6+ Best Tattoo Parlours In Auckland For 2024 [Top Rated]

6+ Best Tattoo Parlours In Auckland

These days more and more people are getting inked up, it's becoming more and more common to see people with tattoos no matter where you go.

Whether you are getting your first tattoo or whether you are getting some additional ink added in one thing that is very important is to make sure you choose a clean, safe and reputable tattoo parlour because these things are on your body for life!

Today we will review the best tattoo parlours in Auckland to help you make an informed choice on where to get some stunning new ink, read on below to see which tattoo parlours made the cut.

The Best Tattoo Parlours In Auckland

1. The Tattooed Heart Tattoos

  • Strong community reputation
  • Range of artists to choose from
  • Great customer service

The Tattooed Heart has held a reputation for providing excellent tattoos and piercings in Auckland since 2004.

Their work ranges from custom to classic tattoos, with a wide variety of artists and specialisation areas to choose from.

With experienced and professional artists and a clean, warm parlour environment, The Tattooed Heart has garnered a trusted reputation in Auckland, with customers appreciating the hygienic and welcoming practices.

They even offer Cosmetic Tattoos, which provide an almost permanent alternative to makeup; such as lip liner, eyeliner and microblading options.

Customer Review

EC Erasmus left this facebook review:

“Got two gorgeous little tattoos. So professional (most professional place I've been!) And friendly! 100% returning.”

Address: 202 Karangahape Road, Auckland CBD

Phone: 09 379 2662

Services: Tattoos, cosmetic tattoos, laser and piercings

2. Otautahi Tattoo Auckland

  • Guest artists
  • Range of specialisations
  • Bookings & walk-ins

If you’re in search of a tattoo parlour versed in almost every style and genre of artistry, Otautahi Tattoo Auckland is a great option to visit.

Whether you’re looking for lettering, full colour, traditional and classic, realistic or even Ta Moko and Tatau tattoos, Otautahi has an artist suitable for your desired look.

Not only is their team composed of widely specialised individuals, but Otautahi also has guest tattooists whose experience might be perfect to create your ideal design.

So, whether you’re interested in making a booking or simply walking in for a quick session, their reputation for exquisite designs and welcoming customer service should put your mind at ease.

Customer Review

Angie Milward left this Facebook review:

“These guys are awesome. Had my first tat done yesterday and I love it. My Ta Moko was designed by Arapeta (very talented). I will definitely be returning for a second one.”

Address: 155 Karangahape Road, Auckland CBDF

Phone: 09 337 0694

Services: Realistic, Ta Moko and Tatau, traditional/old school, lettering and full colour tattoos

3. Sunset Tattoo

  • Many specialisations & styles 
  • Unique tattoo team
  • Known in the community

Sunset Tattoo is a parlour that delivers the most variety in specialisations in Auckland, so no matter your desired style, Sunset Tattoo is a great option to consider for your next tattoo.

They offer Japanese, Maori Ta Moko, traditional, fine line, geometric and even dot tattoo styles, making them the leading custom tattoo parlour in New Zealand.

Among their fun-loving and talented group of artists is the only Japanese traditional tebori artist in Australasia, so you’re being offered a completely unique set of skills.

So, for a team of tattoo artists highly trusted within the Auckland community for their excellent skill and customer service, visit Sunset Tattoo.

Customer Review

Meg Monahan left this Google review:

“The staff here is SO GREAT!! I got tattooed by two different artists and both were very professional, clean and passionate about the work. Both tattoos are awesome!”

Address: 4 Cross Street, Auckland CBD

Phone: 09 376 3423

Services: Japanese, Maori Ta Moko, traditional, fine line, geometric, dot tattoos on a walk-in or booking basis

4. Inkstitution Tattoo

  • Extensive artist experience
  • High quality materials in use
  • Free consults

If experience is a factor that plays into your decision about which tattoo parlour to visit, the 28 years of combined experience among Inkstitution’s artists should leave it at the top of your list.

Not only do the Inkstitution artists have extensive experience in creating a wide variety of designs, the shop also uses only the most high quality tattoo guns, needles and inks with strict hygiene regulations in place.

At Inkstitution, free consultations are also offered, making the decision for first-time clients stress-free.

Their impressive portfolio spans across full colour, geometric, traditional and line art tattoos, making Inkstitution a great option for a wide range of designs.

So if you’d like to get a tattoo in a warm, safe environment with experienced professionals creating a custom design, visit Inkstitution Tattoo in Auckland.

Customer Review

Shane Hughes left this Facebook review:

“Great shop, lots of amazing and helpful artists can’t thank them enough for the easy and simple walk in.”

