6+ Best Spray Tan Salons In Auckland For 2024 [Top Rated]

6+ Best Spray Tan Salons In Auckland

Spray tans are a great way to keep yourself looking sexy and toned! Everyone wants a stunning, bronzed look that appears natural. However, we don't always get time to get some sun or natural tanning in either due to busy lifestyles or during the colder winter months.

This where spray tans come in as they offer a quick (often 15-20 minutes) and painless instant hot looking skin tone and bronzed colour. There are many spray tan salons around New Zealand but today we will help you to get the best spray tan in Auckland.

We will check out a number of the top spray tan salons from within the Auckland region and we will highlight their key attributes and look at customer reviews.

The Best Spray Tan Salons In Auckland

1. Epsom Spray Tan

  • Trusted reputation for good tan colouring
  • 10 years experience
  • Natural, vegan products

If you’re looking for a vegan-friendly spray tan with products that don’t use animal testing, Epsom Spray Tan in Auckland is a great option.

With 10 years of experience providing natural-based, personalised tanning solutions, this is a tanning salon you can trust.

They boast their spray tans as being the best in Auckland, deriving largely from the natural, botanical ingredients in their Black Magic Tan products.

Epsom Spray Tan has a reputation for providing natural, glowing tan finishes without any orange hue coming through. Their clients enjoy an even finish and natural, long-lasting colour costing only $45 for a full-body tan, with the tenth tan free.

So, for a tan using natural, nourishing ingredients that is manufactured in Australia, visit Epsom Spray Tan in Auckland next time you’re in need of a subtle glow.

Customer Review

Becs left this testimonial:

“My first tan was amazing! I was scared of being orange because I’m so fair, but it was just so natural looking and it lasts for ages.”

Address: 105 Great South Road, Epsom

Phone: 0800 009 776

Services: Black Magic argan, vibe, 1 hour, natural and muscle tans

2. Tan in the City

  • Preferred salon for celebrities
  • Promise of no orange tans
  • Option for mobile service

For flexible and individualised tanning solutions, Tan in the City is a great option to consider in Auckland.

Tan in the City has over 6 years experience providing a range of deep, natural and competition-style tans for a range of clients in Auckland.

Their brick-and-mortar stores are complemented by a mobile tanning service, with only a 10 minute process for quick tans!

Even Dancing With the Stars contestants have noted Tan in the City as their favourite salon in Auckland, upholding their promise of no orange nor ‘bad tan’ stories.

Their pricing is affordable, with a full body tan costing $40 and $30 for students, while a $30 ‘coffee break’ special runs throughout the week.

Customer Review

Georgia Kendelle left this Facebook review:

“Best tans, only place I go as they get it perfect every time! They have the perfect tan for everyone.”

Address: 3 Norana Ave, Remuera

Phone: 09 600 1769

Services: Full body, coffee break, competition tanning and tan training

3. Body Bronze

  • Natural tan appearance
  • Customisable tans that develop quickly
  • Qualified technicians

Whether you’re looking for a spray tan or a quick session in a sun bed, the 25 years of experience backing Body Bronze is a great reason to trust in their services.

Body Bronze offers a Rapid One-Hour spray tan that develops faster than usual spray tans, leaving you with the option to wash it off for a natural glow or keep it on for four hours to develop a deeper colour.

The Rapid One-Hour tan lasts for 7-10 days and with the proper care, won’t leave you with patchy or streaky skin. Their winter tan full body special is only $30, making it widely affordable.

Their qualified tan technicians have garnered the business a trusted reputation for delivering natural looking tans with excellent customer service, so Body Bronze should be nearing the top of your list for tanning salons in Auckland.

Customer Review

Miss Robin left this testimonial:

“Absolutely amazing spray tans. Everyone around me told me I was glowing & it made me feel great /confident about my self image.” 

Address: 28a Lambie Drive, Manukau City

Phone: 09 263 6628

Services: Full body tan, competition tan and bridal tan

4. Solaris Tan

  • Low prices
  • Strong reputation
  • Exceptional customer service

Solaris Tan is one of the best salons to visit in Auckland if you’ve got a tight budget but still want a natural glow.

They use the B.Gorgeous tanning range, which uses natural and organic ingredients for a fresh, glowy look. Even better, the B.Gorgeous range is manufactured in Auckland, so it’s a guilt-free way to spend $20.

