6+ Best Auckland Psychics [2024] That Are Actually Legit!

6+ Best Auckland Psychics That Are Actually Legit

You will only find the best Auckland psychics listed in today's review, so if you are looking for some insight into your future or for anyone else's future who you know then you've come to the right place.

Today we look into only the most honest and trusted clairvoyants around the region. We will pull up customer reviews from people who have paid for their services in the past and we will look into them and their reputation ourselves.

Read on below to find out who's made the list.

Best Auckland Psychics

1. Kimberly Stewart

  • Reputation for accuracy
  • Variety of services on offer
  • One of the best

Psychic, tarot and past life reader, Kimberly Stewart, runs The Channelling, which she boasts as the most accurate source of psychic and tarot reading in New Zealand.

Not only does Kimberly offer psychic readings, her Reiki Healing and Past Life Regression services can help to provide guidance and informative contextual information about your life circumstances. 

Whether you’re looking for a crystal healing session at her physical store or a psychic or tarot reading over the phone, Kimberly’s practical, direct and honest approach will facilitate a meaningful and unparalleled accuracy in the session.

Kimberly’s readings start at $180 for thirty minutes, so you’re paying a premium price for a premium service. If you’re looking for an honest and reliable psychic, Kimberly is a great option in New Zealand.

Customer Review

Marion Rutherford left this Facebook review:

“The reading was enlightening and backed up what I knew was true. What I didn’t know unfolded in the months to come!”

Address: 37 Jervois Road, Ponsonby, Auckland

Phone: 09 393 5649

Services: Readings, crystal healings, reiki healings, past life regression

2. Glenn Lewis

  • Focus on guidance and healing
  • Group meditations available
  • Kind and loving personality

If you’re in search of a Psychic Medium and Healer whose reputation stems from connecting clients with their spiritual masters and guides, plan a visit to Glenn Lewis in Auckland.

Glenn aims to assist his clients in finding and realising their life’s purpose through his readings and healings. If spiritual awareness and communication with these guides are goals of yours, Glenn is the perfect Psychic for you.

Psychic readings and spiritual healings are actually offered online in addition to his home studio, with options for guided meditation groups available too.

Glenn charges $140 per hour, which is an average price in New Zealand. So, if you’re looking for someone to translate spirit messages, answer questions or provide guidance, consider Ascension Healing in Auckland.

Customer Review

A client left this testimonial:

“Glenn lovingly communicated really important information for me and helped me work through a very complex and intense situation. Glenn’s loving presence, kindness, directness and love is always so nourishing.”

Address: 181A Muriwai Valley Road, Muriwai, Auckland

Phone: 09 411 8652

Services: Psychic readings, healings and guidance meditation

3. Psychic Grace

  • Reputation for accuracy
  • Caring & compassionate
  • Very experienced

Psychic Grace derives her experience from running a popular psychic phone line, and has moved her clientele onto her business, giving personal readings. 

Grace focuses on the ways her readings can improve your future through giving clarity in uncertain or troubling current circumstances.

Because Grace believes her readings can help empower clients and change their lives, she’s a great, trustworthy psychic to visit in the Auckland area.

Her reputation for being kind, compassionate and exceedingly accurate in her readings has garnered Grace a loyal client base.

So, if you’re seeking guidance and clarity and want someone whose abilities you can trust, Grace’s insight will set you back $217.

Customer Review

Jane left this testimonial:

“After getting readings from quite a few different psychics I have decided yours are the most accurate. I will be seeking your guidance again in the future.”

Address: Grey Lynn, Auckland

Phone: 09 869 2658

Services: Psychic readings in person and over the phone

4. Carin Anderson

  • Excellent reputation in Auckland
  • Helps find missing people
  • Intimate & accurate readings

Carin Anderson is a proud Spiritual Medium who sees her gift for communication with spirits as of superior help in comparison to regular psychic readings.

Feeling unsure about the legitimacy of many Psychic Mediums? Carin’s assistance in locating missing people should reassure you of her authenticity and accuracy.

In connecting you with spirits, Carin can convey messages pertaining to crucial aspects of your past, present and future life including health, relationships, prosperity and business, making her readings a worthwhile way to spend $250.

So, for a shockingly accurate reading and compassionate delivery by Carin, consider trusting her services like many have done in the Auckland area.

Readings can be conducted both in person and online to suit your preference, both offered at the same price.

Customer Review

Jane left this review after her reading:

"Carin is a very caring psychic, she made me feel comfortable during the entire reading and explained things to me clearly. I later was to learn that a lot of what she told me would happen did indeed happen."

