5+ Best Party Speakers For Every Rave [Updated In 2024]

5+ Best Party Speakers For Every Occasion

Many people are unaware of how important it is to have excellent speakers attached to their stereo system. Larger venues, such as football stadiums, require powerful speakers that can be heard from miles away. 

However, for smaller gatherings or parties in the backyard, there are many options available. For those looking for good quality sound at a reasonable price, the best speakers come from audio brands such as Bose, Sonos and JBL however they often don't accommodate parties, where bass, LED and colour is equally as important as the sound. Today we'll be looking at the very best party speakers for every budget. 

The Best Party Speakers For Kiwis

1. iDance: Rechargeable Party Speaker

  • 3 Channel System
  • Subwoofer with lighting
  • 4 hours battery life

With Bluetooth connectivity allowing access to all your playlists and streaming services available on your smartphone or tablet, the iDance Groove 980 Party Speaker is sure to bring your party to life.

It also comes with two microphones for fun Karaoke with your mates or the more serious artist. You can even connect your electric guitar to enjoy hear yourself at full volume.

Extremely portable, the speaker has a built-in rechargeable battery which allows for up to four hours of use. The power output of the battery is a strong 1,000W so you don’t need to be near any other power source to ramp up your party vibe to the next level!

The speaker features a three-channel system which powers two 15-inch sub-woofers and a compression driver. An integrated mixer with echo function allows you to play around with the tracks and the music you’re creating yourself.

Built-in disco lights sync with the beat of the music being played.
Telescopic handles and castor wheels mean that you can manoeuvre it around your home or take it to another venue.

As well as the Microphone and Guitar inputs, the speaker also has an AUX IN/2-Way Equaliser with 2 supplied wireless microphones.
The speaker measures 44*38*110cm and weighs 24kg.

2. Philips TANX200 BASS+

  • Easy pairing
  • Blaze to the music
  • 14 hours play time

Featuring twin bass drivers to really shake the floor and liven up the party, the Philips BASS+ Bluetooth Party Speaker is a powerful portable unit with a powerful sound for a long 14 hours of playtime on a single charge. With Dynamic Bass Boost function the bass register is strong and pumps and reinforces the beat of the music being played.

Disco lights in the speaker produce vivid colour effects throughout the room. They can be set to pulse, flash or remain on a steady glow.
Pair the speaker up to your smartphone or tablet with the easy Bluetooth button and you can enjoy your own playlists or a streaming service.

And with two microphone and one guitar input the speaker can also be used for Karaoke, serious singing and guitar practice, or jam sessions. The controls allow you to fade out the vocals of a song you’re singing along to so that your voice is being heard alone with the backing music. Use the echo mode to add echo to the vocals.

The speaker has a 10-meter wireless range. The unit is a mono channel and has 2 x 2” tweeters and 2 x 5.25” woofers. It measures 26.8*55.6*28.5cm and weighs 7.7kg. A built-in carry handle allows easy transportation.

3. Sony MHC-V72D

  • Multi-device connection
  • Live sound
  • 360-degree immersion effect

Enjoy seamless streaming of your own playlists or favourite streaming services with the Bluetooth-enabled party speaker MHC-V72D from Sony. There is also NFC connectivity available if you have that enabled at home.

Portable and wireless, the speaker has a strong deep bass and a powerful long-distance volume range with the Jet Bass Booster. This is a tapered bass reflex duct system which focusses the airflow of the bass notes for extra travel to the edges of the room.

DSP Technology gives the music a realistic ‘live music’ feel to take your party to a concert/festival level, and the Digital Sound Enhancement Engine (DSEE) restores compressed digital music files to their original frequency and quality when recorded.

The open-backed cabinet, two angled tweeter units and a separate rear tweeter mean that the music can be heard all around the speaker in a 360-degree immersion effect.

The speaker also has party lights to brighten up the vibe. The 360-degree lights are in red, blue and green and radiate to every corner of the space.

There are two inputs for microphones, guitars or amps for a range of different entertainment options like Karaoke, jam sessions, singing or guitar lessons etc.

With the Fiestable and Sony Music Centre apps and other features, you have the option of phone, voice and gesture control, DJ effects, several Taiko modes, light displays, social media sharing.

