The 5+ Best Pool Cleaners In Auckland For 2024!

5+ Best Pool Cleaners In Auckland

Your pool deserves to be cleaned and serviced by only the best Auckland pool cleaners & technicians when it comes time for your pool to get a spruce up.

Whether you have a spa pool or a regular swimming pool for your home or for your business, all of the pool cleaning experts listed below have all of your cleaning and maintenance needs covered.

They all use only the finest cleaning products which are safe and they all are very experienced in the industry. Read on below to see who may be able to get your pool looking fresh again ready for swimming. 

The Best Auckland Pool Cleaners

1. Swimart

  • Trained & experienced technicians
  • Range of services available
  • Free advice and pool tests

Swimart is a professional pool cleaning services, located in Auckland with over 70 store locations and mobile services. They are a trusted name in pool care in New Zealand.

Their team consists of trained and experienced technicians. They are known to deliver high quality and convenient pool maintenance services all year round.

Their services cater to pools and spas for businesses and households. Their services include general repairs, filter cleaning and degreasing, filter sand changes, 94 point pool checks, owner instruction debriefings, pool cleaning services, water health checks and pool equipment repairs.

They also provide free pool care advice and water tests.  Their website is highly informative, and includes a blog, their store locations, services and contact information.

Their blog includes general advice on pool health, water saving and DIY pool maintenance tips. They also have an online retail shop which stocks accessories, chemicals, equipment, toys, spare parts and automatic cleaning equipment.

Their Facebook page provides informative videos of their services, and updates to their services, or external factors which influence pool health – such as water restrictions and weather changes.

Stores and services operate Monday – Saturday during standard trading hours, some operate Sunday as well. More details can be found through their website.

Customer Review

Anna from Penrose left this review:

‘We have been customers of Swimart since 2014 and have always been pleased with the high level of maintenance to our pool. Staff are always friendly, efficient and consistently monitor and attend to all our pool needs on a regular basis. We are very satisfied customers.’ 

Address: 1 Tony Street, Henderson, 0610

Phone: 09 836 1121

Services: Pool and spa general repairs, pool and spa filtration problem solving, filter clean and degrease service, filter sand change, 94 point pool check, pool/spa owners instruction service, pool cleaning service, water health check, pool equipment repairs, home services, home pool health check, free pool advice free water tests, online retail services

2. Sparkling Pools

  • 23 years experience
  • Professional & honest
  • Multiple services available

Sparkling Pools is a premier pool renovation and valet company in Auckland, they were established in 1997 by Grant and Julia Garry.

While they’ve grown as a business, they still hold strong to their original values of integrity, honesty and professionalism.

They pride themselves in maintaining strong relationships with their clients. They are a tight knit team, and photos of their friendly staff can be found on their website.

Their services include renovations and resurfacing, providing ecofriendly and new filtration and heating equipment and valet maintenance. They aimed to keep pool environments maintained and running smoothly all summer long.

Their valet services provide hygiene and water maintenance for pools and spas; they have standard and contract service options available.

For their renovation services their material operations include a variety of plasters such as Quartzon Quartz, Séychellia Aggregate and marble, tiling and painting services are also available.

The equipment they provide to costumers is energy saving and eco-friendly, ranging from pool lights, pumps, rollers, covers and more.

Their website includes further in depth information on their resurfacing, retail and valet services. A gallery of their previous work, promotional updates and contact information can also be found on their site menu.

Customer Review

Peter and Nikki left these kind words:

‘We have very much appreciated the care and assistance that Sparkling Pools has given us over the years. The remodelling & renovation of our pool was an amazing success from our perspective. 

When we came back into NZ yesterday, it was lovely looking at a sparkling new pool—the rain could not dim its sparkle. The pool certainly lives up to your name—Sparkling Pools!’ 

Address: 646 Great South Road, Ellerslie, 1051

Phone: 021 641 059

Services: Pool Renovations, Valet Services, Pool and Spa retail services

3. Pool Panthers

  • 30 years experience
  • Knowledgeable & experienced
  • Multiple services available

Pool Panthers is a mobile pool service which operates Auckland-wide. They have been operating for over 30 years, and personalize their services to provide no-fuss, effective pool cleaning all year round.

While Pool Panthers provide information and support for clients to take care of their pools without excessive servicing, they provide plenty of technical expertise where it counts.

Their standard service is a recurring 4 week contract, priced fairly at a below standard valet cost of $67.50.

Their technicians first complete an on site 9-point electronic chemical analysis of the pool, then check equipment to make sure it is running smoothly.

Finally they leave behind pre-measured chemicals for maintaining the health of the pool, and water clarity with step by step care instructions.

Their other services include valet services, equipment sales and repairs, retail for automatic pool cleaners, pump repairs and replacement parts, green pool clean ups and pool leaks. They also provide free consultations and quotes.

Their website is very personable, and provides information on their pool tips, services, news, testimonials and contact information.

Their news tab provides information on a variety of topics, from how earthquakes affect a pool, hair care for swimmers to legislative updates for pool owners. 

Customer Review

Craig left the following review:

‘Great service model, it works extremely well, saves time, money and the hassle to get the right chemical balance, will highly recommend to any pool / future pool owners. I am proud to say my pool is always sparkling! Thank you Pool Panthers!’ 

Address: Auckland wide

Phone: 0800 726 8437

Services: Valet services, Equipment sales and repairs, Retail: Automatic pool cleaners, pump repairs, replacement parts,

Green pool clean ups, Pool leak renovations.

4. Pool Wise

  • 40 years experience
  • Excellent reputation
  • Professional & friendly staff

Poolwise is a New Zealand owned and operated distributer of Pool and Spa chemicals and equipment, established in 2005.

