6+ Best Immigration Advisers In Auckland For 2024!

6+ Best Immigration Advisers In Auckland

Are you thinking of moving to New Zealand or are you already here and want to apply for a different visa? You could do it yourself, but you may have been rejected previously or are worried about making a mistake?

You can enlist the services of an immigration adviser who can provide services for a wide range of visas including tourist, partner, permanent residency, citizenship, work and special visas. 

Today we will be looking into the best immigration advisers in Auckland that are highly rated online or have been used by us to get a visa for New Zealand. 

You can definitely apply yourself but for most people they want to ensure it's done correctly the first time, and they have guidance when things go wrong or get delayed. With processing times increasing, getting your visa in a timely matter is at the forefront of most people's minds! 

Best Immigration Advisers In Auckland

1. Visa Aide

  • Extensive industry experience
  • Choose full or partial control
  • Smooth & easy process

If you’re in search of an Immigration consultant with extensive industry experience, Visa Aide’s founder, Cameron Gray, has helped a range of individuals with their visa applications for New Zealand and Australia over the past 15 years.

He is a licensed Immigration Adviser for New Zealand and a Migration Agent for Australia, with the single goal of providing the best advice in order to solve any immigration-related issues.

Whether you’re looking for full application management, a quick check of your already completed application or an assessment of your visa application, their services have you covered.

So, if you want your new life to begin stress-free then consider using Visa Aide to complete your visa tasks in whole, or simply ask for advice and pick from their modular services.

Customer Review

A New Zealand partnership resident left this testimonial:

“I’m just speechless and my tears out!! Thanks Cameron. I still can’t believe it. Omg. Thank you so much. You have been so good so us.”

Address: Online Only

Phone: 0800 48 47 27

Services: Employers, citizens, partnership and visitors visas for Australia and New Zealand

2. Visa 4 U

  • Experienced, professional consultants
  • Wide range of visa types
  • Quick & easy process

The process of applying for a visa can be stressful and time consuming, which Visa 4 U seeks to handle for you.

Their qualified consultants start by discussing the best immigration options for you, then advising you about which documents are best to use and finally creating a strategic plan for attaining your most suitable visa pathway.

Because Visa 4 U is backed by experience and professionalism, their strategic approach to gaining your desired visa often results in greater effectiveness.

It takes a simple 10 minute phone call with a consultant to answer your initial questions, followed up by a thorough assessment to ensure all the best documentation is included.

Customer Review

Praveen Merala left this Google review:

“Amazing Experience! Chris has guided us very carefully and ensured our application was fully complete and strong. Even with the time difference we managed to have conversation over emails.”

Address: Online Only

Phone: 09 951 8069

Services: Visitor, student, work and residential New Zealand visas

3. Auckland South Immigration Consultants

  • Full range of visa services
  • Weekend and evening availability
  • Community trusted

Auckland South Immigration Consultants’ focus on their customers has led to a strong reputation within the community for honest and reliable visa advisal.

Because they work evenings and weekends, this practice is a great option for those seeking a flexible consultant to work around their business hours.

The Auckland South approach is based in honesty and truth, as personal experience with overseas immigration and work has led to a business culture that prioritises stress-free acquiring of visas.

Offering a full range of visa services even including special cases involving domestic violence, pacific access and unlawful staying, Auckland South is a great, well-rounded company to trust with your future life in New Zealand.

Customer Review

Kelsey Steinbring left this google review:

“Very friendly and efficient. Thank you for making the visa application process easy and stress free. Would not hesitate to recommend it.”

Address: 26 Donegal Park Drive, Flat Bush

Phone: 0800 16 84 72

Services: Student, residential, work, visitor, family/partner and special case visas

4. Paragon International

  • Extensive industry experience
  • Specialisation in family-related applications
  • Professional & efficient

For Immigration Advisers with your wellbeing and ease of transition in mind, consider Paragon International for any queries regarding your offshore or onshore visa-related problems in New Zealand.

The Lead Adviser, Carla, has over 15 years experience in advising those seeking to immigrate to New Zealand, with a specialisation in family appeals and applications.

Because they have been involved in some of the most complex immigration cases in the country, the wealth of experience accumulated at Paragon International is sure to put your mind at ease.

Their dynamic team of two is known for the perfect mix of professionalism and personality, with a reputation for creating efficient solutions while leaving clients relaxed in their care.

Customer Review

Neetu Kapoor left this testimonial:

“Carla is the best immigration adviser. Once you handover your case to her then you don't have to worry at all.”

