7+ Best Carrera Slot Car Sets For Home Racing In 2023!

7+ Best Carrera Slot Car Sets For Home Racing

Are you looking for a Scalextric alternative? Or another slot car racing set that you haven't discovered yet, if so you've come to the right place, today we'll be looking at Carrera, and their slot car sets that are available to buy in New Zealand.

What are Carrera Slot Cars?

Carrera slot cars are miniature model vehicles that are designed to be used with a slot car racing track. Slot car racing is a hobby in which small, electrically powered cars are raced on a track that has grooves, or "slots," for the cars to follow. The cars are equipped with a pin, or "shoe," that fits into the slot on the track and conducts electricity from the track to the car's motor. This allows the car to be powered and controlled by the track and the driver's controller. Carrera is a brand of slot cars and slot car racing sets that is known for producing high-quality, realistic-looking model cars and tracks.

Best Carrera Slot Car Sets

1. Carrera: Digital 132 - GT Race Stars Slot Car Set

The Carrera: Digital 132 features a BMW M6 GT3 “Team Falken, No.3” against a Ferrari 488 GTE “AF Corse, No.51” at 1:32 scales. Both cars have working tail lights and are pad printed, showing off realistic and intricate designs.

The track has a total length of 24 feet, which is over 7.6 meters. The track has multiple curves and guard rail supports that need to be assembled, providing multiple layout possibilities.

The track is large enough to race the 2 cars included but a maximum of 6 cars can be played at once, meaning that additional slot cars and track extensions can be added on.

To control the races, there are 2 wireless 2.4GHz controllers included with different speed settings. The power supply that comes with this set allows up to 8 hours of play time.

2. Carrera: Evolution - Ferrari Trophy Slot Car Set

This Carrera car slot set includes a Ferrari 488 GT3 “Scuderia Corsa No. 68” in red as well as a Ferrari 488 GT3 “Black Bull Racing No. 46 Evolution”, both at 1:32 scale. The track spans about 20 feet or 6.3 meters in length.

This track can also be arranged in multiple ways using Carrera add-ons bought separately or displayed in the advertised design with the included guard rail supports and connection clips.

This track is designed to handle 2 cars simultaneously. Both Ferrari cars in this package are printed to look exactly alike to the real-life cars and have magnets inside to adjust to the many curves and turns on the tracks.

Players can start matches using the controllers and reach a speed of 370mph on a scale size. This is also an analog set but it is compatible with different Carrera digital sets.

3. Carrera: Evolution - Most Wanted Slot Car Set

This Carrera package comes with a track that can be presented in various configurations using accessories included such as the support rail and end borders, giving the option to place different bends and turns.

Extra pieces can be bought to further change the setup. The total length of this track is listed at around 17.38 feet which is also 5.3 meters. This set is designed to mimic a cop car chasing a racing car with 1 Ford Mustang GT, “No. 66” and 1

Chevrolet Camaro Sheriff car scaled at 1:32. 2 cars can be raced simultaneously on this analog track. Although an analog track is given with this package, digital accessories and tracks can be used in conjunction and function without hassle.

The scale speed of these slot cars can be maximized to 370 mph using the controllers included.

4. Carrera: Evolution - DTM Speed Duel Slot Car Set

This DTM Speed collection is inclusive of an Audi RS DTM “M. Rockenfeller No. 99” at a 1:32 scale against a Mercedes – AMG C 63 DTM “G. Paffett No. 2” at the same size.

Both cars are engineered with double contact brushes which can be removed, to have a firm grip on the track. This track has an overall span of 5.3 meters or 17.38 feet and a width that is ideal for 2 cars at a time.

However, this track can also accommodate up to 6 slot cars as well. There is a myriad of ways to position this analog track due to the multiple curves, standard straight and guard rail support pieces available.

The analog track can be upgraded with digital add-ons to create more layout options. Participants can employ the wireless controls to race against one another.

5. Carrera: Go Pedal to the Metal

This Go Pedal to the Metal set from Carrera contains an extensive analog track that is 6.2 meters or 20.34 feet long with several different curved banks and clips, allowing multiple setup possibilities.

The track layout advertised has an exclusive 360-degree loop to create more intense and immersive races. Races are also enhanced by the barrier security and 3D lap counter. This track can entertain a maximum of 2 slot cars at any given time.

The cars featured are at a smaller 1:43 scale, fitting the track perfectly. These cars include a Porsche GT3 Lechner Racing “Carrera Race Taxi” and a Mercedes – AMG GR3 “Haribo, No. 88” which both are realistically printed with vivid colours.

There are 2 electric speed devices that can be utilized to change speeds and turn at different corners.

6. Carrera: Go Rally Action

The Go Rally Action package has a track that can be configured to feature narrow arrows using the several different angled accessories and connection pieces.

The track is 4.9 meters or 14.10 feet in length and wide enough to fit 2 racing slot cars well. The cars in this set come in at a 1:43 scale, compatible with the track size.

The cars featured are 1 Citroen DS3 WRC “Abu Dhabi No. 1” and 1 Mini Cooper Countryman WRC “Daniel Sordo No. 37”. The whole set is designed to replicate iconic races with an addition of an automatic lap tracker and barrier security.

To curate a fanatic atmosphere, there are rally tracks as well. Racing competitions can be played using the electronic speed controllers included, which have various speed functions and a dedicated turbo push.

Several track arrangements can be set with additional pieces.

7. Carrera: Evolution - Extreme Power Slot Car Set

This slot car set comes with a Chevrolet Corvette C7. R “No. 3” and a Ford GT figure at a 1:32 scale. The Ford GT is engineered with a diffusor and a 3.5-litre twin-turbo V6 engine while the Chevrolet is made up of a 5.5-litre V8 engine.

These 2 cars fit well on the analog track which spans 6.3 meters or almost 21 feet. The track placed in a range of distinct formats with the included end borders, guard rail supports and various curve pieces.

The analog track can also be made longer and feature more unique angles by connecting it to Carrera add-ons bought separately. Digital pieces are also compatible with this track.

Races can be controlled using the speed devices, giving the option to go slow or drift. This set is ideal for more experienced racers due to the various bends in the advertised configuration.

What is slot car racing?

Slot car racing is a hobby in which miniature, electrically powered model cars are raced on a track that has grooves, or "slots," for the cars to follow. The track is usually made of plastic and is set up with a series of tight curves, straightaways, and sometimes hills and jumps. Slot car racing can be a competitive sport, with drivers trying to lap one another and achieve the fastest times, or it can be a casual pastime, with friends racing each other for fun.

Slot car racing tracks come in a variety of sizes and configurations, and they can be set up indoors or outdoors. Slot car racing sets are available at hobby stores and online, and they can range from simple, entry-level sets with a small track and a few cars to elaborate, professionally designed tracks with multiple lanes, pit stops, and a wide selection of cars. Some slot car enthusiasts build their own tracks and customize their cars with performance upgrades and cosmetic changes.