5+ Best Portable Speakers in New Zealand [Updated 2024]

5+ Best Portable Speakers For Every Audiophile

Music is an important part of life, so it's important to have the best speakers on the market. The best portable speakers in New Zealand are made by Bose, OrbitSound, JBL, UE and Beats by Dre.

These three brands each offer high-quality speaker systems that can be easily carried around with you wherever you go. Whether you're commuting to work or on vacation abroad, these speakers will make sure that the music is still loud and clear wherever you go.

If you're looking for the best portable speakers in New Zealand, then you've come to the right place! This article will give you 5 of the top choices for speakers that are available to buy online. 

The Best Portable Speakers In NZ

1. Bose SoundLink Revolve+

  • Durability and wireless
  • Impressive sound
  • Bumpers for bumping

Featuring a full 360-degree speaker broadcasting, full volume for outdoor use, durability and wireless Bluetooth connectivity the Bose SoundLink Revolve+ Lux Grey portable speaker is hard to go past.

The quality of the bass produced by this speaker is impressive indeed, and the sound is awesome at even its highest volume.
With Bluetooth enabled you can pair the speaker with Siri or Google Now and enjoy the versatility and ease of voice-prompted commands with a range of up to 9 meters (obstacle-free).

Pair two of these speakers to produce a true stereo effect for the full enjoyment of our favourite music on your own or at your parties with friends. A flexible fabric handle allows you to simply the unit up and take it wherever you want. And the sturdy waterproof aluminium case (to IPx4 standard) means that you can safely leave it outdoors without concern.

Attach the speaker to a standard tripod with its universal thread and allow it to revolve or optimal effect. The Bose Connect app will let you quickly and easily switch between Bluetooth devices and different speaker modes including Stereo and Party modes. The rechargeable Lithium-ion battery will last up to 16 hours of use. 

2. OrbitSound: SPACED 360

  • Powerfully Portable
  • Loud sound
  • Best quality

Producing OribitSound’s trademarked Airsound in a compact portable unit, the SPACED360 is a loud and powerful in its depth of sound, clarity and volume capacity.

This was expressly developed in the UK to serve the portable speaker market as a premium unit with the best quality Airsound experience from the most compact body possible.

Customised loudspeakers work together with 3 mass-loaded passive radiators to deliver a rich full-bodied sound. The speaker also features a patented system which involves 3 independent loudspeaker drivers with a mapping algorithm. This process delivers a true and balanced stereo sound and optimises the important bass notes and depth.

It has both cable and Bluetooth connectivity. That means you can easily use it on the go or anywhere you have a mobile Bluetooth device such as your smartphone within range of the speaker.

Around the house that generally means all around the house and the garden. Simply lift it and go. It uses a charging base which can be set up in one place for normal charging and lifted off when you need to move it. The speaker doesn’t need to be wired to the charger in any way so moving it is easy.

And in terms of outdoor use, the speaker is made from metal grilles coated with a tough rubberised finish for extended durability even if left outdoors. All interior parts are well-protected. 

3. JBL Xtreme 2

  • 15 hours of playtime
  • Outdoor portable speaker
  • Waterproof

Supported by Bluetooth version 4.2 as well as having cable connectivity the JBL Xtreme 2 is the ultimate in outdoor portable speakers.

This is a compact (13.6*28.8*13.2cm), waterproof (IPX7) and powerful speaker which you can take anywhere including the beach. And the rechargeable Lithium-ion battery will last up to 15 hours and uses a USB cable for convenient charging.

The Xtreme 2 delivers a surround sound that you’d be mistaken for thinking is coming from a much larger and more expensive audio system. The depth of tone in the bass register is awesome for a compact, portable speaker and the other elements are also great.

Inside the outer casing are four drivers and two bass radiators for the loudest and best sound results. The speaker can pair up with JBL Connect+ to link up wirelessly with 100 other similarly linked speakers for the biggest party you can imagine.

Even operating solo the speaker has an impressive range. Connect to two smart devices and share the occasion by taking turns at playing DJ. The durable metal casing has integrated hooks for placement in the trees or on walls etc. The carrying strap even has a bottle opener to get the party started.

4. UE Boom 3

  • Deep accurate bass
  • Loud and true
  • Great sound

If you’re wanting a speaker to boost your home video experience as well as lifting your party atmosphere then the UE Boom 3 may be what you’re after.

This is a portable wireless speaker which boasts an impressive bass balanced perfectly with all the other notes and tones in the register without distortion even at higher volumes. The sound is totally 360-degrees immersive.

UE (Ultimate Ears) have used their proprietary audio process system to achieve this result. This system involves an iconic cylindrical design which produces stereophonic audio that radiates from the speaker in all directions simultaneously, resulting in truly surround sound effects.

The speaker is completely safe to take with you wherever you go including the beach or swimming pool. It is IP67 waterproof and dustproof as well. It can be submerged in water for up to 30 minutes without consequence.

And it floats – it will continue to play underwater as well! It will withstand being dropped over and over. This speaker will take pretty much anything you throw at it.

And there’s no need to control this speaker with a smart device if you don’t want to. It can be easily controlled via the Magic Button on its own body. Of course, it has Bluetooth enabling and you can stream and develop playlists from Apple Music and Deezer Premium + bur these can be push-button controlled on the speaker.

Aesthetically BOOM 3 is no slouch either. Covered in an attractive two-tone fabric which is available in a number of different options you’ll find one to suit you.


  • Outdoor boost
  • 13 hours battery life
  • Ready for party

Available as a set of two the Ultimate Ears (UE) WONDERBOOM 2 portable speakers are already a stereo sound from the word go. These speakers are ready for the party or the outdoor setting where you’re looking for a big sound to compete with the open air.

They also suit a trip to the beach, your poolside entertaining area or a camping trip. The WONDERBOOM 2 is engineered for the outdoors. They feature a waterproof (IPX7) and dustproof casing which can handle immersion and floats.

These speakers deliver a bigger sound all the way around them than you would imagine possible. They are designed to radiate sound 360-degrees to reach every corner of the space they’re located in.

And the OUTDOOR BOOST immediately ramps up the volume without any distortion of the clarity of the sound, even outdoors.

The sound emanating from the speakers is true and clear, with a strong deep bass that you can feel and a crisp higher register that’s sweet. Pair up two sets and enjoy even truer stereo and immersive sound.

The speakers are wireless and Bluetooth-enabled and require the support of smart devices. A battery life of approximately 13 hours can be expected with normal use. You can expect an uninterrupted range of around 33m. They each measure 104*95.3mm.