5+ Best Auckland Landscape Specialists In 2024 [Updated]

5+ Best Auckland Landscape Specialists Right Now

If your property needs some outdoor work done you will want to make sure that only the best Auckland landscapers get called in for the job.

Whether you need basic things such as a lawn and garden to be set up or maintained, or a new planting area installed or whether you need something like a retaining wall or a deck done, most of these businesses can do it all!

Any job related to lawns and gardening can be covered by these highly experienced professionals and some of them offer additional services related to building outdoors and other things.

Instead of breaking your back trying to do a big landscaping job yourself and potentially failing at it in turn having to call up someone to do it in the end anyway, why not take a look in at the below landscaping businesses who we think are the best in the city of sails.

Best Auckland Landscapers

1. Auckland Landscape Company

  • Award-winning workmanship
  • Passionate & experienced staff
  • Friendly & helpful staff

Auckland Landscape Company is an award winning landscaping company, based in Onehunga Auckland. They deliver residential and commercial landscaping services, transforming backyards, gardens and properties into lush areas.

They were awarded a Silver Medal at the New Zealand and Flower show in 2018, their gallery of tropical backyards and clean paving work reflects this award.

Their philosophy is based on a unique and straightforward design, and good service. Their team is made up of young, experienced Kiwi’s, who are passionate about their work and are not afraid to go the extra mile. Joseph

Their services extend beyond landscape design to decking, paving and retaining walls. Both hard and soft landscaping services can be provided, and they offer free 20-minute consults over the phone.

Their process goes through a planning phase, design, construction and aftercare. During planning, they consult with all stakeholders to understand requirements, aims and constraints.

They then design and construct a unique design with their experienced team. After care involves sealing the work they’ve done, and also providing maintenance packages for clients.

Their website is informative, and gives information on their services, a gallery of their work and contact details. They are open Monday – Saturday from 7am – 5pm.

Address: 9A Spring Street, Onehunga, Auckland 1061

Phone: 0273498125

Services: Landscape design, Decking, Paving, Retaining Walls.

2. Zones Landscaping

  • Great customer service
  • Award winners in 2016
  • Range of services available

Zones Landscaping was established in 2015 and provide services in landscape design, building and planting throughout New Zealand and Florida in the United States. Zones is customer service oriented, and environmentally conscious.

They were also awarded with the Best Emerging System Award in 2016.
Zones are also part of multiple community and environmental initiatives.

One being the Million Metres Streams project, organised by the Sustainable Business Network and Department of Conservation. This project aims to raise funds to plant native plants and trees along New Zealand’s waterways.

They are also business partners with Apex Insurance, Pacific Outdoors Solutions, Firth, Mitre10 and more.

Their services extend from landscape design to building outdoor rooms, outdoor kitchens, decks and pergolas, driveways and paths. They also retain walls, install outdoor lighting and power, build fencing and gates.

Zones also builds swimming pools, and can design fencing and landscaping components. Their gardening services include gardening and planting, lawn and grass services, rainwater system services and general maintenance and cleaning.

Maintenance and cleaning services can also be contracted to fit a personalised timeframe.

Zones offer free consultations, and a downloadable renovation handbook through their website. Their friendly team, further information on services, testimonials and career opportunities can be found on their website.

Address: Level 1/287 Parnell Road, Parnell, Auckland 1151

Phone: 0800 600 138

Services: Landscape Design, Outdoor Building, Planting

3. Above Ground Landscaping

  • Services entire Auckland region
  • Range of services available
  • Highly experienced team

Above Ground is a landscaping company which provides services all across the Auckland region of New Zealand.

Their team is highly experienced, and offer a complete range of services to meet garden care, landscaping and ground maintenance needs.

No job is too big or small, they design, build, install and maintain services and provide commercial and residential garden design.

Their most popular services are lawn care, hedge pruning, tree services, insect and weed spraying, carpark area maintenance, leaf vacuuming, landscape area development, planting and paving.

Their grounds maintenance services include lawn mowing and edging, pruning, weeding, leaf removal and garden clean ups.

Beyond maintenance, they help with plant rejuvenation, landscaping advise and hard landscaping. They also deliver lawn laying services to keep lawns even and healthy, using high quality soil from Waikato.

Their team of landscapers personally plan each job, to ensure the best results all year round for the customers needs. They offer competitive rates, and ongoing care can be arranged via consultation.

Free consultations are available through their website. Further information about their services, a gallery of their lush work, testimonials and their full contact details. Their office hours are from 8am – 5pm Monday to Friday.

