7+ Best Criminal Lawyers In Auckland For 2024 [Top Rated]

7+ Best Criminal Lawyers In Auckland [Top Rated]

Everyone, no matter who they are or what they have done is entitled to a fair trial in court and everyone has their side of the story.

This is where criminal lawyers come into play as any reputable established criminal lawyer will speak on your behalf and increase your chances ten fold of getting a good result whether it be in court for a hearing or during a dispute.

Sometimes it's just better to hire a criminal lawyer instead of trying to represent yourself because these lawyers have been in the game for a long time and they know the law inside and out.

Today we will find the best criminal lawyers in Auckland. Lawyers who will give you the best chance of having a successful result in court and with beating those charges.

Read on below to see who you can use to improve your chances of a successful result. 

Best Criminal Lawyers Auckland

1. Emma Priest

  • Background in Psychology and Law
  • Decade of professional experience
  • Treats everyone equal

Emma Priest views criminal charges not as a determinant of your potential but simply a roadblock in life requiring assistance, so you should feel at ease seeking out her professional services.

It’s a perfect balance of empathy and strategy, backed by a thorough understanding of the law, that has granted Emma a trusted reputation among clients and a known name within courts.

She now has over a decade of experience defending clients against criminal charges in court as a barrister, continuing to treat her clients according to her basic beliefs: that they are people rather than criminals.

Customer Review

A client left this testimonial:

“Emma is both an exceptional lawyer and a genuine person. Ever relentless in your pursuit of justice, yet a person of real integrity.”

Address: Blackstone Chambers, 14 Wyndham Street, Auckland 1010

Phone: 021 0236 3047

Services: Legal representation for criminal charges

2. Daniel Schellenberg

  • Decade of experience
  • Judgement-free environment
  • Cares for his clients

One of the best lawyers specialising in criminal law in Auckland is Daniel Schellenberg, whose decade of experience as a barrister has left him with a reputation for unwavering determination.

Daniel is also known for his advocacy skills, driven by a goal to defend charges, lessen conviction and even apply for discharge without conviction.

His belief is in line with the law, in that clients are innocent until proven guilty, so you won’t feel harsh judgement or prejudice in Daniel’s presence.

If you’re nervous about your future freedom in the face of criminal charges, consider contacting Daniel Schellenberg to secure your defence.

Customer Review

Arik Reiss left this Google review:

“I cannot recommend Daniel Schellenberg highly enough, he is an outstanding lawyer with tireless commitment to his clients.”

Address: Level 8, 59 High Street, Auckland

Phone: 09 600 3880

Services: Criminal, drink driving, fraud, traffic and appeals defence

3. John Munro

  • Highly regarded
  • 20 years experience
  • International experience as barrister

Having worked as a barrister for over 20 years across New Zealand and the United Kingdom, John Munro is one of the most experienced and highly regarded criminal lawyers in Auckland.

John has extensive experience in drug, sex and even violence related cases, with careful consideration of his clients’ future and wellbeing driving his work.

His firm specialises in drug, sex, violence, sport and dishonesty cases, with regular cases in each of these categories successfully overturned by John.

So, for a lawyer with one of the leading reputations in Auckland and an impressive track record, consider John Munro as your criminal defence lawyer.

Customer Review

Rakesh Lachaiya left this Google review:

“Mr Munro with his wealth of knowledge and expertise provided guidance and practical approach which was appropriate and responsive to our needs and circumstances.”

Address: Level 4, 62 Victoria Street West, CBD

Phone: 09 948 6867

Services: Sex, drug, violence, sport, traffic and dishonesty defence

4. Jeremy Bioletti Law

  • Trusted reputation
  • Specialisation in serious fraud
  • Reasonable prices

If your criminal charges are related to serious fraud or theft, Jeremy Bioletti is a criminal lawyer whose reputation should put your mind at ease.

Jeremy is one of the most highly regarded criminal lawyers in Auckland, whose specialisation is in serious, complex fraud cases in the areas of finance, borders, immigration and tax.

Jeremy is known for providing affordable prices for his services, making this one less thing you need to stress about.

Whether you need Jeremy to represent you in court, prepare legal defence or provide a second opinion or case analysis, feel assured that you’re in experienced hands. 

Customer Review

Naomi Wheeler left this facebook review:

“I highly recommend Jeremy Bioletti as your lawyer. He is calming and professional and I have complete confidence in his expertise.”

