6+ Best Tattoo Removal Services In Auckland For 2024!

6+ Best Tattoo Removal Services In Auckland

In life we all sometimes make mistakes, now at the time these 'mistakes' may not seem like a mistake but later on down the track when we realise that this is the case we tend to be full of regret.

I am talking about tattoos here of course, sometimes we get ink that we end up regretting later on in life whether it be an ex partner or just a piece of ink that you grew out of and had done during your younger days.

Whatever the reason may be fear not because today we are going to help you find the best tattoo removal services across the Auckland region to suit every budget and tattoo size. 

Best Tattoo Removals Auckland

1. Tattoo Removals Auckland

  • High quality technology
  • Personalised approach
  • Pain management machine offered

At Tattoo Removals Auckland, the use of innovative laser technology allows for efficient and effective laser tattoo removal with less pain.

Their cutting edge technology means their laser tattoo removal is faster than competitors, less painful and more precise.

As well as this, the technicians at Tattoo Removals Auckland undergo extensive training and Laser Safety Certification to ensure your session is as comfortable as possible.

Tattoo Removals Auckland have a great reputation among the community due to their highly personalised, attentive approach.

Skin tone, tattoo age and ink colour are all factors considered carefully in the removal process, in order to achieve the best results. 

Removing bad decisions and mistakes with Tattoo Removals Auckland starts at only $75, so they’re worth considering in your hunt for high quality removal specialists.

Customer Review

Shane Griffin left this Google review:

“I had my first session here and found the staff super friendly and very professional. The space was clean and they gave an in-depth explanation of the removal process and what to expect after. Will definitely be back for my next session.”

Address: 283 Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby

Phone: 09 215 6754

Services: Tattoo removal, pain management machine, carbon laser facial treatment

2. DeINK

  • Reputation for excellent customer service
  • High quality lasers
  • Sympathetic prices for large tattoos

Mistakes are easy to make, but they’re less easy to forget in the form of a tattoo. That’s why DeINK offers sympathetic, affordable pricing to get you out of a predicament.

DeINK is a tattoo removalist service offered with careful, considered customer service with the goal of creating a comfortable and safe environment for all clients. The owner, Helena, has over 8 years experience in the industry.

Because Helena is passionate about the joy and satisfaction tattoos should bring, and the ability to free her clients from the ways tattoos can cause harm and upset, you can trust she will be attentive and careful in the removal process.

With a reputation for affordable prices and effective pain-management, DeINK upholds a high standard through the use of QSwitch Yag Lasers which reduce the likelihood of scarring.

Small tattoo removals start at $65, so their rates are reasonably low compared to competitors.

Customer Review

George left this testimonial:

“Experienced, safe, laser tattoo removal. Helena is caring, particular and knows her laser work. Great results.”

Address: 106/3 Morningside Drive, Auckland

Phone: 021 905 990

3. Ammara Medical Laser Clinic

  • High quality lasers in use
  • Nurses and Doctors as technicians
  • Qualified experienced staff

If you’re concerned about the qualifications of those conducting your laser tattoo removal, this Tattoo and Cosmetic Laser Clinic is run by Doctors and Nurses.

At this clinic the technicians have had almost 20 years experience, and the lasers in use are RevLite Nd-Yag Q switch, meaning only the highest quality is materials and techniques will be used in the removal of your tattoo.

An additional benefit to visiting Ammara Medical Laser Clinic is that while the removal isn’t particularly painful, those with a thow threshold for pain can benefit from their ability to administer pain medication.

Small tattoos can be removed starting from $85, and sessions are the usual 8-12 weeks apart.

Customer Review

Alice Henry left this Google review:

“Great service and I felt so reassured that I was being looked after by a medical doctor. Thanks Ammara clinic!”

Address: 212 Wairau Rd, Glenfield

Phone: 09 444 6637

Services: Skin rejuvenation, pigmented spot removal, tattoo removal, hair removal

4. Sacred Tattoo

  • Excellent reputation
  • High quality lasers
  • Friendly staff

At Sacred Tattoo, they understand how preferences change and the reasons why individuals might choose to partially remove or cover their tattoos up.

Because they offer both removals and tattoos, Sacred Tattoo is a great place to visit in Auckland if you’re looking for the best, most considered solution to a tattoo-related problem, all through one business.