Address: 6 Kissling Place, St Johns Park

Phone: 09 528 1455

Services: Full Visa and immigration advice and consultancy

5. M&M Immigration Consultants

  • Experienced and educated team
  • Kiwi-run business
  • Great customer service

M&M Immigration Consultants is a Kiwi-run business, known for their professional approach to providing immigration solutions for a range of clients.

M&M Immigration Consultants exclusively deal with citizenship and immigration, and enthusiastically view the opportunities New Zealand affords for international students seeking student visas.

The experience attained by their team include the studies of a Masters student and extensive careers as Immigration Advisers and Advocacy Advisers.

So for a team of professional, experienced, regulated Immigration Consultants, M&M is one of the most trusted options in the Auckland area. Their reputation is based on simplistic and reliable offerings with smooth customer service and communication.

Customer Review

Jyoti-jashoda Mangabhai left this Facebook review:

“Madhu has done all my applications and all times were successful. She is a good consultant that I can recommend.”

Address: 1/2A Kohia Terrace, Epsom

Phone: 09 631 5219

Services: Student, family, work and residential visas

6. Living In NZ

  • Highly qualified and experienced
  • Full visa solutions
  • Trusted in Auckland

Living in NZ is a private business providing immigration consultancy for a full range of interests including student, partnership, work, visitor, residency visas and even complex and difficult applications and appeals.

The difference when choosing Living in NZ is that your representative, Mr Singh, has not only 20 years of industry experience backing him but also the personal experience of immigrating to personalise his attentive and careful approach to providing immigration solutions.

His reputation is upheld by loyal and recurring clients in specific visa categories like that of employers, whose trust in his simple and efficient operations is based on a proven track record of success.

So, trust a licensed Immigration Adviser and Member of the New Zealand Association for Migration and Investment with two decades of experience for the start of your new life in New Zealand.

Customer Review

Shubham Baranwal left this Google review:

“Ishvinder was very honest and upfront about everything since the beginning of my application. Highly recommended.”

Address: 300 Richmond Road, Grey Lynn

Phone: 09 2131677

Services: Partnership, student, work, visitor, residency visas and even complex and difficult applications and appeals.

Best Immigration Advisors In Auckland NZ

How to choose the best immigration adviser? 

When choosing an adviser from the list above you can't go wrong with any of them to be fair, all advisers reviewed today are all well established and trusted from within the Auckland community.

Ensure that they are officially accredited by the New Zealand Immigration Advisers Authority. You should ask for their details however as most will include their number and a link in their email signatures. 

We have highlighted each ones specialisations and given you a customer review for each of them after they have provided that customer with a solution to their visa needs or requirements.

New Zealand is great country to live in for you and your family as it is full of opportunity and beautiful landscapes and scenery but to enjoy this beautiful country long term you must always sort out your visa obligations.

How much do immigration advisers charge? 

Most advisers will offer free guidance via their website or in the blog comments of their website. However as each person has a unique background and potential visa requirement it would be impossible for them to offer free advice and guidance to everyone.

Most advisers charge a low hourly fee for a consultation. This is usually a much lower fee than their normal hourly fees. Of course they want to attract new clients and a high first appointment would put a lot of people off. Some even offer free consultations. 

Most cosnultants will deduct that initial consultation fee from their fees if you decide to take on their services. Usually you'll pay a fixed fee for the work required based on the visa applied for.

This might be $1200 for say a work visa. Then you'll be required to pay an hourly fee if additional work is required once the application has been submitted and Immigration require additional documentation. 

From our personal experience the fees charged are usually around $150 - $240 per hour for their time. This includes office disbursements to their other consultants who may be working on your case. 

Additionally you'll have to pay the visa costs which are non-refundable and paid by the consultant to Immigration New Zealand and in return you'll repay the adviser. 

Those making applications offshore can usually save 15% on adviser fees by paying a GST exclusive amount. However if the agent or adviser pays the NZ fees for you these would be subject to GST. 

You should get some quotes from various immigration consultants in Auckland before diving in with the first price you receive. You may find different prices. 

Why hire an immigration consultant?

Well this is simple, immigration consultants know what it takes and what needs to be done for you to get that visa as soon as possible. Often they've worked for Immigration before starting their own agencies. 

By hiring an immigration adviser they will take all of the stress and time involved in applying for a visa off of your hands and they will increase your chances tenfold of actually getting one.

They will instruct you on what you need to give them or what needs to be done in order to get your visa asap. The advisers which we have mentioned today have vast experience in dealing with visa applications in Auckland and throughout New Zealand.

We understand that it is already intimidating enough moving to a whole new country which you are new to without having to deal with all of the things and tasks involved with trying to obtain a visa.

This is where immigration advisers come in to take that hassle off of your hands so that you can focus on starting your new life in New Zealand.