7+ Best Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboards In NZ For 2024!

7+ Best Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards For Summer

Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards can be an exhilarating experience for just about anyone, but there are so many different boards available that it can seem overwhelming. From cheap and cheerful options, to ultimate boards that cost thousands, how do you choose the best inflatable SUP in NZ? We've taken the time to review and compare some of the top inflatable models on the market. Read on to find out which SUP is right for you! You'll be surprised at the best value model and how affordable it actually is!

7+ Best Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards

1. FunWater Inflatable Ultra-Light

  • Performs like hard board
  • Comes with everything
  • Very affordable!

Sometimes you have to look further than NZ retailers for the best bang for your buck and the Funwater Inflatable SUP is no different. Coming in at a budget friendly price, even after adding delivery, it's one of the cheapest, best value for money stand up paddleboards money can buy. 

With a capacity of 150kg of weight, it's suited for everyone and can even handle up to 2 users at the same time for even more fun.

Suitable for all ages, its 8kg weight is easy to control and with a length of 10.6ft and a width of 83cm it's the perfect SUP for everyone, whether you're an intermediate, beginner or expert user. 

Made with a combination of EVA and drop stiched together, it's rigid and durable and looking at other online reviews, it's easy to see why it hold's it's spot at the top of the inflatable SUPs category. 

They say the Ultra Light ends up performing similar to a hard board, plus it comes with everything you need to get out on the water, fast. You get an adjustable aluminium paddle, bungee and D-ring, the high pressure pump as well as a carry case, removable fins, coil leash and a waterproof bag for your phone or camera!

Available in a range of colours from pink, blue, white, turquoise and some fancy tribal designs, you'll be talk of the group when you rock up with your FunWater Inflatable SUP. Plus you'll know your gear is rock solid reliable, given the nearly 2,000+ positive reviews this SUP has received on Amazon alone! 

goosehill sailor sup nz

2. Goosehill Inflatable Premium SUP

  • Premium SCE layered material
  • Awesome colour schemes
  • Reputable brand name

Rarely do you find an inflatable SUP look so damn good but the Goosehill premium package certainly delivers. My personal preference is the turquoise model (sailor green) version, but the sailor blue looks equally as sharp, perfect for his and hers stand up paddleboards. 

Goosehill is a professional brand that has been making SUPs for a long time, and they sure know what their doing, using their own SCE material enhancing technology that allows for custom designs. When it's on the water, you'd be fooled into thinking this is a hard board as compared with other brands that offer dual layers, this is ultra robust. This does come at a cost though, and it's $200 more expensive than the FunWater model which is our #1, but it does offer a bunch of extra options as well that make this cost well worth it.

Credit:Goosehill SUPs

The Goosehill SUP is ultra lightweight, weighing only 20.5lbs and measures 10.6ft x 32" x 6" ensuring it offers the performance and versatility you're looking for. Whether you're cruising on a flat lake, racing your friends or hitting the rapids, it's certainly going to deliver on performance. Plus it's suitable for up to 200kg user weight, which is good for one or two users! 

Like most of the inflatable SUPs today, it comes with a starter pack which includes a sturdy branded 3 piece paddle for easy transporting. Plus you'll get a coiled SUP leash, removable center fin, repair kit and double-action pump for fast inflation and equally fast deflation once you're finished. All this fits into the awesome looking Goosehill backpack. 

The Goosehill brand is so confident in their boards that they offer a three-year warranty which is unheard of from other brands. Plus with a wide range of replacement parts such as paddles, fins and leashes, you'll be set for years. 

3. Bestway Hydro Force 9' Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

  • Suitable for variety of ages
  • Max Rider Weight: 95KG
  • Designed for all skill levels

The Bestway Hydro Force 9 Aqua Journey is a great, versatile inflatable stand up paddle board to suit a variety of ages and abilities. Whether you’re looking to get your kids involved, are a beginner yourself or have an intermediate ability, as long as you weigh under 95kg, you’re good to go.