At Sacred Tattoo, their team can consider the best options for you in terms of the degree to which tattoos should be erased and the cover tattoos available to conceal any remaining marks.

Using the Medlite C6 and Picosure lightening and removal laser machines, Sacred Tattoo has become one of the most trusted removal services in New Zealand, with the ability to lighten all ink colours.

Customer Review

Phoebe Watt left this testimonial:

“If you are thinking about having laser removal I can’t recommend this place enough!! I was clearly talked through the process and Briar was so helpful and caring!”

Address: 521 New North Road, Kingsland

Phone: 09 365 1839

Services: Tattoo removal, tattoo designs and cover-ups

5. Botany Skin Clinic

  • Low prices
  • High quality lasers
  • Great community reputation

For a well-rounded tattoo removal clinic, Botany Skin Clinic is a great option in Auckland.

Because the removal is conducted by a qualified Aesthetic Practitioner or Doctor, you can rest assured that the process will be safe and stress-free.

At Botany Skin Clinic, their prices start at a low $62; however, high quality lasers are still used, so the level of lightening across a range of colours is not compromised by these affordable rates.

Tattoo removals can be conducted over just four treatment sessions, so the process is comparable in length to competitors’ offerings.

If you’re looking for a welcoming clinic with a strong community reputation and low prices, Botany Skin Clinic is definitely one to consider in Auckland.

Customer Review

William Zhang left this google review:

“Excellent service provided by qualified health professionals whom did a great job educating and performing the procedure.”

Address: 2 Market Street, Botany

Phone: 09 280 1791

Services: Laser tattoo removal, cosmetic procedures, injectables and medical skin treatments

6. The Beauty Project

  • Specialisation in cosmetic tattoo removal
  • High quality lasers used
  • Qualified & experienced staff

The Beauty Project specialises in cosmetic tattoo removal, making the removal of unwanted lip liner, eyeliner or microbladed eyebrows an easy, stress-free process.

A Q-Switched Laser is used in the laser removal method, which allows for primarily black, grey and red tattoo inks to fade over time.

The Beauty Project offers a unique service in their liquid tattoo removal solution, which can help with removing the colours that lasers cannot target.

They also conduct body tattoo removals, though the process can take between 10-12 sessions to be completed.

So, if you’re specifically searching for qualified technicians with experience in removing cosmetic tattoos, consider visiting The Beauty Project.

Customer Review

Cathy Pope left this google review:

“I am so happy that Olga has fixed my eyebrows after some bad micro blading experiences left my eyebrows scarred and blue. I'm thrilled with them and especially with the painless process.”

Address: 22 Exmouth Street, Eden Terrace

Phone: 021 063 4311

Services: Cosmetic and body tattoo removal, cosmetic tattooing

best tattoo removal auckland nz

How long does it take to get a tattoo removed?

Getting one of your tattoos removed can be quick and painless or it can involve multiple sessions depending on the size of the tattoo to be removed and on where you go to to get it removed.

Only the best tattoo removal shops in Auckland have been included in this review which will ensure that if you choose one from the list above you can be sure that you will be getting a painless and hassle free tattoo removal process.

All of the tattoo removal shops which we have reviewed today have friendly staff and are all well known and trusted within the Auckland community.

Your technician will talk you through the process during your initial consult and from here you will find out how many sessions it may or may not take and what the cost might be.

Well all make mistakes in life but those mistakes can always be rectified.

How much does it cost to get a tattoo removed?

Prices vary depending on which shop you go to and on what type of tattoo is being removed, as a general idea though the average prices across the board when it comes to tattoo removal are around $80-$130 per session.

Sessions are usually spaced out between 8-12 weeks to minimise pain and to give the skin time to heal up. Most tattoo removal places will be transparent and tell you the cost beforehand, but please read this article on removal costs that can blow out of control. 

Does it hurt getting a tattoo removed?

Tattoo removals hurt no more than when you get a tattoo applied. Despite some of the stories you hear from people saying that getting a tattoo removed is very painful this is not entirely true.

Tattoo removal can be as painless as you make it and in my experience it was no more painful than getting a tattoo applied.

As I said before in another article about getting a tattoo done, go in relaxed and chuck your headphones on and before you know it your session will be up and that tattoo you don't want anymore will be out of your life.

Now that you know where the best tattoo removal places in Auckland are go and get that regretful piece removed from your life!