Their founder and director, Keith Robinson has over 40 years industry experience with vast knowledge of comprehensive chemicals and products.

Their products cater for pool shops, schools, municipals and pool owners, making them a one stop shop for pool and spa chemical and equipment needs. Keith sources high quality, low cost products from his international and local contacts.

They carry stock their own stock of PoolWise and SpaWise chemicals, and external equipment from IQ New Zealand. Their PoolWise range provides Pool Chemicals and a Specialty product range.

Their standard Pool and Spa ranges provide everything from php balancing formulas to bromine solutions.Their specialty products include cleaning mixes, water hardener’s, and even ‘duck away’ formulas.

Short descriptions of all available products can be found on their website, including the quantity they are available in.

Their website is user friendly and includes product information, testimonials, and contact details. There is no shortage of testimonials from yearlong clientele, testifying to their competence and service excellence.

While Poolwise don’t have a retail store location, their head office can be contacted for further product and appointment inquiries.

Customer Review

Lewis left the following testimony:

"We have been loyal customers of Poolwise for years and it's one of those business relationships that not only makes business sense but is truly a pleasure" 

Address: 93 Ireland Road, Mount Wellington, 1060

Phone: 09 527 0753

Services: Distributor of Pool and Spa Chemicals and Equipment

5. Pool Masta

  • Qualified technicians
  • 19 years experience
  • Reliable & honest

Pool Masta is a New Zealand based Pool and Spa service provider, who have been operating in the industry for over 19 years. They provide retail services and workshop facilities in East Tamaki, as well as Mobile Pool and Spa services.

They are a small but mighty team, with Arthur and Glendyr being the directors. They also have a qualified workshop technician, two qualified service technicians and an office manager.

Their mobile services include a variety of Pool and Spa valet services, green water restoration and leak detection and restoration.

Pool Masta also install and service Tuff Spa Pools, which are a company from the US known to make great quality Spa’s.

Their instore services include equipment repair, chemical and equipment retail. There are also workshop facilities for testing faulty Pool and Spa parts.

Their website provides comprehensive information on their services, as well as self-repair information for Pool and Spa owners.

The self-repair instructions also cover what information and knowledge is needed by the owners prior to consulting a technician for any issues they may be having.

Further contact details are also available on their site. They are open Monday – Friday during standard business hours, and Saturdays for shorter trading hours.

Customer Review

Tom left these words after using Pool Masta's services.

Good service and information. Very experienced. I dropped a Spa Pump off for evaluation and repair. The Guys were honest and have me good advice rather than fixing and giving me a huge bill. Appreciate the service guys cheers! 

Address: A3/35 Greenmount Drive, East Tamaki, 2013

Phone: 09 272 4100

Services: Pool and Spa Retail Services, Workshop Facilities, Mobile Pool and Spa Services, Valet, Green Water restoration, Spa Pool Installment

What other services can a pool cleaning company offer?

As well as cleaning up your pool most of these pool cleaners offer additional services such as ongoing maintenance and cleaning.

Maintenance includes such things as cleaning or replacing the filter for your spa pool or regular pool when needed, replacing chlorine products or adding in natural eco-friendly cleaning solutions into your pool.

They can test your pool for faulty parts or any other problems that may be lurking within your pool such as the overall health of the water and the pH levels.

They can check and replace any pumps and other parts when needed if testing determines that there may be an issue. Some can add water hardeners and even anti-duck solutions into your pool to keep ducks and other pesky birds out of your pool.

Most of these companies can carry out repairs on all pool parts and some even carry out renovations which you require for your pool subject to each companies available services - ask each company what services they provide if you require this service.

Tips and tricks to keeping a clean pool

For Spa Pools - once a week you should test the waters pH, alkalinity and sanitizer levels, details on how to do this are generally included in the instruction manual specific to your spa pool or hot tub.

You can use a mild non abrasive cleanser on a soft rag to clean most areas of the spa pool when getting rid of grime build up.

Use baking soda to clean small surface areas. For the spa pool's pillows your instruction manual has specific cleaning instructions for these.

For vinyl covers it's best to use a cleaning solution made up from mild soap such as a tablespoon of dishwash liquid with 7-9 litres of water, avoid letting the detergent get onto the bathers and rinse off all soap residue properly after cleaning.

For regular swimming pools - first off, remove any floating leaves from the top of the waters surface if there are any lingering around. 

Turn on your pools pump and brush the floor and sides of your pool, by having the pump on it will suck in any debris lingering on or around the floor area.

Regular brushing helps to prevents algae and dirt build up and keeps the surface looking well. After the leaves are scooped up connect your pool vacuum and remove any other debris from the water with it.

From here you should test the water in your pool, you should be doing this test at least once a week. There are several different pool test products that you can get which will tell you how to run the simple and quick test.

Blue Water Pools is a superb NZ owned website which provides all of your pool cleaning & maintenance products that you need for a reasonable price, they have a huge range of products for this purpose and ship NZ wide.

If you need to add any chlorine to the pool simply follow the instructions on whatever chlorine you have as there are different types such as pill or powdered forms. Generally a pill will be put into a dispenser and you'll let it float around the pool.

If you have a salt water pool and it has been raining heavily simply turn off your filter and the rain water will float at the surface because it is lighter than salt water. The rainwater should draw into your filter and dilute itself and from there you can add more chemicals as required.

Doing this simple maintenance routine once a week will keep your pool in superb condition all year long.

Now that you know where the best Auckland pool cleaners are you can get that pool ready for your friends and family.