5+ Best Sandwich Presses In New Zealand [Updated 2024]

The Very Best Sandwich Presses To Make Delicious Toasties

Lunchtime is an extremely important part of our day, but it doesn't have to be stressful. The best way to save time and still create a delicious sandwich would be with a sandwich press. You can use one of these handy appliances to quickly create the perfect sandwich every time. With something for every budget, from the penny pinchers to those wanting the very best, there's a sandwich maker out there for everyone. All these options are available to buy online in New Zealand. 

The Best Sandwich Presses

1. DeLonghi 3-In-1 Digital Multi Grill

  • Multi-purpose press
  • Independent thermostats
  • Controllable using a phone

The DeLonghi 3-In-1 Digital Multi Grill CGH1012D is a multipurpose press for a wide variety of dishes. There are designated plate grills for paninis, meats and vegetables.

This appliance operates at 2000 Watts and has an LED display that can be connected to an app where the settings can be controlled from a far distance.

There are two knobs designed to control the desired temperature along with buttons to set up the cooking time and process. This press has an integrated sear function alongside an in-built tray to collect excess fat drip.

This model also comes along with a dedicated spatula, a plate grill and a plate griddle. On top of these additional plates and kitchen items, there is added storage lock to easily pack away the grill when it is not in use. This press functions at 2000 Watts.

The height positions of this appliance are modifiable, allowing for small and large foods to be cooked easily and evenly on a wide-surface grill.

This grill is simple to clean, with removable plates that are dishwasher friendly and easy to scrub. This appliance is catered towards families, with built-in technology that makes the task of cooking undemanding and controllable using a phone.

2. Russell Hobbs 4 Slice Sandwich Press

  • Easy to use
  • Non-stick surface
  • Temperature indicator lights

The Russell Hobbs 4 Slice Sandwich Press RHSP801RED is an easy-to-use appliance with a hot plate that has 4 designated cut-outs for sandwiches, paninis or wraps. This product can hold up to 4 slices of bread at any given time.

The hot plate of this grill offers a flat and non-stick surface that does not require extra grease or oils when cooking. This model is operatable at 2200 Watts and the temperature can be managed using the designated temperature gauge.

There is a light and temperature indicator at the top of the product that shows when the foods are in the process of cooking and when the foods are ready to serve.

A wide variety of different cuts of breads and meats can be cooked in this press as there is a floating hinge to accommodate thick and dense slices.

The combination of a floating hinge with the hot plates ensures that the bread is cooked and flattened evenly.

This product is constructed out of stainless steel and is available in a vibrant red, black or metallic finish.

A brand-new purchase of this sandwich press also comes along with a warranty that extends for 24 months.

3. Sunbeam Compact Cafe Sandwich Press

  • Non-stick plate
  • Easy to clean and wipe
  • Variable heat settings

The Sunbeam Compact Café Sandwich Press GR8250B is an appliance that is ideal for cooking and heating sandwiches, paninis, melts or wraps.

The non-stick plate is made out of Teflon, which makes this product frictionless, allowing it to be easy to clean and wipe. The wide surface area of this product is suitable for two or more foods to be cooked at once.

There is a floating hinge to easily adjust the height settings of this product and accommodate bread slices of all thickness. The embedded lock technology further allows sandwiches to be cooked openly.

This sandwich press functions at 1800 Watts, which leads to quick cooking and heating of snacks and lunches.

To adjust and control the temperature of this appliance, there is a designated knob at the side. This item also has a light display at the top to indicate when the food is ready to be consumed.

This model has an in-built lock system that makes it easy to store vertically, saving space in the kitchen. Furthermore, there is a cord wrap that further eases the process of storing this item.

This product is constructed out of stainless still and is available in a black and metallic finish.

4. Breville Healthsmart Grill & Press

  • All-in-one kitchen appliance
  • Non-stick cooking area
  • Adjustable top plate

The Breville HealthSmart Grill & Press BGR250 is all-in-one kitchen appliance catered towards cooking sandwiches, eggs and pancakes.

This press has a flat plate at the base and a textured, ridged top plate. The plates are made out of aluminium which provide a non-stick cooking area. Included with this item is a drip tray, designed to hold excess fat and grease.

The drip tray is detachable from the grill and is dishwasher friendly, allowing easy cleaning. Additionally, this sandwich press is packaged with a spatula, ideal for cleaning.

The positions of the plates and handles are all modifiable which enables open cooking and the option to keep excess grease on the plate or poured into the drip tray.

The feet of the grill can also be altered and brought forward to cook sandwiches evenly.

This product powers at 2200 Watts with a designated knob that is equipped with 7 settings to control the cooking temperature.

To easily store this model, there is an integrated lock at the side for vertical storage, in addition to a cord that can be placed at the base. This sandwich press and grill is built out of a sturdy stainless steel material and has a light silver finish. 

5. Breville “The Big One” Sandwich Maker

  • Fits jumbo sized toasties
  • Wide surface
  • Non-stick plate

The Breville “The Big One” Sandwich Maker BTS100 is a grill and sandwich press catered towards cooking and warming up thicker pastries, toasties, sandwiches and other snacks.

The plates of this grill are deep-set to accommodate thicker slices of bread, cheese, vegetables and additional condiments.

Furthermore, the cooking plates are constructed out of an aluminium material, with zero PFOA contaminants and offer a non-stick and wide surface cooking area that can hold up to two toasties at once.

There is also built-in seal technology aimed at keeping ingredients together and in one place. There is a lock at the front of the handle to ensure that nothing spills out.

At the surface of this product are red and green light indicators that display when the product is on and cooking. The temperature and cooking time of this model are automatically set and not adjustable.

This model is designed for fast-cooking, operating at 1000 Watts. This appliance is made out of a mixture of metals and plastics and can be purchased in a silver finish.

This item can be stored in a variety of ways from horizontally to being placed upright for vertical storage to save space.

How to choose the best sandwich press? 

When you're buying a sandwich press, you should pay attention to the following things

1. Sandwich press should be able to make a wide variety of sandwiches

2. You should be able to adjust the size of the opening on the top plate

3. It should be easy to clean

4. The sandwich press should be able to squeeze the juice out of your sandwich

5. It should be easy to fill.