Because of its slightly short length, this board is more maneuverable in smaller waves, making it perfect for family activities. Some of the most alluring features of this design are the built-in carry handles for ease of transport, lightweight, non-slip traction pad and fast inflation and deflation rates.

This board also has two side fins and a middle fin that allow for optimal stability and direction-control. This makes the Bestway Hydro Force a fantastic choice of inflatable paddle board, and with a year of warranty and low $549 price tag, this isn’t a deal to pass up.

4. Aztron Lunar 9 .9"" Inflatable Paddle Board Package

  • Suitable for range skill-levels
  • Max Rider Weight: 120KG
  • Excellent durability

This is the ultimate inflatable paddle board package, as it includes removable fins, an ankle strap, backpack, oars and air pump, so you won’t need to buy any add-ons after making the initial purchase.

The Aztron Lunar costs $899.99, which is justified by the Double Chamber technology and drop stitch core material that allow for excellent durability and a stiff structure. It has a SUP shape and gradual, smooth rocker.

This board is known to be a stiff and rigid design; however, the lightweight materials enable it to be easily transportable. The Aztron Lunar has a greater width than competitors’ boards at 32 inches, making it suitable for a range of skill-levels.

Not only is this board a great design made from premium quality materials, but the visual appeal and striking colour palette also makes it a stand-out from other, similar quality boards.

5. Torpedo7 11'2" Lani 340 Inflatable SUP Package

  • Suitable for all ages
  • Max Rider Weight: 150KG
  • Perfect for those still learning

If what you’re looking for is an all-rounder inflatable paddle board, the Torpedo7 Lani is a great choice for a variety of enthusiasts from beginner to advanced levels. Torpedo uses Fusion technology in a double layered construction in their boards, which enhances the durability of the designs.

If you’re interested in SUP yoga, the wideness of this board is perfect for activities that require excellent stability. The EVA comfort deck grip also makes this board perfect for those still learning to be steady on their feet.

Even better, the maximum weight supported by the Torpedo Lani board is 150kg, making this a great option for those unable to safely use similar inflatable boards.

So, for the premium quality and design of this board and extras that come in the package deal, including paddle, coil, backpack and centre fin, this is a great option to consider for $879.

6. Aztron Mercury 10' Inflatable Paddle Board Package

  • Suitable for all skill levels
  • Max Rider Weight: 140KG
  • Stable ride

If you’re a novice and want to get steady on a paddle board, the Aztron Mercury 10 is an easy inflatable paddle board to learn with. Due to the perfect balance of width and length, the proportions of this board make it perfect for a comfortable and smooth ride regardless of weather or water conditions.

Not only does the structure aid in making your ride easy, but the grooves ingrained in the footpad make it easy to grip and enhance the rider’s stability.

As this board also uses double chamber construction, its rigid design enables for a higher quality performance than that of competitors; however, at nine kilograms, this is a heavy alternative to other boards.

The maximum weight to be carried is 140kg, so this is another great option to consider for those missing out on other designs. So, for $999.99, this board is on the expensive side but would prove a great investment for someone serious about getting into paddle boarding.


  • Suitable for range skill-levels
  • Lighter weight
  • More durable

The Molokai Fusion inflatable stand up paddle board is suitable for a range of skill-levels, but also makes use of advanced technology to provide the most comfortable and stable experience on the water.

This board is afforded a stiffness and rigidity through the thick carbon rails supporting it, which raise the quality of this design far past that of competitors. A useful feature is the durable hitchpoints, making it easy to secure a range of extras.

The core of this board is stronger than others due to the premium drop stitch technology, also enabling resistance to flexing under significant weight, so heavier users should feel at ease. In addition, the elastic storage system included means that it's easy to carry personal belongings with you in your water travels.

So, for $749, this offers excellent value for money, with a strong likelihood of durability also adding to the appeal.

What is a stand up paddleboard?

Inflatable SUPs are boards that are made of sturdy, high quality materials like dropstitch fabric. They can weigh around 20-35 pounds depending on which model you get, and they're generally 6 feet long, 34 inches wide at the widest point, and 6 inches thick. Their weight capacity is usually about 325 pounds. This makes them perfect for just about any adult looking to do some flatwater paddling in calm waters or take a trip downriver- even white water if you're not too concerned about durability!

