5+ Best Power Banks In New Zealand For 2024 [Updated]

The Very Best Power Banks in New Zealand For Every Budget

When it comes to your smartphone, camera or tablet, having enough battery charge for an entire day or trip is often challenging, and if you're like me, your battery dies the longer you own a device. Fear not, the ultimate solution, unknown by many and equally loved by many, is the power bank, allowing you to charge on the go, without worrying about finding an electrical socket. 

Today we'll be looking at the best power banks New Zealand has to offer, from the ultra budget friendly, through to the biggest, baddest heavy duty power banks money can buy. There's a ton of different options, each claiming to be the best, so how do you know which brand you can actually trust?

Here at Top Rated, we took a week to review the very best power banks, and to ensure they live up to their claims. While many people think more power is the most important factor, it couldn't be farther from the truth. 

Things to Consider Before Buying a Power Bank

Power rating is definitely important, but many brands overexaggerate the output of their models, trying to take the crown of the most powerful, but portability, size, ports and aesthetics are equally important. A larger power pack, doesn't mean your device will charge any quicker either!

1> Size

The larger the power pack, often the larger the power bank. If you're going to be trekking around S.E. Asia, a bulky power pack would be the last thing you'd want in your rucksack, whereas a tradie on the road all day would be able to store the power pack in the glove box. 

Consider your needs and size requirements before purchase. You may have to choose a lower power rating (mAh) in favour of a lighter/smaller unit.

2> Ports

You'll probably want more than one port however it's often missed when buying, until you want to charge two devices at the same time. Get a device with a fast charging port for your phone and a slower trickle charge for your camera batteries, torches or other equipment that may only be used later in the date. 

You also want to ensure you buy a model that supports ports of your charging cable. For example you may want USB-C over USB-A to save yourself buying a new Apple charger, or you may need USB-A, MicroUSB or Thunderbolt. 

3> Power Rating

Check the online reviews of the model before buying. Lots of brands will put 20,000mAh in their listings, but in actual fact the battery capacity or power rating is much lower which can lead to issues with charging. You should choose a reputable brand over a cheap unknown brand making outlandish claims on power.

4> Price

You can pay anywhere from $50 up to $500 for the very best power banks, but high end money doesn't always mean best performance. You should consider your budget and requirements before stumping up big bucks for a product that can be had for a nominal amount. For others, it may be a tax deductible expense, so money may not even be an issue. 

The Best Power Banks in New Zealand

Over the course of a week, the team at Top Rated researched online, visited local electronics stores, and spoke with industry experts, to determine what the best model is. Further they looked at the cheapest, best performing and most robust.

1. SunSaver Classic 16,000mAh Power Bank

  • Solar input
  • Dual USB charging ports
  • Dust-proof and shock-proof

Featuring a solar panel and sturdy waterproof construction the SunSaver Classic power bank has a powerful 16,000mAh battery capacity to recharge all your electronic devices either around the house or on a camping trip.

The Classic is waterproof (IP67 rated), dust-proof and shock-proof, making it an extremely durable and long-lasting unit.

It features two USB charging ports for dual device simultaneous charging. The 16,000mAh battery will supply enough power to charge four to six phones.

Other devices will take more or less time depending on their battery sizes. The speed of the charging by the power bank is equal to that of a wall socket – pretty impressive.

The solar panel allows electricity-free charging of the power bank itself – so it’s great for camping trips as well being an emergency backup in power outages. The bank also has a 2.0Amp Micro-USB, a USB Type C input and a Lightning Adapter for other charging options.

The four inbuilt LED flashlights are bright enough to light up a dark room or campsite, using either steady or strobe mode, and there’s an SOS mode for emergencies.

A handy S-shaped carabiner clip means it can be attached securely to a pack or other luggage item.

Voted: Best Rugged Power Bank NZ

2. Adata 20000mAh Power Bank

  • User friendly
  • Tough, durable, and stable
  • Dual USB charging ports

With a powerful 20,000mAh battery size, the P20000D power bank from Adata is a war-horse and an extremely user-friendly device-charging unit.

With a high-precision digital display, this bank can let you know its own power level (in numbers up to 100) and when it’s time to recharge it.

The huge 20,000W capacity and dual USB charging ports mean that you can charge two devices simultaneously at the same fast speed and still have plenty of juice left for more.