Customer Review

I've used this service for some time now. I'm very happy with it. They come to do the lawn consistently and I never have to worry about rain out days as they come in next available date without my call. They even do other lawn services at decent prices. I'm be using them for a while I think. Awesome. - Ross

Address: 30 Lancing Road, Sandringham, Auckland 1025

Phone: 0800 112 281

Services: Commercial Landscaping and Gardening, Residential Landscaping and Gardening

4. Luijten Landscaping

  • Family ran business
  • Commercial & residential clients
  • Range of services available

Luijten Landscaping is a family run business which was was founded by Robert and Ellis Luijten in 2000, and joined by Greg Dreyer in 2013.

They provide services for commercial and residential clients, and consider their landscape team to be a family, consisting of professional landscapes, project managers and landscape apprentices.

Their family ethos extends to costumers and Luijten believe in building long lasting relationships with their clients.

Luis ten has a showroom showcasing their project materials as well as a nursery for plant selection, but materials can be sourced externally. Their suppliers and partners are Tiger Turf, Firth, Provista, Jagua, Aqua Technics, Boundary Lines and Counties Mix who provide top quality supplies and services themselves.

Luijtens main services are landscaping, building, design and maintenance. Their landscaping process begins with an initial consultation, followed by planning and design, then landscaping and maintenance.

They have provided landscaping services for residential, commercial and educational clients.

Luitjens building services extend to pools, planting, pergolas, decking, paving fencing, lighting, irrigation, driveways, wall retention and lawns. Their design service is carried out by in house designers. 

A full gallery portfolio of their work is available through their website, as well as extensive information on their services and contact details.

Customer Review

I recently had a concept design plan and my garden landscaping done by Luijten Landscaping, and I could not be happier with the finished product or the process itself! From the first contact, the creative discussions with the design team,

through the quoting process and during the landscaping/construction phase - I felt that all the staff were always very knowledgeable, polite and reliable.

I absolutely love my new garden oasis, and I would not hesitate to recommend them. Thank you so much to the team - Ashley

Address: 275 Fitzgerald Road, Drury 2577

Phone: 09 294 6620

Services: Landscaping, Design Services, Building Services and Maintenance Services

5. Kensington Landscaping

  • 25 years industry experience
  • Can cater to any budget
  • Personalised & customer focused

Kensington Landscaping was founded by Rob in 2003, they provide landscaping services for commercial and residential clients all over Auckland. Rob worked in Kensington Gardens in London and has over 25 years of industry experience.

Rob now runs a team of fully qualified landscapers, providing great results for his clients. Word of mouth is essential to this businesses growth, and their testimonials are a reflection of their high quality work and client satisfaction.

Their services are personalised, and aim to meet costumers needs, whether they want to turn their outdoor space into a low maintenance environment, or add value to their home.

They deliver both hard and soft landscaping services, and cater to an array of budgets.

Through their website, there are more detailed sections on their garden makeovers, swimming pools, garden water features, outdoor pergolas, paving, outdoor lighting, landscape planning, lawns, irrigation and planting.

Case studies and a gallery of their previous projects is also available through their website, showing huge backyard transformations.

Their social media also features beautiful indoor tropical makeovers, and case study examples of their 3D design renders, and new additions to their services. Rob is l

Free quotes and their contact details are available through their website. 

Customer Review

Rob and his guys are amazing. He did a first job in my garden about six years ago and it was magic. I’m still calling it 5 days transformation.

He’s recently transformed other areas in beautiful spots in the garden. Well done. Thank you. Just can tell that guys are friendly and very reliable. Not very often come across with it. Highly recommend - Vladimir

Address: 2B The Glebe, Cocklebay, Auckland 2014

Phone: 021 762 344

Services: Residential Landscaping, Commercial Landscaping,

What other services can a landscaping company provide?

Subject to each individual business, additional optional services available may be things such as installing and maintaining retaining walls, designing, outdoor building work such as deck construction or patio installs.

Paving can also be done by some companies, gardening work such as planting trees and plants or maintaining them is a common service provided by landscaping companies.

Lawn installs and lawn care are also one of the main services you will find offered by these types of businesses. Generally they will design a layout suited to your property and talk you through it beforehand in regards to when new set ups are required.

Basically anything to do with the outside of your property most likely will come under the services offered by a landscaping company.

Are all of the staff in these business qualified & experienced?

Yes, we have thoroughly checked over each business which we have looked into today, they all are required and are a part of the registered and qualified landscaping association which you can view here.

Only the most qualified and trusted businesses and personnel make it onto any of our reviews and we are pleased to say that each landscaping business above as well as all of their staff are highly qualified and highly experienced. 

Now that you know who the best landscapers in Auckland are you can turn that mess out the back or front into a pristine masterpiece by using one of these landscaping professionals.

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