5+ Best Radar Detectors You Can Buy In NZ [2024 Guide]

The 5+ Best Radar Detectors Money Can Buy

You don't have to drive very far from your front door to work out the police are becoming more and more present in our daily lives, monitoring our speed and ensuring our roads are safer. While we don't condone speeding, sometimes you need a radar detector for warning you before you get that next ticket. 

Often favoured by luxury car owners, or those who like a bit of need for speed, there are many radar detectors in the NZ market. Despite what many think, radar detectors are legal (radar jammers are not) and can be purchased from various online retailers. Others prefer to buy cheap ones from sites like Trademe or Aliexpress, but these often don't work, until it's too late.

A reliable radar detector will set you back upwards of $500 - $1000, with some of the high end models costing upwards of $2,000. This may seem expensive, but after reviewing the police fines, a few tickets can pay for the price of one. 

Best Radar Detectors To Buy Online

1. Uniden R3NZ

  • High accuracy GPS
  • Built-in red-light camera
  • Extreme radar sensitivity

The Uniden R3NZ is a radar detector equipped with R3 DSP and a high-accuracy GPS attribute that allows safety during highway drives.

The R3NZ Radar Laser detectors have built-in Red-light camera database and NZ pole that surveys the front and back of the car, looking out for non-radar speed traps.

The GPS performance is catered towards use in New Zealand and is appropriate for seeking out mute memory false signals, mark location or red-light camera indicators.

The Digital Signal processor (DSP) is made to quickly pick up speed trap locations. Other features in this car product include a K false filter, a KA false filter to put off incorrect signals and alerts, avoiding disruptions.

Additionally, there is a low-noise option that automatically places a speed below the alert limit for a serene drive.

This device has an x band of 10.525GHz Deleted for NZ, k-band of 24.159 to 100MHz, Ka- band of 33.400 to 36.000GHz and a laser wavelength from 800 to 1100nm.

The frequencies are displayed in an OLED panel. Included with a purchase of this model is a single and double suction cup brackets. There is also a cigarette adapter with a standard USB port and mute key. 

2. Escort Redline EX NZ Model

  • Highly engineered Redline EX
  • Dual Antenna Design
  • Anti-falsing technology

The Escort Redline EX NZ Model is a car product catered towards drivers who want to avoid speed traps. The highly engineered Redline EX feature detects and delivers alerts on radar bands.

The Redline EX is integrated with the Defender Database, an extensive source of speed camera areas and red-light positions in New Zealand.

Drawing closer towards these spots will trigger a signal in advance to easily avoid going over the limits. The Mark Location option can also be used to curate signals for personal areas of interest.

The TotalShield innovation is designed to provide privacy and reliable prevent detections. The GPS feature is programmed with AutoLearn and automation that prevents false alerts. 

Additionally, there is an In-Vehicle Technology (IVT) filter that prevents false alarms from features inside of the car like adaptive cruise and collision avoidance set-ups.

There are various options within this device including 10 settings for the Ka-band to suit a variety of countries and 3 K band frequency ranges.

The x-band has a range from 23.950GHz to 24.250GHz while the laser wavelength extends from 904nm with a 33MHz width.

There is an OLED panel to showcase the settings. This car product comes with a travel bag, Smartcord USB and a mount.

3. Uniden R7-NZ

  • Extreme sensitivity
  • Free GPS database updates
  • GPS with red light 

The Uniden R7-NZ is the flagship radar detector designed with an OLED display that has arrows showcasing possible ticket hotspots using colour. The text on the OLED display is also bigger for better legibility.

This product is specifically catered to drivers in New Zealand with an extensive GPA directory. This directory can be updated through connecting this model to a computer.

Features programmed inside this device include a BSM filtering system, other false filters for K and KA bands, Uniden’s digital signal processing (DSP) and a high level of susceptibility to speed traps and cameras.

Another feature is the auto mute which provides the option of a peaceful driving experience. This product is suitable towards picking up MultaRadar (MRCT/MRCD) origins as well.

There are 2 k-band set frequencies from 23.900GHz to 24.250GHz in addition to 10 ka-band ones, operating from 33.400GHz to 36.110GHz. The laser wavelengths are 904nm, with a 3MHz bandwidth.

The x-band functions from 10.525GHz to 25MHz and 10 narrow k-band options. The OLED display has 3 brightness options, making it suitable for driving during different times of the day and night.

There is a travel case, pouch, Micro USB cable, single and dual suction cups, 12V cigarette adapter and R7 radar detector.

4. Valentine One Gen2

  • Range superiority
  • New and patented
  • New LNA technology

The Valentine One Gen2 is a product compatible with cars for avoiding speed traps and red-light detection. A wide array of signals, strong and weak can be caught using the LNA feature which also creates stealth protection.

SAW D2L is built for speed, utilizing alarms for crash-prevention and lane-change to look through speed traps.

There is also a K-band filter, known as the K-Verifier, to avoid false signals from being triggered and to go against Blind Spot Detection features, which are the norm in new cars.

The display has arrows that point ahead, behind and the sides to show where speed cameras are coming from in addition to the frequency level and bands.

This model has a 10.500 to 10.550GHz scale for the x-band, 24.050 to 24.250GHz for the k-band and 33.4 to 36.0 GHz for the Ka-band.

Additionally, the range for the Ku-band is 13.400 to 13.500GHz and a laser frequency from 820 to 950nm.

This product is compatible with Bluetooth, making it easy to connect to a phone and look at features using the dedicated V1Connection app.

This radar detector is inclusive of suction cups, power cords, extra fuse, lighter adapter, a user guide, a mount and other small accessories.

5. Escort Max 360C NZ Model

  • Quick and precise 
  • High accuracy GPS
  • Smart connectivity

The Escort Max 360C NZ Model is a car device equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity to allow detection to speed traps at the exact moment through access to ESCORT Live.

Through this connection, updates will also be automatic when in close proximity to Wi-Fi or a mobile hotspot without the need to remove the device from the car.

The locations of speed cameras are pinpointed using the Defender Database, where triggers will be sounded as one gets closer to the areas. Through this database, personal areas and places of interest can also be place.

The Digital Signal Processing (DSP) feature is also integrated with this product to provide quick and precise observations of potential speed-traps. The In-Vehicle Technology (IVT) filter program is engineered to sort out faulty alerts and signals.

The OLED panel contains directional arrow placements and other settings for improved accuracy. The x-band range goes from 10.525GHz to 25MHz while the K-band setting goes from 24.150GHz to 100MHz.

There are 5 K-Narrow band options, a Ka-band length from 34.700 to 1300 MHz in addition to laser wavelengths from 904nm with a bandwidth of 33MHz. Accessories included are a travel pouch, Smartcord USB for connection and a mount. 

What’s the best motorcycle radar detector?

As an avid rider myself, I've come to love the ADAPTIV TPX radar detector which is widely touted as the best motorcycle radar detector money can buy under $800. It fits to the handlebars, and offers big buttons that can be used while wearing leather gloves. Fully integrated with GPS for detection of fixed pole and red light cameras, the new Ka antenna horn increases Ka sensitivity and K band for full coverage in the 23Ghz range. Comes with a helmet visor alert mount, or audio/visual alerts on the radar detector itself.