The bank has enough capacity to charge a tablet close to 100% and up to 6.5 phone charges before it needs boosting itself. And you can continue to safely use the charging devices as they’re being charged.

The quality of the P20000D extends to its engineered casing and interior which use high-grade batteries and a durable exterior which is fire, shock, and impact resistant for longevity and safety.

Intelligent internal circuitry provides the ultimate in user safety through protection against overcharge, over-discharge, overheating, shorting out, over voltage and over current. This ensures that your devices are safe as well.

A powerful inbuilt LED light gives you a light source when you need it outdoors at a campsite or on the roadside with your car. The power bank itself is conveniently charged by a Micro-USB cable from a DC power source.

Voted: Best Overall Power Bank NZ

3. Belkin Pocket Power 15K Bank

  • Quickly recharged
  • Dual USB charging ports
  • Charge up anywhere

Sporting a conveniently compact size in a sleek matte black design, the Belkin Pocket Power 5K is a portable power bank for those on the go. It may be a little large for a trouser pocket but does fit nicely into a bag and features a long charging cable to use when travelling or commuting etc.

And it is light, only 340g, so it won’t add to the weight you’re carrying around. The unit has a good-sized 15,000mAh of storage which will recharge a normal smartphone up to five times.

It features two USB-A input ports for simultaneous charging of two devices like smartwatches, iPods, fitness bands etc. The bank itself can be quickly recharged with a 5V 2.0 input port from a DC power source. A nice long charging cable is supplied with purchase.

The unit has a nice plastic case for durability and protection of the internal circuitry. The polymer battery cells are a lighter and more efficient alternative to the heavier traditional options.

The bank also features a ‘Safety Triangle’ to ensure that it and your devices are safe from circuit abnormalities or malfunction by an auto-shutoff system. A self-regulating temperature control prevents overheating and energy loss.

Voted: Best Portable Power Bank NZ

4. Cygnett: ChargeUp Pro

  • Superfast recharge times
  • Charge up to 3 devices
  • Fast charging for laptop

The internet and smart device world is an evergrowing phenomenon which many of us are lost without access to 24/7. The downside to that is how to keep these devices charged for that length of time.

The advent of portable power banks is the answer in today’s world.
From Cygnett comes the ChargeUp Pro 27K, a power bank which can charge up to three devices (of any kind large or small) at once while you’re on the move.

This includes a 60W USB-C output for powering a laptop which will last for up to 16 hours. The technology behind this feature is called Power Delivery and it generates four times the standard amount of power (15W) which is required for other smaller devices.

So, this power bank can charge a hungry MacBook more than once on a full charge. For phones and tablets, the ChargeUp Pro can charge up to an amazing number of times – 7 times for an iPhone X and 5.8 times for a Galaxy S8 as examples.

And the re-charge time for the power bank itself is equally impressive: just 5 hours when used with a wall charger to reach its maximum power storage of a massive 27,000aMh. But you can easily reach a ‘good enough’ charge in a much shorter time if need be to meet your needs for a day out.

Voted: Best Performing Power Bank

5. Adata 12500mAh Power Bank

  • Big, long-lasting capacity
  • Dual USB charging ports
  • High quality and durability

Featuring dual USB charging output ports and a sizeable 12,500mAh battery storage the Adata 12500mAh Power Bank is just the accessory for those long days out and about, long-haul plane flights or even a camping trip. The storage is sufficient to charge up a phone four times and a tablet once, on average.

Use both ports simultaneously (using MicroUSB-C ports) to charge your phone and your iPod or camera or top up your tablet. No annoying downtime or waiting. Each port gives 2.1A power output.

And the digital display lets you know at a glance precisely how much battery power you have left in the bank and when it needs recharging itself. The power bank is recharged via a Micro-USB cable (supplied) connected to a DC wall socket.

The batteries Adata uses in its power banks are the safest you can find, and both the circuitry and the casing are highly resistant to fire, shocks, impact, etc.

A smart six-fold protective system ensures that neither the power bank nor any device attached to it will come to any harm through electrical faults such as overcharging, overheating, shorting out etc.
The unit is extremely portable: it measures a compact 14.1*6.3*2.2cm and weighs only 295gm.

Voted: Smallest Power Bank NZ