5+ Best Auckland Pool Builders For Backyards In 2024!

5+ Best Auckland Pool Builders To Use

Do you have a pool in your backyard? Probably not, that's why you're looking for guidance on who you can trust to build yours. Pool builders are very valuable for people with landscape projects, especially for summer due to their high demand. A lot of companies advertise themselves as being the best pool builders, but this article will help you find the best pool builders in Auckland. We have gathered information from locals about these companies including their pros and cons.

Best Auckland Pool Builders

1. Pools By Design

  • Pool refurbishment
  • Reinforced sprayed concrete
  • Concrete pool

Pools By Design is a Pool Building company based in Auckland, they have been operating since 2016 and strive to build beautiful, timeless and high quality pools.

They cater to individual styles and budgets, and provide guidance through the pool building process to achieve the best results for each costumer.

Their services include building concrete pools and pool refurbishment. They only use reinforced sprayed concrete in their building process as they consider this to be the best material for the job.

Concrete can be used to custom build almost any shape, size, depth and pool design. Extra features such as waterfalls, fountains, steps and ledges and jets are not shied away from during the creation process.

Concrete pools are also long lasting and durable. They specialise in high end finishes such as PebbleFina, Quartzon and Marble Plaster. They offer a variety of beautiful colours, from Egyptian Sands PebbleFina to Speckled Santorini Quartzon.

Their refurbishment services cover simple resurfacing to complete pool refurbishments.

Through their website, information can be found about their services, projects, contact details, blog and social media. Enquiries made through their website are addressed within 48 hours.

Customer Review

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Address: 344 Coatesville-Riverhead Highway, Coatesville, Auckland 0793

Phone: 021 881 401

Services: Pool Customised Design, Pool Building, Pool Refurbishment, Extra Features, Quotes

2. Freedom Pools & Lifestyle

  • Eco friendly pool
  • Long term duration
  • CSI Certifications

Freedom Pools and Lifestyle are an eco friendly pool building company who have been delivering nation wide services for over 25 years.They are a small team, with Ruth being in head office and Glenn and Vincent being the pool installers.

They have won countless awards Gold, Silver and National awards in QLD and SA from 1992 - 2015 for commercial pools, portable spas, concrete and fibreglass pools and more.

Their pool building is made with long term duration in mind, using high quality technology, superior constructions, ecopure technology, and eco friendly manufacturing techniques. Freedom pools also have multiple CSI Certifications.

Their designs are made to cater to individual needs, shape, depth, interior design and water type can all be catered for. Different interior finishes interact differently with sunlight and pool aesthetic, with limited edition tiles available.

Their website provides information on their team, awards, technology used, testimonials, contact details and a gallery of their work.

Their head office is located in Silverdale, and they have a display centre in Remuera which operates Monday - Sunday, allowing costumers to view materials prior to construction. Free quotes for services are available anytime of the week.

Customer Review

“Freedom Pools knew exactly what the council would look for and what they needed. Once the process started, with the budgeting ideas they had given us we had a sure idea of what it would cost – vital thing as once you’ve started digging the hole in the ground you’re committed.” - Craig.

Address: 58 Market Road, Epsom, Auckland 1051

Phone: 0800 373 111

Services: Pool Design, Pool Building, Customised Pool Designs, Quotes, Extra Features

3. Precision Pools

  • On-site consultations
  • New Zealand Pool Pebbles
  • Low maintenance material

Precision Pools is an Auckland Pool Building service, which has been operating for over 18 years. Willy Jones is the owner, who prides himself on being actively involved in company operations and building tasks.

They manage projects all the way through from council applications to the installation.

Their services include on site consultations, quotes, pool planning, custom pool designs and pool renovations. They build lap pools, infinity pools, concrete pools, rock pools and spa pools.

They use concrete as their material for strength, flexibility and durability. Their services extend to resurfacing and plastering, tilting, composition adjustments, sanitation upgrades, lighting and heat system organisation.

They use New Zealand Pool Pebbles for their interiors, which are locally sourced pebbles. They are a low maintenance material and provide a beautiful finish for at least 20 years after the pools installation date.

