5+ Best Auckland Window Tinting Businesses [2024!]

5+ Best Auckland Window Tinting Businesses

If you want some of the best Auckland window tinting done on your car or for your home then look no further than here because we are about to review the best companies in the area that can apply some top quality tints for you.

Whether you are looking to get some fresh tints done on your vehicle or for your home we've got you and your windows 'covered' with a range of different window tinting businesses which we are about to feature in today's write up.

Read on below to see who's made our list.

Best Auckland Window Tinting

1. FM7 Window Tinting

  • Nano-ceramic technology
  • High visibility
  • Various types of window films

If you’ve had your eye on heat resistant film and high quality window tints, FM7 Window Tinting in Auckland should be the first place to check off your list.

FM7 pride themselves on utilising nano-ceramic material that delivers the highest quality film, allowing their core goals of visibility, durability, functionality, safety, economic efficiency, beauty and ease to be integrated into their products.

This technology is also exclusive to their brand. This window tinting is not only available for cars, but also homes and commercial buildings, with promises of being shatterproof, blocking UV and moderating internal temperatures.

Films range from Royal Class to Film Test qualities, which all provide ample visibility while still adding extra protection.

So, if you’re looking not only for appealing aesthetics and privacy but also safety, FM7 Window Tinting is an excellent company to consider in Auckland.

Customer Review

Taylor Styles left this Facebook review:

“Took my BMW e46 down to fm7 Silverdale and was very happy with his results and how each grade of the tints work.”

Address: 20 Newton Road, Grey Lynn

Phone: 09 265 1414

Services: Royal class, top class, gold class, super cut, film test

2. AutoTintz

  • Great customer service
  • Exclusive offering of Global Window Films
  • Over 15 years experience

If you’re feeling apprehensive about window tinting and need some reassurance, Auto Tintz provides a workmanship guarantee and has warranties with manufacturers on top of their 15 years of industry experience.

Whether you’re in need of window tinting for your home, commercial property or vehicle, Auto Tintz boasts one of the longest lifespans and highest quality in their Global Window Films products, which is offered nowhere else in Auckland.

Their tints can offer heat rejection, UV rejection, mirror tint and increased privacy, making this the perfect offering for a wide variety of clients in the Auckland region.

So, for excellent customer service and expertise, consider Auto Tintz’s premium products.

Customer Review

Stephen Kaiser left this Google review:

“Nick tinted my Tesla to perfection - looks amazing. Good advice upfront with options laid out clearly. He made sure the tiny job was 100% before calling it a job done.”

Address: 4D Clemow Drive, Mount Wellington, Auckland

Phone: 0800 484 689

Services: Vehicle tinting and wrapping, chrome black out, residential and commercial tinting, clear paint protection film

3. A1 Tinting

  • Mobile tinting
  • Excellent quality workmanship
  • Over 25 years experience

If you’re looking for flexibility and over 25 years of specialised experience, A1 Tinting is a mobile tinting service that will surely impress you.

Not only is A1 Tinting offered anywhere they can travel in Auckland, they also service vehicles, residential and commercial properties and even do marine tinting!

A1 promises a reduction of up to 65% of heat, almost complete UV reduction and strives to enable drivers to feel more energised on the road.

Their specialisation in automotive tinting means their high quality products are installed by experienced professionals; however, there is also a 15 year warranty to put your mind even further at ease.

Customers enjoy reasonable prices for A1 Tinting services and excellent, attentive customer service to match.

Customer Review

Ashleigh left this Facebook review:

“Navin was so helpful in selecting a tint that was legal for our car while giving the maximum level of protection for our 4 month old boy. The best part is that he comes to you.”

Address: Mobile Tinting Auckland Wide

Phone: 0800 221 846

Services: Mobile vehicle, residential, commercial and marine tinting

4. Unique Tints & Wraps

  • Focus on luxury vehicles
  • Trusted reputation
  • 10+ years experience

Unique Tints has over a decade of experience providing cost effective window tinting for vehicles.

If you’re worried about trusting a tinting service with your luxury car, Unique Tints & Wraps is one of the best options in Auckland, as their focus is on providing high-end tinting to preserve the interior of the vehicle, increase privacy and reduce heat, while still providing clarity.

