5+ Best Tauranga Car Valets In NZ For 2024!

5+ Best Tauranga Car Valets

Car valets are the perfect way to keep your car looking its best. They will polish, wash and vacuum your car while you wait, and even offer a variety of services like tire changes and oil changes. Between the great customer service and top-notch car care, these valets are sure to make your ride look its best.

Best Tauranga Car Valets

1. Wax Attack

  • High quality service
  • Offers several services
  • Package starts at $240

Whether you’re looking to sell, or just restore your vehicle to a pristine standard of cleanliness, if you’re in the Tauranga area, look no further than Wax Attack for a high quality service delivered to both you and your vehicle.

With 15 years in the automotive industry, the company understands all the different issues that may arise with your vehicle and knows just how to fix them.

Wax Attacks offers several different services big and small, from the removal of dents, to cleaning the car’s interior.

They believe that no detail is too small when maintaining a car, and work with manufacturers in New Zealand for their parts to keep your car in shape.

Customers can pick from three different services, from the bronze service that includes interior and exterior cleaning (from $240), to the gold service that includes degreasing the engine bay and a professional machine cut and polish (from $440).

They also offer a variety of smaller services if you’re not after a full service.

Customer Review

Wax Attack has serviced many happy customers, such as Jenny, who said: “Thanks heaps, you do a great job and I will keep spreading the word!”

Address: 78 Birch Avenue, Judea, Tauranga 3110

Phone: 027 292 9285

Services: Paint touch up, scratch removal, paintless dent removal, white wall tyres, external wax, internal vaccum, window cleaning.

2. Action Car Valet

  • Great quality service
  • Offers 3-levels of service
  • Price starts at $40

Looking to restore your car to its former glory but without the high price tag?

Action Car Valet are the perfect choice if you need a great quality service but are on a budget. Operating out of Tauranga, Action Car Valet have 19 years of experience in making cars look brand new, so you know you (and your car) are in safe hands. 

For anywhere in the Bay of Plenty, Action Car Valet will ensure all your car detailing needs are met.

Action Car Valet offers three levels of their valet service, all at reasonable prices.

Their Deluxe service ($40) contains a basic wash and a clean, their Super Deluxe ($175) additionally includes window dashboard, console, boot, and door jamb cleaning and tyre blackening, whilst their Grand Deluxe service ($210) offers everything you in the previous packages plus UV Protection and polish treatment to paint work.

They also offer help with specific needs, such as head light restoration.

With such a wealth of experience, it should come as no surprise that Action Car Valet has five stars on Google, and have earned the praise of customers .

Customer Review

Kayla, who wrote; ‘Excellent Mobile Car Valet. My car has never been so clean!’.

Address: 20 Addison Court, Papamoa Beach, Papamoa 3118

Phone: 021 428 053

Services: Head light restoration, water spots removal, cut and polish, leather seats conditioning treatment, cleaning, waxing, tyre blackening, UV protection.

3. Autosteam

  • Clean any type of vehicle
  • Offer wide variety of services
  • Price starts at $70

Ideally your car would always be perfectly clean, however many valet companies have their cleaning packages set at a rigid, and often high price.

That’s why Autosteam is just the company that the automotive industry needs; the company offers a generous choice of seven different packages, so you can choose the service that best suits your needs and budget.

Formed in 2019, Autosteam set out to use the best products available to provide cleaning that are good for your vehicle and for the environment.

The efficient steam technology they utilise leaves no waste behind, giving your car a comprehensive and environmentally friendly clean, with no risk of scratches that come from more abrasive cleaning methods.

Using the best high end products from Europe and America, Autosteam offer a wide variety of services at varying price points, from $70 (estimate) for their basic clean, to $550 for ‘The Works’ package that will ensure your vehicle is looking the best it can, and attends to other important details, like the restoration of upholstery. 

Customer Review

From Andrew-Sarah White: ‘These guys did an amazing job on our car! Deepest, thorough clean my car has ever had.’

Address: Mt Manganui

Phone: 021 030 0046

Services: Upholstery cleaning and restoration, polishing, UV waxing, engine bay and wheel cleaning, headlamp revival.

4. California Car Valet

  • Premium cleaning service
  • Highly recommended
  • Price starts at $210

For those looking for a premium cleaning service that prides itself on attention to detail, California Car Valet is the go-to company for high-quality service. From the smallest of cars to the largest of SUV’s, these guys have you covered.

California Car Valet are a staple in the Tauranga automobile community; with over 20 years of grooming cars, California Car Valet is the longest standing valet service in the Bay area, and their team of five each have multiple years of experience.

California Car Valet breaks down the charges for all of their services according to size and condition, so you’ll never feel like you’re being stuck with hidden costs.

Their prices range from (approximately) $210 for an interior clean, $260 for an exterior cut and polish, and to $300 for a full valet.

Customer Review

From Facebook to Google, California Car Valet is consistently receiving five-star reviews, and this testimony from Sean Clark illustrates just why: ‘We use California Car Valet to get our used cars up to scratch for sale. The service is top notch and the final job equally fantastic. Great company to deal with.’

Address: 90 Second Avenue, Tauranga 3110

Phone: 07 578 3821

Services: Interior clean, exterior wash and shine, headlight cleaning, chrome polishing, sign removal, engine and under body steam clean.

5. Doctor Cuts Detail Shop

  • Luxury service
  • Clean all types of vehicle
  • 5 star rating

For those who want the understated luxury of having an immaculately cleaned car, or any other vehicle, Mt Maunganui based Doctor Cuts Detail Shop have got the skills and experience to meet your needs.

No matter what you’re looking to get cleaned; trucks, boats, bikes, or cars, Doctor Cuts Detail Shop will provide the utmost care to get your vehicle looking its best.

In addition to offering all the services needed to get your vehicle looking its best, Doctor Cuts Detail Shop also stocks a range of small items that go a long way in maintaining the condition of your car once it leaves their capable hands; this includes a variety of air fresheners, fabric guard, glass water spot remover, and microfiber wash mitt’s, and more.

With a 5 star rating on Facebook, and a 4 star rating on Google, you can trust that Doctor Cuts Detail Shop will provide you with exceptional service, as they’ve done for other happy customers.

Customer Review

Danny, who wrote on Facebook: “Great service at a good price. My car came back to me in better condition than when I brought it. Will definitely go back again.”

Address: 32/23 Tukorako Drive, Mount Maunganui, Tauranga 3116

Phone: 021 036 6986

Services: Paint restoration, external and internal cleans and restoration, waxing.