Solaris Tan uses innovative technology in the application of their tans for the best and most even coverage, which take between 1, 2 and 8 hours to fully develop depending on your preferred look.

So, for a trusted group of tan technicians and an even, natural finish in your spray tan, consider visiting Solaris Tan in Auckland.

Customer Review

Rebecca Johnson left this this Facebook review:

“Absolutely lovely staff - such a pleasant, knowledgeable and friendly atmosphere. Nikita and her spray tans are magic and their customer service has won me over for sure.”

Address: 335e Ti Rakau Drive, Botany Downs

Phone: 09 271 5024

Services: Full body, face and neck, body contouring, extra coat, leg spray tanning and sunbed tanning

5. The Tanning Boutique

  • Focus on fitting range of skin tones
  • Natural ingredients and finish
  • Reasonable prices

If you’re worried about how a spray tan will match your skin tone, The Tanning Boutique in Auckland places particular focus on providing tans to match a variety of skin tones to leave everyone with a natural glow.

These tans are paraben free, vegan, alcohol free and fragrance free for a natural, sunkist appearance that is designed to boost your self-confidence at any time throughout the year.

Clients of The Tanning Boutique enjoy warm, attentive customer service and personalised tanning solutions for a variety of skin types and tones.

A full body tan is $45, while a full body organic tan is $50, so The Tanning Boutique offers reasonable prices for their premium quality products and services.

Customer Review

Emma Baylis left this Facebook review:

“I was nervous about getting a spray tan but Kim was so professional and did such an amazing job. I love my tan.”

Address: 195 Onewa Road, Birkenhead

Phone: 09 391 0066

Services: Spray tan packages, full body tan, full body organic tan, mobile spray tan and men’s spray tan

6. Sunset Tan

  • Excellent customer service
  • Unique technology
  • Helpful customer service

Sunset tan offers a unique tanning experience with their Mystic Tan products and technology, as they are one of the only Auckland salons to provide it.

If what you look for in a tan is a glowy, bronzed and even finish, Sunset Tans live up to their name in providing this and will be the perfect choice for you.

Sunset Tan has a reputation for friendly and helpful customer service, so any queries about their Mystic Tan technology can be easily answered.

If you’re also interested in sunbeds, their stand-up and luxury options have been raved about for their benefits to eczema and other issue-prone skin.

So, consider visiting Sunset Tan in Auckland next time you’re in need of a bronzed glow.

Customer Review

Windy Arbor left this google review:

“Fast & easy. Really friendly staff! I started going there to help with the psoriasis all over my body. It’s really helped the health of my skin.”

Address: 1040/195 Dominion Road, Mount Eden

Phone: 09 630 9496

Services: Spray tan, luxury and stand up tan beds

best spray tan salons auckland nz

Why get a spray tan?

Well the answer to that is simple. If you want an instant skin tone or colour that looks great but you don't have the time to get out into the sun or maybe it could be the fact that it's winter well this is where a spray tan is perfect.

Spray tans are affordable, they don't take long to apply and they usually last for several weeks to several months depending on the quality of the spray tan which you have received.

Today we've looked over all of the places where you will get only the best spray tan in Auckland which means that you can rest assured knowing that by getting a spray tan from one of the above salons you will be getting the best service, quality and customer service.

How much do spray tans cost?

Each salon charges different rates but generally a spray tan will set you back anywhere from $20 to $80 depending on how many applications you are wanting done and whether it's a full body tan which most people usually get. 

Some salons have a loyalty program running where if you regularly come back for spray tans they'll give you a bit of a discount for each spray tan. Student discounts are usually available at most salons. 

How long does a spray tan last for?

This depends on the tanning salon you go to because each one uses their own types of spray tan liquid. 

The general lifespan of a spray tan is 10 days to 2 weeks. The darker the shade of the spray tan the longer it will last for. The lighter shades tend to come off faster than the darker shades.

How to prepare for a spray tan? 

You'll want to exfoliate your body with a professional mitt the day before or the morning before your tan. Ensure you do not wear any moisturisers, body oils, perfumes or deodorants. 

Simply have a shower, a good rub down with a mitt and then do not put anything on your body or skin. You should also remove any jewellery or accessories such as ear rings, nose rings and piercings. 

If you're performing a waxing as well like some salons offer, ensure you get the waxing done before your spray tan treatment for best results. 

Now that you know where to get the best spray tan in Auckland head on over to your chosen salon and get yourself looking good!