Address: 124 Matua Road, Kumeu, Auckland

Phone: 02041819639

Services: Private and group readings, spiritual health charts, property cleansing and mission persons assistance

5. Deborah’s Psychic Reading’s

  • Extensive experience
  • Business consultancy service
  • Honest, reliable & helpful

If extensive experience is your primary concern in choosing a Psychic, Deborah’s 34 years of providing readings to clients all over the world should be of comfort.

Deborah has had psychic abilities since birth, and has used them in diverse ways, including a specialty in advising clients on financial and corporate decisions. This business consultancy service has garnered her loyal clients in Auckland.

She continually strives to be honest, reliable and helpful in her readings, which is backed by her reputation for providing accurate and life-changing guidance to her clients.

Deborah’s readings are flexibly offered, enabling a range of budgets to be met. Face-to-face readings or communication by phone or skype are all possible, with ten minute readings starting at $45.80 if you’re looking for just a few questions answered.

Customer Review

Pam left this testimonial:

“I have had three readings from Deborah and each time she is spot on…It is kinda spooky but reassuring. I total recommend Deborah for a very accurate reading and a sense of peace and calm.”

Address: Auckland

Phone: 0221998724

Services: Personal readings over the phone, skype or in person

6. Wolfram Sprengel

  • Great reputation
  • 25+ years experience
  • Average prices

Wolfram Sprengel has had a psychic gift for his entire life, and regards himself as a Medium and Messenger foremost.

Having begun using his gift around 25 years ago, Wolf’s experience connecting people with their spirit guides has allowed them to find clarity and healing in their lives.

His readings are visually oriented and pertain to information relevant in your current life. Wolf’s readings are regarded by his loyal clientele as bringing hope and motivation to their lives, so if you’re looking for an uplifting experience with a Medium, Wolf is a great option in Auckland.

As he charges $100 per roughly one-hour session, you can’t go wrong in consulting Wolf and his clairvoyant gift when considering major life decisions, paths or seeking clarity for the future.

Customer Review

Mirielle left this testimonial:

“You provided me with everything i needed and i was amazed at the things that were brought to light, it all made so much sense. I have had other readings in the past, but nothing that equalled the time I spent with you.”

Address: Beaver Road, Pukekohe East

Phone: 02102419425

Services: Clairvoyant and medium-oriented psychic readings

Can psychics actually tell me the future?

Only reputable and honest psychics can predict the future, they can't tell you the lottery numbers as something like that is going against their beliefs and that is not the type of service or message they are aiming toward.

All of the psychics reviewed by us today are well trusted within the region and they have years upon years of experience. We've gone through numerous customer reviews on all of the above clairvoyants and the overall theme is that all of these psychics are trustworthy, accurate and reliable.

Psychics can tell you about things that may happen in the future related to your finances, relationships, health, wellbeing and many other aspects of your life too.

If you go into a session sceptical you can't expect to get that much out of it. You need to go into these types of things with an open mind to experience the best possible session and experience for you.

Psychics can predict numerous different types of things such as future illnesses or deaths within your circle, key events that may be about to happen for you or for someone else who you know as well as a plethora of other types of things.

Do your research from our list of recommended psychics and choose the one who appeals the most to you and your needs and then go into the session with an open mind and you can see whether they can predict the future or not for yourself.

What other types of services can psychics offer me?

Aside from being able to predict key events and things that may happen in the future, psychics can also provide some other types of services depending on who the psychic is.

Psychics can also help you to communicate with loved ones who have passed on as they have the ability to communicate with the dead. They can can pass on messages to you from the loved one and vice versa.

Some can provide you with tarot card and or palm readings which are shorter in length to a full traditional session. Some psychics will also let you partake in sessions with another person or as a group, this is all dependant on the psychic medium themselves so it pays to ask about these things prior to booking a session.

Some clairvoyants offer you their services over the phone or via email or text message as an alternative to the traditional in person sessions. You can usually choose the time length of your session, longer sessions obviously incur a higher cost.

How much does it cost to see a psychic?

This depends on a number of different variables. It depends on if you are wanting a session for one person or a group session.

It also depends on what type of session you are wanting, how long of a session you are wanting and who the clairvoyant is.

More established and more accurate psychics are naturally going to cost you more because you get what you pay for. With the best psychics you will pay a premium price for a premium service.

Some examples of pricing with seeing a clairvoyant are as follows: Some but few offer 10-15 minute sessions for between $20-$40. You can pay anywhere from $30 to $150 for a 30 minute session depending on how good or well known the psychic is.

For sessions between 30 minutes to 1 hour + you can pay anywhere from $50-$300 with the more premium well established psychics obviously incurring the higher fee. 

Things like a tarot card reading or a palm reading are usually cheaper than traditional psychic readings. Tarot card and palm readings generally cost between $20-$50 depending on who the clairvoyant is.

Now that you know where to find the best psychics in the Auckland region you can book in with one who you like the look of and get some clarification on what lies ahead for you in your future.