Address: 32 Sherbourne Road, Mount Eden, Auckland

Phone: 027 487 0437

Services: Investigation support, second opinion and case analysis, legal defence and aid

5. Shane Tait

  • 25 years experience
  • Specialises in serious offences
  • Great reputation

Shane Tait has over 25 years experience defending criminal charges and has garnered a reputation for successfully attaining bail for his clients.

His experience and specialisation spans across the most serious criminal charges including murder, manslaughter, sexual and drug offences and even fraud.

Some of his recent successes have been in Auckland and Manukau District Courts, where he effectively defended clients up against drug dealing and sexual offences.

So, whether you’re seeking a competent criminal defence lawyer to obtain a not guilty verdict or lessen the length of a sentence, Shane Tait is among the best criminal lawyers in Auckland to contact.

Customer Review

Doris Phelps left this Google review:

“Very professional.. Team Shane Tait and Colleagues... absolutely works and fights for you 24 /7 hours. Highly recommend.. Thank you.”

Address: 12/9 Freeman Way, Manukau, Auckland 2104

Phone: 09 263 0453

Services: Criminal defence, police station attendance, jury trials

6. High Street Law Barristers

  • Established reputation
  • Clear and honest communication
  • List Element

As one of the leading Criminal Law Chambers in Auckland, High Street Law Barristers provide experience and skill to back their criminal law defence.

One great feature of their firm is the commitment to responsiveness upheld by the barristers, easing the stress and tension out of the defence process.

At High Street Law Barristers, they are also committed to honest, straightforward communication about your case, leaving you with no lingering questions and a clear vision of your future options.

So, for a group of barristers whose skill, experience and dedication to defending and upholding the rights of their clients is well known within the Auckland community, consider High Street Law Barristers.

Customer Review

Hamish W left this testimonial:

“An amazing result considering the seriousness of the charges and a truly professional service. It was great to have an expert handle this for us.”

Address: Level 5, 43 High Street, Auckland City

Phone: 021 027 11653

Services: Traffic, drug, sex, property, fraud, assault and employment areas of criminal defence

7. Graeme Newell

  • Excellent reputation
  • Will travel New Zealand-wide
  • Very experienced

Graeme Newell is one of the most highly recognised criminal lawyers in New Zealand with over 28 years of experience.

Not only has Graeme successfully defended eight clients against murder charges, he boasts an extensive list of not guilty verdicts and played a part in many full dismissals of charges throughout his career.

Graeme is one of the most highly regarded criminal defence lawyers in the industry, with a history of success in areas of sexual and drug-related offence, violent crimes and dishonesty and fraud charges.

So, for a highly experienced and skilled barrister who will travel New Zealand to secure you a fair outcome, contact Graeme Newell.

Customer Review

Lucy Ash left this google review:

“Not only was he able to defend us from an unjust accusation, his calm and empathetic demeanor offered emotional succor to myself and those I care about most.”

Address: Level 10 Federal Chambers, 16 Kingston Street

Phone: 09 309 9848

Services: Complete criminal defence services

Why hire a criminal lawyer?

Well of course you can represent yourself if you choose to do so but know that by doing that you are decreasing your chances of getting a good outcome in court or at trial drastically which ultimately could have severe consequences on your life.

By hiring a criminal lawyer you're getting someone who knows the law well and someone who will find any loopholes or ways of winning against whatever charges you may be facing.

The criminal lawyers which we have looked at today are among some of the best criminal lawyers in Auckland so no matter who you choose from this list you can rest assured that you will be getting exceptional representation.

Look into each criminal lawyers specialisations or expertises before selecting one. We have covered all aspects and areas of crime in terms of the lawyers of which we have featured today so there is a lawyer here for anyone.

All of our lawyers do not judge you and they treat you as a normal person and not like a criminal because you are innocent until proven guilty and it is your right to a fair trial.

How much does a criminal lawyer cost?

Each lawyer charges different rates but these rates are generally explained to you beforehand. Most lawyers can get a lot of work done in one hour, the fact of the matter is that this is your life you are dealing with here and you can't really put a price on that.

With lawyers you get what you pay for, just because another lawyer may be cheaper it doesn't necessarily mean that they are any good or will get you a win in trial or at court.

The lawyers which we have reviewed today charge fair prices and these guys are some of the best criminal lawyers in Auckland.

Invest the money into the right lawyer for you and you will be investing in your future and your freedom.

Now that you know who the best criminal lawyers in Auckland are you can reach out and start getting your life back on track today.