An HDMI output allows you to connect the speaker to your TV for a home theatre experience. There’s also a DVD player in the speaker for total portability of that experience.
This speaker has the lot.

4. JBL PartyBox 300

  • Wireless bluetooth streaming
  • Mic and guitar inputs
  • 18 hours of playtime

With 18 hours of playtime, the JBL Partybox 300 is a great Bluetooth party speaker for wherever you want your music. Access your playlists from your phone or tablet, or your favourite streaming services simply by pairing with Bluetooth and you have an instant audio system. Use it without Bluetooth by using a USB thumb drive.

The sound produced by this little box is pure and clear, with a JBL ‘Signature Sound’. That means an immersive audio experience loud or soft and wherever you may be, in an enclosed space or in the open air. The Bass Boost ramps up the bass register and extends the sound range.

Connect up to two speakers via Bluetooth (or via the RCA jack) for a true stereo effect. A USB rechargeable battery means that you’re free to take this with you – it measures a compact 31*32*69cm and only weighs 16kg. If you want to extend the playtime the speaker also plugs into the 12V DC output of your car.

The speaker features microphone and guitar input jacks so jam sessions, Karaoke and amateur artistic endeavours are all supported.
Integrated disco lights create a vivid colourful party atmosphere or a quieter mood by choosing between Meter, Pulse or Party modes.

Also available in 100 and 200 series.

5. Sony MHCV90D

  • Stream from anywhere
  • Mega bass boost
  • Plug and play

The Ultimate High Power Audio System Speaker (MHCV90D) from Sony is a portable speaker which can just as well serve as your home theatre audio device.

With full Bluetooth, NFC and WiFi connectivity, and in-built Chromecast, there’s nothing that you’ll be left wanting with this unit. Stream from anywhere – your own playlists, online streaming services, movies, TV, YouTube and DVD’s, etc. In fact, the speaker features an inbuilt DVD player, a CD player, a USB port, FM radio player and an HDMI connection.

The sound that comes from the 10 speakers incorporated in this single unit is epic: the tower is 170cm tall and produces clear vibrant notes at all parts of the musical register from bass to treble and everything in between.

The Mega Bass Boost function speaks for itself. And DSEE technology restores digitally compressed music files to their original recorded quality. The Fiesta Mode button increases the sound pressure to fill a large venue.

Disco lights will liven up a party mood or enhance a different atmosphere. USB plug-in inputs for microphone and guitar make jam sessions, Karaoke and other fun adventures easy.

Use the Fiestable and/or Sony Music Centre app to access voice, gesture, motion or phone control over all the speaker’s functions.
There is also an inbuilt handle and castor wheels for easy ‘tilt and roll’ manoeuvrability. The speaker measures 53.2*170.6*49.4cm and weighs 50.5kg.

How to choose the best party speaker?

When it comes to choosing the best party speaker, there is many things to consider, including your budget, audio quality, bass quality, features such as LED lighting, microphone capability and portability. Let's take a look at each of these things in more detail.

For your budget, it's important to consider which speakers will fill the largest room in your house, such as the living room, bedroom, kitchen or outdoor area. If your party is taking place outdoors, then bigger is definitely better, but do you really need to spend $1000+, or will a $200 alternative suffice? This is down to personal preference and your style of party.

Bass quality is mainly dependent on the speaker size and material. The bigger the speaker, the stronger the bass, but it also depends on the material of the speaker box, and where the speaker will be positioned. Did you know, the material and location of your speaker can impact your bass output?

LED lighting on speakers can make or break your party. If you've got smart lights from brands such as Govee or Philips Hue, you may not need to worry about LED lighting on your speakers, but if you want the ultimate party starter then choosing a unit with built in RGB lighting is important. Different brands offer different lighting styles, and some pulse to the music, while others just turn on and off.

How much you plan to use your speaker is important as some models come with a built in microphone, perfect for events and functions. Others come with a line-in audio port, while others only come with speakers.

Finally, consider portability and how heavy your speaker is going to be and where you'll be taking it. Carrying a 20kg speaker up a hill for the mother of all raves, sounds easy in principal, but would be a nightmare to do every day.

Others are so light, they are perfect for summer parties, taking to the beach and loading in the backpack.