7+ Best Butchers In Auckland For 2024 | Best Cuts Guaranteed

7+ Best Butchers In Auckland | Best Cuts

Now and then we all love a nice home cooked meal featuring a nice cut of meat whether that be a juicy fresh steak, a fresh gourmet cut of lamb or anything else that tickles your fancy.

While we look into the best butchers in Auckland today we will highlight each butchers key qualities and bring in some personal customer reviews after conducting our own review on each local butchery.

Read on below to see which of the Auckland butcheries have made 'the cut'.

Best Butchers In Auckland

1. Westmere Butchery

  • International delicacies
  • Decades of experience
  • Over 45 years experience

Westmere Butchery is led by David Rossiter who holds over 45 years of expertise in this industry. This butchery is a local favourite among those in Auckland due to the wide range of meats and cuts available.

The meat and poultry selection are well known to be extremely extensive but what Westmere is especially applauded for the sausages which have won awards at Great New Zealand Sausage Competition.

Besides local cuts of meat, there is also a wide range of international delicacies available.

Rossiter has provided a reflection of his life in the UK and South Africa with absolutely delicious Scottish haggis, Cornish pastries, boerewors sausages and more!

Westmere Butchery has a fully-operating online shop where both local and international cuts of meat can be purchased.

Customer Review

Matt Buchan left this testimonial:

"This butcher is awesome with a vast range of meats. It really is a traditional butcher and his sausages and black pudding are superb! All staff are very knowledgeable and know their meat!!!"

Address: 131 West End Road, Westmere, 1022

Phone: 09 376 5954

Services: Wide meat selection, award-winning sausages, international delicacies

2. Ellerslie Meats

  • Gluten-free options
  • Award-winning sausages
  • Friendly & helpful staff

For those looking to support a local business and find delicious artisan meats, Ellerslie Meats is the butchery to go to! This business is staffed by expert butchers who know their cuts and provide great recommendations.

Although Ellerslie Meats has a wide range of common meat available, there is also organic and gluten-free options for those who are more health conscious. There is beef from grass-fed cows, as well as gorgeous cuts of lamb.

There is also rabbit and venison available for those who are looking for more exotic meats. A local favourite is the manuka smoked bacon and ham which always runs out of stock quickly.

Ellerslie Meats is full of friendly faces who can help you find the perfect meat for whatever occasion.

Customer Review

Check out this stellar review left by Mathieu:

“Always great advices and great service, thanks again for a great Sunday Roast!!!”

Address: 128D Main Highway, Ellerslie, 1051

Phone: 09 579 6393

Services: Extensive meat selection, organic options, gluten-free meats

3. The Mad Butcher

  • Affordable Meat Boxes
  • Extensive range
  • Fresh cuts delivered daily

The Mad Butcher was established in 1971 by Sir Peter Leitch and has been the to-go place for Kiwis ever since. This business sources majority of its high-quality meat from New Zealand farmers with fresh cuts delivered daily to the store.

There is an extensive selection of common meats like chicken, beef, lamb and pork. The Mad Butchers online store features the same products found in-store which makes shopping even easier.

There are several locations but signing up for the newsletter allows quick access to the latest deals and lowest prices! There are special Meat Boxes that are affordable and ideal for large families.

For those looking for both common and premium cuts of meat at low prices, The Mad Butcher is the place to visit!

Customer Review

Kayla left this glowing review:

“Awesome prices, friendly staff, best quality meat”

Address: 173 Line Road, Glen Innes, Auckland 1072

Phone: 09 521 0903

Services: Local New Zealand meats, wide meat selection

4. The Aussie Butcher

  • Award-winning sausages
  • Grass-fed options
  • 20+ years experience

The Aussie Butcher has been operating in New Zealand for over 20 years. All of the common and premium cuts of meat are sourced from New Zealand farmers as the philosophy of The Aussie Butcher centers around supporting local shops.

There are a full range of meats and cuts available to choose from which are perfect for any occasion no matter how casual or elaborate. Locations in Tauranga and New Lynn are also recipients of awards from the New Zealand Sausage Competition.

The online store brings customers not only to the extensive collection of meat but also recipe ideas.

For those conscious about their environmental footprint, there are beef from grass-fed cows who were not stimulated with hormones. The Aussie Butcher has some of the most premium cuts in New Zealand!

Customer Review

Check out this glowing review left by Catriona:

“Traditional Middle Bacon is the best bacon I’ve had in ages! It went perfectly with a stack of home made corn fritters. Definitely getting this again.

Also recommend the Boston butt for slow cooking. Family loved it!”

