5+ Best Tauranga Concrete Cutting Specialists [2024]

5+ Best Tauranga Concrete Cutting Specialists

Only the best Tauranga concrete cutting specialists should be called in when a job arises that requires concrete cutting to be done because this is a job that requires precision with the right tools and equipment in order to avoid cracks or damages to existing concrete.

Whether it be for emergency cutting anytime of the day or night for things such as a burst pipe behind concrete or for general kerbside or household concrete cutting work we have got every aspect covered in today's article.

It may sound like a boring subject but there are more things which consist of concrete around you than you may think and when the time comes for a repair or need for some concrete to be cut you need a professional to do it or the ramifications could be severe if done wrongly.

Read on below to see who we've found to be the best concrete cutters in Mount Maunganui.

Best Tauranga Concrete Cutting Specialists

1. Master Concrete Cutters

  • 28 years experience
  • Additional services available
  • Reliable & professional

With 28 years of industry experience, Master Concrete Cutters is one of the most trustworthy companies in Tauranga.

If you need concrete cutting for removal, including cutting for doorways, windows, rebates and for weather proofing, Master Concrete Cutters can provide a high quality service; however, they do not remove the concrete for disposal.

Master Concrete Cutters also provides standard services including expansion cutting, decorative pattern cutting, trench cutting, kerb cutting and slurry control, making this a great option if you need a wider variety of jobs done all at once.

So, for a timely, reliable and professional team of concrete cutters with an established reputation within the local community, consider choosing Master Concrete Cutters for a range of jobs.

Customer Review

A customer by the name of Mike left this testimonial:

“Always professional and accurate in their work. Constructive, helpful and reliable also - which sets them apart from others…”

Address: 8 Saville Place, Pyes Pa 3112

Phone: 027 4946 726

Services: Expansion cutting, cutting for removal, decorative pattern cutting, core drilling

2. GT Concrete Cutting

  • Trusted local reputation
  • Qualified & experienced staff
  • Vast range of services

If an established and trusted reputation among local community members is an important factor in considering which company to cut concrete for you, GT Concrete Cutting is a great option to consider in Tauranga.

Their team of specialists is not only qualified and experienced, but they also use the newest and most innovative tools and technology on the job. Their diverse range of tools, including diamond core drills, floor saws and wet vacuums means any job can be undertaken.

Whether you’re in need of residential, industrial or commercial jobs, GT Concrete Cutting is well-versed in wall sawing, alterations, decorative pattern cuts, expansion joints and demolition requirements, among other services.

So, for highly qualified and experienced concrete cutters belonging to a recently emerging team, consider GT Concrete Cutting for any industrial, residential or commercial work you need done.

Customer Review

Glen Hubbard left this testimonial:

“Greg is a pleasure to deal with. Nothing is a problem. Always has a smile. He also has good advice and goes beyond what he's called to do.”

Address: Moffat Road, Bethlehem, Tauranga, 3110

Phone: 022 648 8482

Services: Decorative pattern cuts, demolition jobs, expansion joints and alterations

3. Clean Cut Concrete Cutting

  • 24/7 availability
  • Great customer service
  • Experienced & highly qualified

Clean Cut Concrete Cutting is a family owned business known for incredible flexibility, as they’re available 24/7.

Not only are their services increasingly expansive, Clean Cut Concrete Cutting also endeavors to provide high quality customer service and strictly comply with safety standards.

Their extensive range of services includes but is not limited to wall cutting, windows and openings, decorative cutting, paths, driveways, core drilling and floor sawing. The Clean Cut Concrete Cutting team also uses diamond saw blades to ensure precision and safety.

Because Clean Cut Concrete Cutting pride themselves on not only meeting their customers’ expectations, but exceeding them, through a ‘results-driven’ workplace.

So, for highly qualified, experienced and attentive concrete cutters within a family-run operation, consider contacting Clean Cut Concrete Cutting for any residential or commercial needs. 

Address: 487 Wright Road, Aongatete 3181

Phone: 027 4994 594

Services: Decorative cutting, floor sawing and core drilling, among other services

4. TCC Concrete Cutting & Core Drilling

  • 25 years experience
  • Renovation & restoration specialists
  • Free quotes

Having been a New Zealand owned and operated company for over 25 years, TCC Concrete Cutting & Core Drilling specialise in both concrete cutting and core drilling.

Their specialisations in concrete cutting are renovation and restoration, alterations and fit-outs and demolition work, so no matter the kind of job you’re in need of, TCC can provide a solution.

TCC also offers a full range of services including hydraulic cutting, floor and wall sawing, core drilling, demolition and wire sawing, to name a few.

Not only is the company known for providing excellent value for money, but they also offer free quotes, so their transparent pricing is great for those with inflexible budgets. 

Customer Review

Wayne Coleman left this testimonial:

“Great company, really professional, high class workmanship, great value for money, highly recommend them for any job big or small, well done.”

Address: Papamoa, Bay of Plenty

Phone: 0800 228 669

Services: Renovation and restoration, demolition and alterations

5. Bond Concrete Cutting

  • 20 years local experience
  • Experienced team
  • Range of services

With 20 years of local industry experience, Bond Concrete Cutting is one of the leading businesses of its kind in Tauranga, promising excellent customer service and exceptional concrete cutting services.

Their experienced team offers concrete cutting, sawing, grinding, drilling and core drilling for residential, industrial and commercial jobs.

Some of their impressive and high-profile projects include Whakatane Hospital, the Anewhenua Dam restructure and the Norske Skog Tasman Upgrade.

The Bond team even uses electric hand saws to ensure carbon dioxide poisoning is not a risk for their clients, while also facilitating a quiet and safe work environment.

Even better, the Bond team can arrange for non-polluting workspace options for the duration of your job, meaning your services can be sought out risk-free.

So, for a small, local team of experienced professionals with a strong commitment to safe and efficient concrete cutting practices, Bond Concrete Cutting is a great option to consider in Tauranga.

Address: Whakatane, Bay of Plenty

Phone: 027 448 3547

Services: Concrete cutting, demolition services, sawing and grinding

How much do Tauranga concrete cutters cost? 

Different prices are charged based on the type of concrete cutting required. For example there's many different types such as road sawing, hand sawing, wall/wire sawing, coring, grinding, repairs and scanning. 

Most commonly concrete slab cutting or road sawing usually has a rate per lm and various depths. You can usually expect to pay a minimum job fee such as $500. 

You'll usually have additional fees for any kerb or gutter cutting, suspended slabs, pushsaw slabs, slurry removal and travel/establishment fees. 

Various working hour requirements usually play a factor whether you need labour during working hours, after hours, on the weekend or during public holidays. 

You will find the best success calling some of the best Tauranga concrete cutting specialists we've mentioned above and getting a rough quote for your job.