Maseratis, Bentleys and even Lamborghinis are among the luxury vehicles they have serviced, attesting to the precision and attention to detail held by their expert installers.

So, for custom tint designs and fits to suit your most prized possessions, contact Unique Tints & Wraps in Auckland.

Customer Review

Kristal Harrison left this Facebook review:

“I’m very fussy and I would recommend anyone to Unique Tints, their work is exceptional. Their professional manner is outstanding, 10/10 every time.”

Address: 155a Wairau Road, Glenfield, Auckland

Phone: 021 286 4783

Services: Glass frosting, residential, automotive, marine and commercial window tinting, and light tinting

5. Kiwi Tint

  • Strong community reputation
  • Commited to customer satisfaction
  • Honest & transparent

If an honest and transparent approach to business is an important consideration to you, Kiwi Tint will likely tick your boxes.

Kiwi Tint is a New Zealand-based business specialising in car and residential window tinting, striving for a reputable status within the local community.

Their window tinting provides an enhanced appearance, conserves energy, increases privacy and reduces glare, which can be enjoyed by a wide variety of customers for varied reasons.

Installing a window tint is seen by Kiwi Tint as an investment into your home or vehicle, as tints protect these interiors from fading and thus losing value.

Their use of innovative, dry adhesive also ensures the longevity of Kiwi Tint services and prevents the common occurrences of bubbling and peeling.

So, through their friendly service and a commitment to honest, attentive delivery, Kiwi Tint provides one of the most valuable window tinting services in the Auckland area.

Customer Review

Heena Jain left this Facebook review:

“Prompt reply, and great price.”

Address: 5, 7a Vernon street, Papakura

Phone: 0225344202

Services: Residential, vehicle and commercial window tinting

6. Tint Lab by Seth Han

  • Reputation for premium services
  • Excellent range of products
  • Prices for any budget

Tint Lab is run by Seth Han, a man whose passion for window tinting has culminated in a successful career creating custom tints for luxury vehicles.

His commitment to excellence and attention to detail is unparalleled, mirrored by the premium quality 3M Automotive Window Films used.

Not only does this tint reduce glare, increase coolness and create greater privacy, Seth’s primary concern is that of his client’s safety.

Tint Lab offers a range of five window films, including Darkest Legal, Carbon, Ceramic, Clear and Security options, starting at $300 and increasing in price to $600.

Seth’s experience and qualified expertise means he can accurately decide which tints best suit his clients, advising them on the most effective choice.

So, if you’re interested in premium window tints that utilise the most innovative range of Obsidian, Crystalline and Ceramic technologies, considering paying Tint Lab in Auckland a visit.

Customer Review

Timothy Kong left this review:

“Meticulously done. Beautiful work! Very responsive in answering questions. Friendly and overall very happy with results.”

Address: 33 Walls Road, Penrose, Auckland

Phone: 021 0282 0910

Services: Window tinting and chrome deletion

What are the rules and regulations with getting vehicle windows tinted?

In a nutshell, the front windscreen is not allowed to have any tinting applied onto it except for the anti-glare line on the top part. For the front side windows you are allowed a minimum VLT rating of 35%, VLT stands for Visible light transmittance which is basically the amount of visible light that passes through any given window.

For the back side windows again it is a minimum of 35% VLT which is allowed in passenger vehicles and the same goes for the main rear window in the centre.

For more information on the rules and regulations of vehicle window tinting check out the official NZTA website for their more detailed description on the topic here.

What's the average cost to get your windows tinted? 

For vehicles getting the entire set of windows on the car tinted you can pay around $100 for a very basic set of window tints with average quality tints being applied.

For better and more effective quality window tints you can pay anywhere from $200-$400 for a full set of windows on the vehicle to be tinted. Better quality window tints provide better sun protection and better heat resistance and they have less of a chance of bubbling or peeling. In the long run better quality tints can actually save you money.

Some tinting companies can also charge you on a window by window basis charging you on average $25-$50 per window depending on the quality of the film that you select for them to apply to the windows.

For house window tinting this is obviously dependant on the size of the window to be tinted. House window tinting on average for a standard sized window can cost between $20-$40. The more windows that you get tinted though can end up getting you an overall cheaper discounted price for multiple windows being done.

Now you know the best Auckland window tinting businesses, be sure to checkout our other guides.