The Best Gaming Desks For Serious Gamers In 2024 [Updated]

The Best Gaming Desks For Serious Gamers

Gaming is a serious business. Gamers invest time, money and energy into their hobby. They want the best gear that they can get to help them play at their peak level of performance.

One way to ensure you are playing your best game is by investing in the right gaming desk. A gaming desk has many benefits for gamers, but not all desks are made equal. This article will discuss what features make up an ideal gaming desk for serious gamers and why it's important to buy one if you want to play at your peak performance level!

Gaming desks come in a variety of designs and styles, but most offer the same basic features that will benefit gamers. This is not an exhaustive list; however, we believe these are some of the top features you should look for when shopping around!

Many gaming desks have adjustable shelves so you can store your monitor, keyboard and mouse. This is great for gamers who like to keep their gear in the same spot every time they game!

Some desks have USB hubs built into them so you can easily hook up your gaming peripherals. Again, this helps ensure that all of your stuff will be in the same place when it's time to play !

Some desks have "cubbyholes" or other storage spaces for gamers who like to keep their gear organized. This is a great feature since we know that serious gamers love to be tidy and neat!

Gaming desks come in many different shapes and sizes, but most are pretty big. The average desk has the capacity of holding a 30 - 40 inch monitor, so make sure you have the space for it!

Many gaming desks are adjustable. This means that they can be designed to adjust height or angle depending on what type of ergonomic setup your prefer. 

For example, some people like to sit with their feet up when they game while others stand all day long! Either way, you can find a desk that fits your needs.

Quality gaming desks are made with wood or metal (or both!) so they will last for quite some time! Look for surfaces like bamboo which is durable and beautiful too!

Gaming desks also come in many different price ranges. Fortunately most include the features mentioned above; however, the more features the desk has, typically the higher its price tag.

If you can afford it, investing in a good quality gaming desk is definitely worth doing since they will last for many years and provide your setup with all of the space and organization needed to play at your best!

Do not forget that most desks come fully assembled so there's limited setup required and with a wide range to choose from to suit every budget, buying a gaming desk is a simple and affordable process.

Best Gaming Desks In NZ

1. DXRacer Gaming Desk

  • Maximum capacity of 110lbs
  • Endure heavy loads
  • Extended work surface 

The DXRacer Gaming Desk GD/1000 is a table made out of natural wood and designed to endure heavy loads and gaming sessions.

This product can hold up to a maximum capacity of 110lbs, suitable for heavy gaming desktops and other accessories. The surface of this gaming desk is wrapped by a carbon fibre feather cover with embellishments that were curated digitally.

Additionally, the ABS used in the construction of this table is top of the line material, safe and exhibits no heavy odours.

The ABS construction is used to withstand heavy physical effects from movements. Each foot includes a steel rod frame in order to provide a good solid structure for this table to stand upright.

This model is catered towards long gaming sessions with a 10-degree tilt for forearm support in addition to and a wide table surface area. For clear organization of cables, there are 4 large slots in the desk.

The feet of this table are shaped in an angled, triangular form that can revolve 360 degrees and move across even surfaces without damage.

This product can be purchased in a matte black colour with neon green accents or vibrant red highlights.

2. Gorilla Gaming Desk – Hero

  • Spill-Resistant Surface
  • Load-Bearing up to 100kg
  • Maximize comfort

The Gorilla Gaming Desk – Hero is a suitable table for gamers and working professionals alike, designed to maximize comfort.

The surface area of this model has spill-resistant composition, which prevent liquids from tarnishing the work or play area.

This desk has a vast surface area and maximum capacity of 100kg, which is ideal for heavy dual monitors. There is a cup holder that can be can also be detached, giving the option of having a drink at the table without the risk of spilling it.

Additionally, there is also an extended hanger for headphones or headsets to be stored at the side. There are two slots on this gaming desk for cables and wires to be organized thoroughly.

The structure of this product is made out of carbon steel to deliver a strong base. ABS plastic was also integrated into the composition of this model. The top of the table is also covered by a stripped pattern.

The legs of this gaming table are angled to provide a good foundation for heavy loads and the feet are covered in order to stick to surfaces without slipping. This product has a sleek black cover with minimal red/orange highlights.

3. Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk

  • Heavy-duty table
  • Sturdy steel legs
  • Extremely durable materials

The Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk is a heavy-duty table catered towards experienced gamers who want to upgrade setups.

The surface of the product is wrapped in a custom microfibre mousepad that is held in place with rubber feet for the purpose of comfort and stability.

The mousepad that covers this desk is water-resistant and can also be cleaned by placing it in the washing machine and leaving it out to airdry in the sun.

There is also the option to swap out this mousepad surface for another Arena mousepad material. This model is made out of a medium-density fibrewood (MDF) and steel legs to provide durability and sturdiness.

There are also 3 slots for wires and cables to organized but it is also big enough to contain a monitor arm. Moreover, there is an additional storage space integrated for organization of wires underneath this desk.

The steel legs that hold up the table can be made to be 10cm higher or shorter. The bottom of this desk is also supported by 4 studs which are designed to keep the product in place and prevent swaying motions from intense gaming.

This gaming desk is in a red and black colour scheme.

4. Thermaltake Level 20 BattleStation RGB Gaming Desk

  • Smart Panel Design
  • Powerful load up to 150kg
  • Elevate your game

The Thermaltake Level 20 BattleStation RGB Gaming Desk GGD-LBS-BKEIRX-01 is a table catered towards emulating the full high-intensity gaming experience.

The surface of this table is surrounded by an LED strip that can be controlled through the Digital Lighting Controller.

There is also iTAKE software that can change the colour settings, offering 16.8 million colour options and 20 lighting zones that are all customizable to suit personal taste and preferences.

The mousepad covering of the surface is for comfort and style purposes. To control the height adjustments, there is a dedicated digital panel that has touch-activated studs in addition to a remote with 6 buttons.

The settings of this table also contain 4 memory options for picking height levels ideal for every playing preference.

This gaming desk can withstand a maximum weight of 150kg, making it suitable for heavy and equipped gaming monitors and extra accessories.

The height of the table can be moved up from 70cm to 110cm. There is a rubber base that prevents slips on the table top and wobbles on the bottom. 

This table is available in a black finish and is inclusive of a warranty that extends for 24 months, covering the RGB strip, monitor, frame, controller and other accessories.

5. E-Blue Gaming Desk

  • Ergonomic Shape
  • Durable Metal Construction
  • Waterproof

The E-Blue Gaming Desk EGT003 is an aluminium constructed model designed for substantial force and long gaming sessions. The surface area is made out of a broad mousepad that provides a completely waterproof playing area.

The mousepad has a microfibre composition and acts as a space for mouses to move without lags. Surrounding the desk are RGB LED strips that can change between 16 different colours.

This can be done so using the added wireless controller in order to fully customize the product and add a personal touch.

The set lighting colour on the desk is a cool blue tone that is suitable for playing in dark spaces, replicating a professional gaming arena experience.

There are 4 height settings with the highest level being 1.65m which enables flexible gaming for both full grown adults and small children.

The legs of this product are also made out of aluminium and has an extra function of being a foot rest if desired. The legs are supported by rubber knobs to prevent wobbles and swaying motions during times of intense gaming.

This product comes in a black colour with red sides and a mousepad surface that glows a frosty blue hue.