Address: Level 1/749 Beach Road, Browns Bay

Phone: 09 478 3949

Services: Full range of tattoo styles and genres

5. Dreamhands Tattoo Studio

  • Award-winning tattoo artists
  • Wide range of specialisation areas
  • Very friendly staff

Dreamhands Tattoo Studio is home to a team of artists, each with their own, distinct style.

Their goal is to design custom tattoos that reflect the individuality and characteristics of each client, so if you’re looking for a completely unique design, Dreamhands is the place to go.

Their specialisations range from freehand and realism, fine line, sketchy and chinese painting to lineal tattoos. One of their artists even holds the title of Best Black & Grey Tattooist in New Zealand!

Dreamhands has an excellent reputation within the Auckland community for consistently exceeding their clients’ expectations and creating completely unique and eye-catching tattoo designs, so if this is something of interest to you, visit their shop for your next tattoo.

Customer Review

Tracy Assey left this Facebook review:

“Awesome Studio, was there and got a tattoo from Chris and was so happy with the result. Can recommend the studio, very clean and nice staff.”

Address: 307 Karangahape Road, Auckland CBD

Phone: 022 348 2880

Services: Full range of tattoo styles and genres

6. Keepsake Tattoo

  • Great community reputation
  • Clean and welcoming parlour space
  • Great prices

If you’re looking for an upmarket tattoo parlour that offers a full range of styles, Keepsake Tattoo is a great option in Auckland.

Their small team of two artists specialises in neo-traditional, Japanese, realistic, black work and every other style in between.

Whether you’re interested in an existing flash design or a custom tattoo on a booking or walk-in basis, Keepsake Tattoo strives to offer the best and most attentive customer service in the area.

Small, single-session pieces and extensive, long-term project designs are both welcomed at Keepsake, so you’re free to let your imagination run wild.

With a reputation for professionalism, cleanliness and affordable prices, Keepsake is a great choice of tattoo parlour whether you’re new to tattoos or looking to complete a sleeve.

Customer Review

Angela Masaga left this Google review:

“Great Experience here, enjoyed it a lot and would highly recommend it. Good vibes and very clear and straightforward with procedure and payment.”

Address: 69 Mount Eden Road, Grafton

Phone: 09 303 3640

Services: Full range of custom and existing tattoo styles and genres

Best Tattoo Parlours In Auckland NZ

Where’s the best tattoo parlour in Auckland?

Read our review above and decide which tattoo parlour looks the most appealing to you based on the type of work that you are wanting to get done as each shop specialises in their own styles.

What type of tattoo you should get is completely up to you, never let anyone else tell you what to get done because it is your body and it is on you for life!

When deciding on a tattoo consider what area of your body you're going to get inked because each part of the body has different pain levels when they are worked on and you want to make sure that you can withstand the session.

Discuss with your potential artist what you want and get them to customise it to your preferences and if you are unsure ask them for their opinion on what may improve the design.

Most tattoo artists have a strong skill set for designing beautiful tattoos and are used to helping their clients come up with a piece that leaves the customer happy.

How much does a tattoo cost?

Now this is a widely asked question, the fact of the matter is that with tattoos it is about quality over quantity. You are paying for something that will be on your body for life!

With this being the case you want to make sure that you are getting the best quality of tattoo work done that you possibly can. Bear in mind that a tattoo artist not only spends the time putting the ink onto you as well as the materials which that uses but they also spend hours designing your piece before you come in.

In general most tattoo parlours charge between $80-$150 per hour, some places but not many do a set price per tattoo but the general rule of thumb is that most places charge an hourly rate.

Good tattoo artists can get quite a lot done in one hour, I have had several tattoos myself and in 2 hours I've had pretty much a whole arm tattoo done.

You can't really put a price on something that will be on your body for life, you get what you pay for when it comes to tattoos.

How much do tattoos hurt?

Pain levels of getting a tattoo can vary depending on whereabouts on the body you are getting inked, the size of the tattoo and what type of work you are getting inked onto yourself.

Places like the outside of the arms, the legs and some parts of the back can be less painful to get done in comparison to places like the ribs, sternum or the inside of the arm for instance.

Obviously the larger the tattoo the more hours you'll have to put in to complete the piece, generally the longer the tattoo will take the higher the chances are that your tattoo artist will split the piece into multiple sessions depending on how booked out they are.

Different types of tattoos require different types of needles. for filling in the inside of a tattoo a thicker needle is generally used which hurts less than the thinner needles. Thinner needles are used to do the outlines of a design in general.

At the end of the day the pain is what you make it, grab some headphones, go in relaxed and any tattoo can be as painless as you make it, whether you feel any pain or not it is a good type of pain and when you leave the tattoo parlour with that brand spanking new ink it's all the more worth it.

Now that you know where the best tattoo parlours in Auckland are you can go out and get yourself some fresh ink!