5+ Best Lawn Mowing Companies In Tauranga [2024]

5+ Best Tauranga Lawn Mowing Specialists

When it comes to maintaining your lawn you should only bring in the best Tauranga lawn mowing groundskeepers to your property.

Whether it be for a residential or a commercial property the businesses below have got you and your lawn maintenance needs covered.

Get your weekend back and spend your time doing more important things with your family or friends by hiring one of the pro's from below, these guys will have your lawn and garden looking pristine while you get out there doing the things that you enjoy most.

Read on below to see who's made 'the cut'.

Best Tauranga Lawn Mowing

1. The Lawn Squad

  • Range of garden services available
  • Custom packages available
  • Neat and tidy work

If you care for prompt, responsive and high quality lawn mowing services, The Lawn Squad is one of the best providers in Tauranga.

Included in each service is not only regular lawn mowing, but also leaf blowing, edging and trimming to create a seamlessly perfect lawn.

 Green waste removal and hedge trimming are also add-on services that you can opt to include in your package.

The Lawn Squad offers the neat and slower option of catching, or the cost-effective, fast-paced mulching option for lawns.

The best aspect of this business is the ability to request regular, weekly or fortnightly repeated services, with the added bonus of customisable packages to perfect the look of your home. 

Customer Review

Jim and Fleur left this testimonial:

“Mitch is a genuine guy, his attention to detail makes you feel good about hiring him to get the job done, properly.”

Address: Tauranga

Phone: 022 598 3757

2. Tauranga Lawn Mowing Ltd

  • Offer a range of services
  • They remove clippings
  • Punctual & reliable

At Tauranga Lawn Mowing, their promise is that you’ll get your weekend back. This sounds like the perfect investment for many.

Whether you’re looking for lawn mowing services for a residential or commercial property, the Tauranga Lawn Mowing satisfaction guarantee should reassure you that they trust in the premium quality of their service.

They offer full lawn maintenance services, including leaf blowing, edging, weed control and even hedge trimming. A personalised combination of these services can easily accommodate your needs on a fortnightly basis, making this a great option to consider for locals.

Tauranga Lawn Mowing also removes clippings, making their services an efficient and cost-effective way to keep your commercial property fashionably neat. 

Customer Review

Le-roy Staines left this testimonial:

“Dan’s work ethic, friendliness, quality and punctuality are exceptional. I’ve never seen someone mow a lawn so fast, rain or shine, and without sacrificing quality.”

Address: 179 Lakes Boulevard, Tauranga, 3112

Phone: 027 233 3223

Services: Lawn mowing, clipping removal, hedge trimming and edging

3. Select Lawn Mowing

  • Great local reputation
  • Award-winning services
  • Removes all clippings

If you’re in search of affordable and simple lawn mowing services, Select Lawn Mowing is a great local business to support.

This is an award-winning business, named Home Services Best Franchise System twice. Not only do they service high-income homes, but the Select Lawn Mowing team offer affordable prices to enable time-poor families to have their lawns serviced as well.

Each standard mowing service includes edge trimming and also blowing paths clean, with add-ons including the removal of clippings, pruning, hedge trimming and rubbish removal. This allows their regular service to remain affordable while still offering premium extras, some of which aren’t offered by competitors.

So, if you need help maintaining the appearance of your lawn but can’t afford prices offered elsewhere, consider requesting a quote from Select Lawn Mowing in Tauranga. 

Customer Review

Mel K left this testimonial:

“He always goes above and beyond when mowing and keeps his price consistent even when he goes the extra mile.”

Address: Tauranga

Phone: 07 575 9903

Services: Lawn mowing, pruning, edge trimming and clipping collection

4. Crew Cut Tauranga

  • Many satisfied customers
  • Huge range of services
  • Flexible custom options

Crew Cut Tauranga is the largest lawn mowing business in the Tauranga area and covers an expansive area across Tauranga South to Ohauiti.

Offering a full range of services, Crew Cut Tauranga can go further than just mowing your lawn. They also offer gardening, hedge trimming, tree trimming and section clearing to keep your greenery looking as tidy as possible.

What’s great about this company is their ability to create a tailored lawn care service to suit your needs, with the option to have weekly, fortnightly and monthly services.

You can choose between mulching, catch and side delivery mowing options, with additional fertilising and replanting add-ons if you wish.

So, for lawn mowing and care services, consider Crew Cut Tauranga as it is one of the most trusted and reputable companies in the local area. 

Customer Review

Teisha Paratene left this testimonial:

“Awesome people. Amazing service with a smile.”

Address: Tauranga Wide

Phone: 0800 800 286

Services: Lawn mowing, tree trimming, gardening and hedge trimming

5. Papamoa Lawn Mowing

  • Competitive pricing
  • Flexible tailored plans
  • Tidy & professional

If affordable lawn mowing services are proving difficult for you to find, Papamoa Lawn Mowing is known to offer one of the most cost-effective lawn care services.

Because they use electric equipment for half of their work, prices start at only $25, making this one of the best options to consider if you’ve got a tight budget.

Whether you’re interested in casual, weekly or fortnightly mowing services, both mowing and edging will be included in your service, with optional additions like hedge trimming. Another great aspect of their service is the choice to customise your regular service, tailored specifically to your needs.

Papamoa Lawn Mowing offers an extensive list of services, including weed killing, mulching, weedeatings/trimming and yard tidying.

So, if you’re in need of affordable and flexible lawn care services, consider Papamoa Lawn Mowing.

Customer Review

A customer by the name of Sarah left this testimonial:

“Awesome service. Lawns look awesome, never any mess. Thanks.”

Address: Papamoa, Tauranga

Phone: 021 064 6740

Services: Lawn mowing, mulching, yard tidying and hedge trimming

How often can I get my lawn or garden serviced?

As often as you like within reason, most of the businesses above offer flexible options tailored to suit you. Some can offer weekly, fortnightly or monthly lawn trims.

In general most lawn mowing businesses will offer once a fortnight options but it is up to you to discuss and pre arrange this with the company that you choose beforehand as each lawn and garden is different and these businesses are aware of that.

What additional services can be done aside from lawn mowing in Tauranga?

Most lawn mowing businesses offer additional services such as edge and hedge trimming, plant and tree trimming / maintenance, section clearing, pruning and even rubbish removal in some instances.

Each company differs with what additional services they may offer, some additional services are included free of charge with your lawn maintenance and some may incur an extra cost to you.

Ask your groundskeeper which additional services they may offer and whether or not they incur an extra fee prior to any work being carried out on your property.

How much do lawn mowing companies charge?

Generally pricing is quoted prior to any work being carried out. If you are looking to get ongoing work done you may be able to get a set price arranged and agreed on per visit by the groundskeeper regardless of whether this is going to on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis.

Most quotes are based on how large the section or lawn is, which additional services may or may not be required and any other factors such as difficult to reach or maintain areas within the premises.

One off jobs can also be arranged and quoted too, it is completely up to you on how often you wish to get any work carried out.

Ask the lawn mowing business what the price will be prior to any work being carried out, every section and every business brings with it different prices therefore it is hard to name a set price that covers every property, this can easily be determined by discussing this beforehand.