7+ Best NZ Domain Registrars For 2024 [Cheapest Pricing]

7+ Best NZ Domain Registrars To Buy From

Looking for a place to store your domain name but don't know where to start? Fear not because in this article we will be looking at the best .NZ domain registrars.

A domain registrar is where your website or domain name is held, usually you pay for 1-12 months in advance or longer if you wish to. If you don't have somewhere to put your domain you essentially don't have a website! So you need web hosting as well. 

There a few main guys out there in New Zealand who can provide you with domain name registration, today we will check out some of the best domain registrars in New Zealand so that you have a good range of options to choose from before signing up anywhere. Read on below to find out who we've recommended.

The Best .NZ Domain Registrars

1. Onlydomains.com

  • Web hosting services available
  • Affordable prices
  • Easy to use

OnlyDomains offers affordable prices and allows you to register a domain name and create a website at a click of a button!

From start-ups to small business and large corporations, OnlyDomains has helped a multitude of people set up an online presence in this digital day and age.

Additionally, there are hosting services available for WordPress, email and more.

The ‘.co.nz’ domain is usually acknowledged as a way to establish a New Zealand business identity. The price for this is listed at $18.95 a year.

The ‘.nz’ extension is also a popular one because of its simplistic nature. This domain costs $18.95 for 12 months.

2. 1stdomains.nz

  • Free domain parking
  • .Co and .nz domains available
  • Fair prices

1st Domains is the place to check out to receive various free services like domain parking, domain transfer, email forwarding and much more!

Currently, it has serviced more than 25,000 clients and provided more than 100,000 domain names. 1st Domains can also help you hosting your website with quick-speed servers and 24/7 surveillance.

The ‘.co.nz’ domain name can be recognised both nationally and internationally, making it a favourite. The price for this is listed at $25.50 for a year.

‘.nz’ is also a great name to choose for those who like to keep it simple. The cost for ‘.nz’ is the same as ‘.co.nz’ at $25.50 for a year.

3. CrazyDomains.co.nz

  • High customer satisfaction rate
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Competitive pricing

Crazy Domains has a customer satisfaction rating of 93% and has served more than 1.5 million people with registrations, website hosting and more. It is committed to providing domain names at the lowest prices with price matching available.

Every single domain registration is inclusive of free transfer, 24/7 customer service, DNS hosting and a domain manager.

The ‘.co.nz’ is the most common option for New Zealand individuals and businesses. The price for this is listed at $31.00 a year or $255.00 for 10 years.

The ‘.nz’ domain name is basic and also costs $31.00 for 12 months. With a 10-year purchase, the price goes up to $255.

4. DomainsDirect.nz

  • Very cheap pricing
  • Free domain transfers
  • Decades of Industry experience

Domains Direct has been in the domain industry for over 2 decades with a promise to only to providing only the lowest prices. Every domain registration comes with a free transfer, making it a great option for those on a budget.

Although there are several types of ‘.nz’ domain names, the most popular are ‘.co.nz’ and ‘.nz’. The ‘.nz’ extension is simplistic and instantly tells audiences that the website is from New Zealand. The price for this is normally at $18.98 a year.

The ‘.co.nz’ domain name is popular amongst not-for-profit websites and regular business with the cost at $18.98 a year as well.

5. Domains4Less.co.nz

  • SSL certificates built-in
  • Offers complete domain name solutions
  • Over 30,000 happy NZ customers

Domains4Less can help individuals and businesses set up an online presence with domain names, website building, hosting and security. In fact, more than 30,000 New Zealanders are currently working with this service provider.

SEO solutions and SSL certificates can all be gathered here. With all these services available, Domains4Less is the one-stop shop to visit!

For those who want a minimal yet straight to the point domain name, ‘.nz’ is the one to choose. It is listed at $24.95 per year.

Many businesses and not-for-profit organisations love the ‘.co.nz’ domain name. The price for this popular name comes in at $24.95 per year as well.

6. Metaname.net

  • Offers monthly domain registrations
  • Discounts given for multiple domain
  • Helpful and attentive customer service

Registering a domain name with Metaname comes with a free transfer service and security provided by a two-factor authentication. Metaname has been operating since 2009 and works to provide Kiwis with the lowest prices!

The ‘.nz’ top-level domain is instantly recognised by both New Zealanders and those from overseas. The price is listed at $25.00 a year for a single domain. Purchasing more than 1024 domains lowers the price down to $16.00 for each.

Prices for ‘.co.nz’ are about the same as ‘.nz’, at $25.00 per year for a single domain name. Buying between 16 and 127 domain names at once lowers the price to $22.00 each.

7. Godaddy

  • Very experienced and established
  • Offers multiple services
  • Runs over 80 million domains

Godaddy offers the chance for New Zealanders to establish an outstanding online presence which is more necessary than ever nowadays!

From individuals, to small businesses and large corporations, there are millions of options to choose from to make your name stand out!

Godaddy runs over 80 million domains and has been trusted by millions across the globe. Besides registrations, there are website builders and marketing support to help you reach a greater audience!

Businesses and non-profit projects check opt for a ‘.co.na’ domain which starts at $37.99 a year. It does not seem that Godaddy has the ‘.nz’ domain name but there are plenty more to choose from.

How much do .NZ registrars charge?

Until October 1st 2020 it was quite reasonable to register a .NZ domain in comparison with other domain names such as .com, .net, .org, .com.au but the pricing has recently increased by 20% a year!.

A domain name for .nz or .co.nz now costs around $18 per year wholesale. This means the lowest possible price you'll find is around $19 per year + GST. 

This is much more expensive than a .com which can often be bought as low as $1 per year as part of a promotion with companies such as Godaddy, Porkburn and Namecheap. 

.NZ is usually the same price but registrars such as OnlyDomains provide discounts on .NZ as they are a lot less popular with kiwi businesses. .co.nz is definitely the preferred domain to own. 

Best NZ Domain Registrars

Can I pay monthly or yearly for an NZ domain?

You will find very few providers that offer monthly pricing because of the costs involved. Most are yearly so they can take their profit vs wholesale on your purchase. 

One of the few registrars to offer monthly pricing is Metaname, but at $2.50 per month, over the course of 12 months it's much more expensive than if you'd just paid yearly.

Domainers tend to favour sites such as Metaname as they buy domains in bulk or at auction and may sell them after a few months, hence the need to only pay a few dollars to register, keep and sell them. 

Do I need a .nz domain or can I use a .com?

New Zealand businesses in our opinion should operate on a .co.nz domain type as it's the local domain for the country however for ranking in Google and Bing search engines it can also help as well in comparison to the .nz. 

You wouldn't want to operate a NZ based website on a .co.uk or country level domain, but for worldwide domain extensions (top level) you can easily rank in New Zealand using a .com or .net. 

A new trend is to use domains such as .photography, .design, .online or .ws, but personally I'd stay away from these as your customers won't understand them and will likely think your website is a scam. 

Now that you know who the best .NZ domain registrars are you can sign up and get your new website or business idea up and running!