6+ Best Divorce Lawyers In Auckland Right Now

Are you considering filing for divorce or are you in the process of trying to do so? Look no further because in this article we will be giving you contact details for the best divorce lawyers in Auckland.

Divorces can be a stressful time for you and your whole family but unfortunately  sometimes that is just the way that the cookie crumbles.

By hiring one of our highly experienced divorce lawyers from below the process will be made as easy as it can be from start to finish for you and your family.

These divorce lawyers know how to get you the best outcome for your separation when it comes to assets and finances involved during the divorce.

These divorce lawyers will do their utmost best to leave you walking away with a fair and satisfying outcome. Read on below to see which lawyers can help you.

Best Divorce Lawyers Auckland

1. Alex McDonald

  • Extensive family law experience
  • Specialises in property disputes
  • Strong negotiation skills

If your property is in dispute due to a divorce or separation, Alex McDonald is the perfect lawyer to seek out in Auckland.

With over 25 years experience as a family lawyer, Alex has handled issues including property, estates, wills, elder law and trusts, creating a solid reputation based on effective communication, problem solving and dedication.

Alex’s clients benefit from her negotiation skills in representing them for compensation for disparity issues, maintenance issues and trusts.

She also works to provide a highly individualised and honest service, whereby costs are weighed up against benefits in the best interest of her clients.

Customer Review

A client left this testimonial:

“I cannot recommend Alex highly enough, her calm demeanor combined with her in-depth legal knowledge and wise advice helped me through a very difficult time.”

Address: Level 11, 59-67 High Street, Auckland

Phone: 09 361 5665

Services: Relationship and property disputes, estate and trust litigation, elder law, intellectual property law

2. Jeremy Sutton

  • Investment & business seperation specialist
  • Welcoming and warm communication
  • Exceptional in court record

If you’re concerned about the impact a divorce or separation may have on your financial situation, Jeremy Sutton’s extensive experience in complex, high net worth separations makes him an ideal option for representation in Auckland.

When a business or trust is involved in the assets to be split through a divorce, Jeremy’s focus on this niche and in investment portfolios more broadly means choosing him will leave your livelihood in reputable and trusted hands.

So, whether in a meeting or in mediation, Jeremy’s reassuring representation should put you at ease in this already tumultuous time.

Customer Review

Kirri G left this Google review:

“Jeremy is calm, pragmatic and straight to the point, easy to deal with and cares also, which is important. Although most want to resolve issues out of court, my advice if done again would be go to court as this is where Jeremy excels.”

Address: Bastion chambers, level 3, Shortland chambers, 70 Shortland Street

Phone: 09 309 4647

Services: Relationship and property, investment, business, care of children and disputed wills

3. Family Law Results

  • Wide array of specialised areas
  • Valuable industry experience
  • List Element

If you don’t want to go to court but would like to resolve any issues surrounding inequitable divorce, Family Law Results has a great team of lawyers specialising in this area.

Whether your primary concern is access or ownership of property, asset division, parenting of children or spousal maintenance, the lawyers at Family Law Results have extensive experience in gaining fair and equitable solutions across each of these areas.

Some of their lawyers boast almost two decades of experience specialising in various areas of family law, so you can feel reassured that you’re in good hands with them.

Customer Review

A client dealing with property issues left this testimonial:

“May I take this opportunity to thank yourself and your team for your help during this long and difficult process. Your work is much appreciated by myself and my family. I am now able to move forward in a way I thought would never come.”

Address: 20/26 Broadway, Papakura

Phone: 0800 529 737

Services: Divorce and separation, relationship and property, parenting and custody, guardianship

4. Quadrant Chambers

  • Diverse team of family lawyers
  • Affordable rates
  • Highly skilled & experienced team

Quadrant Chambers is another highly regarded legal practice with a team of five experienced, specialised family lawyers residing in Auckland.

Their team works independently and through collaboration, with particular attention paid to making their services affordable for a range of families in need.

If dealing with issues surrounding divorce and familial separation, Patrick Kannemeyer is the lawyer best suited at Quadrant Chambers. As one of his specialty areas is relationships, consider dealing with Patrick for resolutions out of court.

Because of the diverse skill-sets of the team, a range of varied issues related to divorce and separation including spousal maintenance, property disputes and guardianship can all be resolved with Quadrant Chambers.

So, for a collaborative group of highly-skilled and experienced family lawyers whose expertise spans across all issues related to the dissolution of marriage, consider using Quadrant Chambers to represent you.

Customer Review

A client who had a good experience with quadrant chambers left the following testimonial:

I found the entire team at quadrant chambers friendly and easy to deal with, their prices were reasonable and they have a variety of different professional lawyers who work as a team to get you the best possible outcome"


Level 2, Boehringer Ingelheim Building, Cnr Osterley & Putney Way, Manukau

Phone: 09 260 4166

Services: Care and protection/guardianship for children, relationship and divorce, spousal maintenance, property disputes