Using pool pebbles also allows for pool owners to choose the colour pebble, and finish they would like. The finishes they provide are exposed, polished or honed.

Customer Review

Their website is user friendly, and provides information on their pool materials, gallery and contact information. They provide free onsite consultations and quotes, and are available Monday - Sunday.

‘Precision Pools have a great product and work ethic and have made an excellent job for us with excellent finish and tidy worksite. Willy was happy to work around my requirements for stone paving and had some great landscaping ideas.’ - Aly.

Address: 930 Ararimu Road, Opaheke, Ararimu 2579

Phone: 021 022 61725

Services: Pool Design, Pool Building, Pool Renovations, Customised Designs, Quotes, Extra Features

4. Mayfair Pools

  • Residential and commercial
  • Fiberglass covered
  • Pool renovations services

Mayfair Pools is a swimming pool business based Auckland, who have been operating since 1970.

Keith Atkins was the founder of the company, first launching in Auckland, with agencies eventually popping up all over Australia and the pacific islands. With over 20 dealers on the North Island of New Zealand and 6 dealers on the South Island.

They have over 40 years experience in the industry, and have built countless high quality pools.

They are business partners with poolwise, SSL distributors, bel pool and spa covers and aurora to name a few, who are all industry leaders within the swimming pool industry.

They provide both residential and commercial building services. Their designs can be catered to fit any landscape, from a hotel, to a rooftop.

Their pool building services cover fibreglass, inground, heated, plung, lap, salt water , infinity, mineral and indoor pools as well as pool renovations.

Their renovations range from resurfacing, concrete pool servicing, filtration and lighting servicing.

Their website includes company information, a gallery, a blog and contact information. Their blog contains more detailed information on their services, and photos of their previous work. Free quotes are available on their website.

Customer Review

Two summers and a 1000 swims in, installing a Mayfair pool is one of the best decisions we have ever made. We swim six months of the year and the pool area flows in with our section. 

Richard and his team from Mayfair Pools Auckland North were a pleasure to deal with, ran the project on time, budget and without fuss, with expert advice and after-sales support. - Dan.

Address: 149 Gowing Drive, Meadowbank, Auckland 1072

Phone: 0800 629 324

Services: Pool Design, Pool Building, Pool Renovations, Customised Designs, Extra Features, Quotes

5. Auckland Inground Pools

  • Pool installations
  • Water features
  • Marble finish and more

Auckland Inground Pools are a family pool business in New Zealand, formed by Kerry and Donne Richmond in 1999.

They are a trusted member of the New Zealand pool industry association and have been featured on ArchyPro for their designs. They have completed projects all over New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.

Their services include new pool installations, pool renovation and refurbishment and commercial pool installations. They use concrete for their building material for versatility and durability.

Their team provides timely, high quality, innovative services, that are tailored to meet commercial and residential budgets.

They offer a range of additional features such as pool finishes, heating, sanitisation, covers, lighting, water features, custom spa pools, pool and spa automation and swim jets instalments.

Their finishes include Marble, Quartzon, Hydrazzo and Jewels 4 Pools, providing an array of options for costumers. Their water features include fountains, waterfalls and rain arches, adding to the landscape of the pool area.

Their website includes information on their services, their team, contact information and a gallery of their previous projects. They are available Monday - Friday during regular business hours, and site visits are available by appointment.

Customer Review

5 Stars - Shane.

Address: 12/9 Markedo Place, Papakura North, Papakura 2110

Phone: 09 294 7572

Services: Pool Design, Building, Renovations, Refurbishment, Customised Designs, Quotes, Pool Features

How much does it cost to install a pool?

The cost to install a pool varies depending on the size of the pool and the materials used. The average cost of installing a pool in New Zealand is around $80,000 - $100,000. You can add an  extra $20-30,000 if you choose a heated pool. Installation costs can vary so this is a ball park figure.

It's important to consider your pool fencing which is a legal requirement. That plexiglass around pools that looks awesome can cost $1200 per metre. If you've got a 10 x 3m pool with some pool decking, maybe making your pool area 15 x 5m, then you'd be looking at $48,000 in pool fencing alone, this is in addition to your pool cost.