Why choose an inflatable SUP?

The first question you might ask yourself is why would I want an inflatable SUP board instead of a hard board? Many people like having both types of boards; however, even if you paddle mostly on lakes or flatwater rivers, having an inflatable SUP can come in very handy. If your paddling takes you off the beaten path at all, then there's always a chance that something could happen to your hard board- a stray rock, submerged log, or even another paddler's SUP can quickly damage or sink a hard board. With an inflatable SUP, you just deflate it and roll it up into its carrying case - no worries!

In addition, inflatable SUPs tend to be much more affordable than their hard counterparts. So if you're just starting out in the sport of paddle boarding or are on a budget, then an inflatable is definitely the way to go.

How much do inflatable stand up paddleboards cost?

Inflatable SUPs can range in price from around $500 up to $1,000. However, there are a lot of great boards available for around $300 including a range of models from brands such as FunWater that cost around $300 plus delivery (around $30-$50) to New Zealand. They often come with a starter pack which often includes an air pump, leash, carry bag, puncture repair kit and of course a paddle and fins.

What should I look for in an inflatable stand up paddleboard?

When looking at different inflatable SUPs, you'll want to consider the following factors:

-Weight capacity: Sup boards can vary in weight capacity, with most ranging from 250-350 pounds. If you're heavier or taller than average, you'll want to make sure to find a board with a higher weight capacity. The thicker the better is usually best, especially for beginners as it will be more sturdy. Of course this comes with cons such as the board will be heavier especially when carrying over rocks to get into the ocean. Regardless, inflatable SUPs will always be lighter than hard wood boards.

-Width: The wider the board, the more stable it will be. If you're new to paddle boarding, we recommend choosing a board that is at least 33” wide. Wider boards can be a little more difficult to manoeuvre, however.

-Deck pad: Different SUPs will have different types of deck pads. Some are very thin and meant only for standing on, while others are thicker and allow you to kneel or even lie down on them, depending on the shape of the board underneath it. If you'll be doing multiple things on your sup, we recommend choosing one with a thick, padded deck pad so that your knees don't hurt after just a few minutes!

-D rings: D rings allow you to attach accessories such as fishing rod holders or camera mounts to your inflatable SUP. Most SUPs come with at least 2 d rings, but the more the merrier!

-Inflation/deflation valve: This is where you inflate or deflate your board. Some are just a simple screw on cap that is fastened tightly, while others have various valves that allow you to adjust how quickly air flows in and out of the board. Sup boards with multiple inflation/deflation valves can be super convenient.

-Paddles: SUPs usually come with one paddle. Paddles can differ greatly in design - some are made for speed with a longer shaft and flatter blade, whereas others are shorter and designed to provide stability on choppy water generating torque when twisted slightly at the end. If you get a free one as part of a bundle, the material is likely to be cheap plastic, so many people end up buying a more robust one instead. This may cost you another $100 - $200 so factor that in.

Where can you buy a stand up paddle board In NZ?

You can purchase a cheap stand up paddleboard from sites such as Amazon.com.au, easily and quickly - with delivery and GST included, no hidden fees. Other sites here in New Zealand include the The Market which has a wide range of retailers such as Torpedo7 and Bestway that sell Inflatable SUPs.

Of course you could visit their own retail stores or websites and get the same pricing. Sites such as TheMarket regularly offer discounts such as 5 or 10% off and with MarketClub+ you get free shipping too.

Aside from this there is many local retailers that specialise in SUPs and may offer inflatable models. After our initial research we found these sites:

  • The Surfboard Warehouse
  • Red Paddle Co
  • Moana NZ Sup
  • Sup Centre
  • NZ Board Store
  • Underground Surf
  • Canoe and Kayak

Further, for those looking for a cheap SUP then you can also checkout Australian websites that offer free or cheap shipping to New Zealand.

There's far too many too list, but most of them will ship inflatable boards to NZ using Australia Post or DHL.