Address: Henderson, New Lynn, Botany, Mount Roskill, Kumeu

Phone: Check Website

Services: Award-winning sausages, premium cuts, rubs and marinades

5. Butcher Jacks

  • Award-winning meats
  • Highly reputable
  • Very knowledgeable staff

Butcher Jacks is a proudly family-owned business that has been around since 1995 with the mission of only serving the very best New Zealand meats at affordable prices.

Many of their locations have won awards in meat competitions like the Jack Daniels National BBQ Competition, and New Zealand Bacon and Ham ones.

Besides from New Zealand sourced products like chicken, beef and pork, there are also international delicacies available.

Specifically, South African Droëwors and Biltong which taste as authentic as they come, can be easily purchased. The online store is stocked with normal products, as well as value packs.

Whether you’re looking to cooking a feast for dinner or try out international meats, Butcher Jacks is full of knowledgeable staff who can help make decision making a lot easier! 

Customer Review

Rosie left this amazing review:

“Fantastic service, ordered online, delivered next day… Thank you.”

Address: 170 Wairau Road, Auckland 0627

Phone: 09 444 1207

Services: Award-winning meat and poultry, takes personal requests

6. Howick Village Butchery

  • Free-range options
  • Handmade sausages & small goods
  • 30+ years experience

Howick Village Butchery is operated by Gary Reid and Natalie Hill, with Reid carrying more than 30 years of experience in the meat industry.

The online store is filled with a wide selection of meat and poultry, saving the hassle of having to physically go outside.

From common cuts to free-range options and small goods, Howick Village Butchery is the place to go! There are specialties on hand like spice rubs, pies and pastries.

The sausages and small goods are all produced in-house, guaranteeing only the most authentic tastes. Besides meat and poultry, there are other groceries item that can be purchased on the website.

For those looking for a dependable butchery stocked with essential meats, Howick Village Butchery should definitely be considered!

Customer Review

Pamela left some positive feedback:

“Wonderful fresh, tasty and altogether great goods with pleasant service. I was recommended and they sure fit the bill. Will use them again.”

Address: 65 Picton Street, Howick 2014

Phone: 09 532 9340

Services: Regular meat essentials, free-range options, handmade sausages

7. The Meat Room

  • Premium international delicacies
  • Homemade sausages
  • Knowledgeable staff

The Meat Room was established by Shan Moulder who brings with him generational knowledge of the butchery industry. The Meat Room is stocked with fresh meats such as beef, lamb, pork and chicken with different cuts available.

Majority of the meat is sourced from New Zealand with some international specialties available as well. From Moulder’s South African heritage, there is a wide range of Biltongs available to suit every flavour palette and preference.

There are also many sausage options for purchase, all of which are made onsite to ensure quality and freshness.

The Meat Room is filled with the perfect blend of both local and international products. Whether you’re looking to cook up a storm or try out something new, The Meat Room has it all!

Customer Review

Wendy left this stellar review:

“Best meat in town always! Great staff and exceptional service. Wouldn’t go anywhere else for my carnivores needs. Keep up the great work guys!”

Address: 26 Anzac Road, Browns Bay

Phone: 09 973 1989

Services: Wide meat and poultry selection, international options

best butchers in auckland nz

So who’s the best butcher in Auckland?

In our opinion, each butcher that we have reviewed today are among the best butchers in Auckland. It comes down to which one is the closest to your location within Auckland.

The Mad butchers has more meat boxes and specials on an ongoing basis so if you are on a tight budget they may be the go.

The other featured butchers though are quite family focused as well and also provide specials and value packs from time to time.

You may find that the other butchers aside from the mad butcher provide more higher quality gourmet cuts of meat due to the fact that they aren't a major national corporation so they have more time to create and optimise their selections of meat.

All in all we feel every butcher in our list is good. Read up on each one and based on our customer review and company highlights decide from there on which one you're going to go and check out.

Are the meats in every butcher fresh and safe?

Each butchery which we have reviewed today all pass health and safety checks. Each one brings in fresh meat daily and they dispose of spoiled meat accordingly or freeze it well before going off.

Each butcher can also cut any cut of meat according to your preferences or requirements, just ask the butcher in any of these stores about what you need or are looking for as all of the staff in each butchery were very friendly and helpful from our own personal experiences.

All of these butcheries in Auckland have years and years of experience and know the meat industry like the back of their hand so if you have any questions just ask any of the friendly staff.

Can I get meats like Venison, Rabbit and Goat etc?

Yes! Most butcheries stock these types of meats as they have connections to people who hunt these types of animals. Just ask your butcher about any other type of meats you are looking for and in most cases they will have it or know somewhere where you can get it for a reasonable price.

Now that you know who the best butchers in Auckland are you can head on over to any of them and start cooking up some beautiful meals for you and your family.