Services has been a local, family-run operation since 1967.

Whether you’re interested in a private, intimate farewell or a fully-serviced funeral, the Elliotts team will work to create a service perfect for the budget you have in mind.

So, with a flexible team available 24/7, Elliotts Funeral Services can help with embalming, headstones, death certificates and all of the less-than-pleasant services in between.

Customer Review

Lynn left this testimonial:

“The service provided at an extremely tough time, along with the 'after care', was top notch. We felt supported & guided.”

Address: Tauranga, Mount Manganui, Katikati

Phone: 07 578 3338

Services: Professional services, transfer, embalming/mortuary care

4. Melrose Funeral Home

  • Cultural & religious experts
  • Range of services and plans
  • Outstanding local reputation

If you’d like to arrange a funeral with cultural or religious requirements, Melrose Funeral Home specialises in facilitating perfectly tailored services with complete family involvement.

Melrose offers Simple and Full Burial Packages, Direct, Simple and Full options for Crematorial Packages and a range of caskets.

Melrose upholds a reputation for excellence within Tauranga, as many families note that the professionalism, comforting service and flexible arrangements made their experiences stress-free.

Customer Review

Toni Ranum from Whitianga left this testimonial: 

“Please everyone, check this beautiful funeral home out, I know you won't go anywhere else, no matter what your beliefs are, Carla will make it as easy for you as she possibly can!” 

Address: 20 Whiore Ave, Tauriko

Phone: 07 571 4052

Services: Full service funerals, caskets, burial and cremation packages

5. Legacy Funerals

  • Compassionate and caring staff
  • Huge range of services available
  • Professional and transparent

For compassionate, responsive and readily available bereavement care in Tauranga, Legacy Funerals is a reputable funeral home to entrust with such an important day.

Their list of services is extensive, so whether its a pre-planned event or a task for the family, embalming and viewing, caskets and even complete bereavement services including officiated services are available.

The difficult process of saying goodbye to a loved one is made more intimate and memorable through the Legacy Funerals bereavement services.

What’s best is that Legacy Trust, the company which owns Legacy Funerals, donates profits straight back to local communities, which has amounted to an impressive $3.1 million to date.

Customer Review

Pam left this testimonial:

 “A delicate time for our family that was handled in a caring and skilful way.”

Address: 383 Pyes Pa Road, Tauranga

Phone: 07 543 4780

Services: Full bereavement care, pre-planned and pre-paid funerals and packages

6. Reflections Funerals

  • Experienced & talented team
  • Affordable range of plans
  • Optional additional services

Reflections Funerals boasts the perfect combination of 35 years experience and international funeral industry qualifications among their talented team, making this a smart choice in Tauranga.

They offer some of the least expensive plans, with funeral prices ranging from $8,500 - $15,000, while more inexpensive cremation services cost between $2,900 - $3,950.

Their fixed price plans are a great option for those seeking a simplified solution without unwanted surprises, with great inclusions like a beautiful venue, floral arrangements, catering and transportation.

So, if you value expertise and family values in the provider of your funeral service, consider contacting Reflections Funerals in Tauranga.

Address: 233 SH2, Bethlehem, Tauranga

Phone: 07 220 8855

Services: Cremation plans, fixed priced funeral packages and add-on options

7. Todd Gower Signature Funerals

  • Plans for every budget
  • Pre-arranged funeral specialists
  • Caring and empathetic staff

If you’re looking for a simple, respectable funeral service, Todd Gower Signature Funerals will offer a perfect solution for you.

Todd Gower offers an Essential Care package, which includes collection, paperwork, cremation and casket and a newspaper notice of the death. This is a suitable choice for those working with a tight budget or simply seeking a simple service.

Pre-planned funerals are also their specialty, which can leave the difficult time of loss a little less stressful for loved ones.

So, if you would like an understated and straightforward funeral package for yourself or require an inexpensive option for final goodbyes with a loved one, consider Todd Gower Signature Funerals in Tauranga.

Address: Greerton, Tauranga 3142

Phone: 07 543 1977

Services: Pre-planned, essential care and regular funeral services

How much does a Tauranga funeral service cost?

The cost of a funeral package can vary depending on what type of service you choose, what size or type of coffin you choose, whether you go for a burial or cremation option for your loved one and other optional variables. 

You can expect to pay around $2,500 - $5,000 for the average funeral. The cost of the coffin and headstone is what makes the price a lot more or a lot less. Check if your deceased had life or funeral cover and most of these costs should be taken care of. 

When conducting this review however we know that this time can sometimes put a financial burden on families and friends and that is why we have reviewed funeral service providers in Mount Maunganui who offer a variety of plans to suit any small or larger budgets so that everyone has a fair range of choices with organising their loved ones farewell.

Who’s the best funeral director in Tauranga?

This comes down to you and your families needs whether that be cultural, religious or personal needs every funeral director can cater to different requirements and needs.

We have highlighted each funeral directors specialities and cultural backgrounds in the review conducted above. Ensure whoever you choose is part of the Funeral Directors Association of New Zealand. 

All of the funeral directors which we have reviewed today are caring people and they will generally find a package to suit your budget no matter how big or small.

When a loved one passes away it is always a difficult and sad time but these funeral directors are very experienced, they know how to support people during the grieving process and they know how to make the funeral process as smooth as can be for everyone involved.

Now that you know where best Tauranga funeral services are you can get on with arranging the send off that your loved one deserves.