7+ Best Auckland Funeral Directors For 2024 [Top Rated]

7+ Best Auckland Funeral Directors [Top Rated]

Whenever a loved one passes away this is always a tragic and sad time. One thing that helps during such a difficult time though is having the funeral going as smooth as possible. Today we'll look into where the best Auckland funeral directors can be found.

A funeral is your last opportunity to send off your loved one and you only get one chance to do this. Making sure your loved one gets the right send off is an important part of the grieving process for you and your family.

There is a number of different funeral directors out there, if you are unsure as to who may be the best one for you than look no further because today's article has got you covered.

Best Auckland Funeral Directors

1. State of Grace Funerals

  • Eco-friendly options
  • Highly reputable
  • Options for every budget

State of Grace Funerals offers a variety of services to suit various cultures and customs. From full-blown traditional ceremonies to basic cremations, State of Grace Funerals offers it all.

This business was established by Deb Cairns and Fran Mitchell who have strict values pertaining to maintaining dignity and values of those lost.

There are eco-funerals available where the deceased are place in New Lynn or Albany and do not have to undergo embalmment.

For those who are conscious about sustainability, there is also an eco-burial region in Auckland. State of Grace Funerals also allows people to organise their own funeral beforehand.

Remembrance ceremonies are also offered where everything from flowers to meaningful eulogies can be prepared. There are also lots of caskets and urns to choose from to suit every style and budget.

Customer Review

P’au and Wendy left this review:

“On behalf of my brothers and all our family we would like to thank everyone at State of Grace, especially Natasha and Michelle for the love and care you took to prepare our Mum for her final farewell.

From the day she came home to the final day she was laid to rest, it was heartwarming to know everything was taken care of, in a dignified & caring manner, by you all through trying times.

Thank you all once again from the bottom of our hearts.”

Address: 60 Portage Road, New Lynn, Auckland 0600

Phone: 09 827 6454

Services: Funerals, cremation, burial, embalming, transport, eco-funerals, pre-planning

2. Tipene Funerals

  • DIY caskets
  • Environmentally-friendly options
  • Packages to suit anyone

Tipene Funerals is made up of experienced professionals like the Tipene family, who come from all walks of life. There is a show on Netflix called The Casketeers which showcases the behind-the-scenes work of this business.

In Auckland, Tipene Funerals can be found in Onehunga and Henderson. There are elaborate packages available in addition to simple ones to suit a variety of prices, styles and values.

Tipene Funerals’ cremation service is often recommended for people who are budget-conscious but still want to pay respect.

The more customary service is burials. People can also plan their own funeral ahead of time to take control over what happens and ease future stress for family members.

A myriad of caskets and urns can be chosen, with the option of a fully customizing one yourself.

Customer Review

Wiremu left the following review:

"Tipene Funerals gave my mother a great send off, they made the whole process as easy as it could be during a very difficult time for the family and they have a range of packages to suit any type of budget or style of funeral you wish to have for your loved on, I cannot recommend this place any more!"


31 Paramount Drive, Henderson, Auckland 0610

 24 Hill Street, Onehunga, Auckland 1061

Phone: 0800 266 662

Services: Funerals, eco-friendly burials, traditional burials. cremations, pre-planning

3. Just Funerals

  • Hand painted caskets
  • Sea burials available
  • Empathetic and caring staff

Just Funerals is a family-owned business that provides a full range of funeral services. There is a location in Whangarei and Christchurch.

One of the founders Vickey Davey has experience in palliative care and thus understands the grieving process of family members and works to ensure that preparations are arranged properly.

Just Funerals caters to whatever clients may desire, whether it be a small ceremony with close members, or a more elaborate service for those who want a full-blown celebration of life.

There are basic cremations and chapel ceremonies available which suit different budgets and preferences. Sea burials can also be chosen.

Just Funerals also provides help for New Zealanders and permanent to apply for funeral grants, if they meet the eligibility criteria. There are special caskets and urns to choose from.

Customer Review

Julie and Denis left this testimonial:

"Steve & Vicki from Just Funerals provided us with very supportive help with the passing of my mother in law. We are grateful for their commitment to keep funeral costs down and support families to do some or all of the funeral arrangements themselves"

Address: 14 Bassant Avenue, Penrose, Auckland

Phone: 0800 804 663

Services: Burials, sea burials, cremations, grant applications, caskets

4. Anns Funeral Home

  • Reputable international repatriation services
  • Webcasting services
  • Locally trusted and established

Ann’s Funeral Home is a family-operated business led by Sam Achary who has 20 years of experience and led more than 4000 funerals.

The team’s philosophy centers around conducting funerals that align with the beliefs and values of the deceased.

Ann’s Funeral Home caters to people from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds and specialises in arranging the deceased to be transported overseas.

Besides traditional services like funeral, burials and cremations, there is also bereavement support available.

People can also choose to pre-arrange their own funerals which is often chosen to gain a sense of control and help provide security for family members and close friends.

There is also funeral webcasting available for those who cannot attend in person to still pay respect and take part in the occasion.

Customer Review

The Patel family left this testimonial:

“Thank you Ann’s Funeral. Thank you and your team for the wonderful service and hospitality for Jetendra’s funeral.”

Address: 11c, Bolderwood Place, Wiri, Manukau, Auckland 2104

Phone: 09 278 8600

Services: Funerals, cremations, burials, repatriation service, grant counsel

5. South Auckland Funeral Services

  • Decades of experience
  • Full range of services.
  • Family ran and well trusted

South Auckland Funeral Services works to ensure that the stress of arranging a funeral is alleviated from grieving family members and close friends.

This is a family-run operation that has been business since 1991. A full-range of funeral services are available such as embalming, sanitation, floral arrangements and Celebrant hire.

The team can also assist with newspaper notices and arrange recordings. For the deceased who come from abroad, there are international repatriation services on-hand as well.

South Auckland Funeral Services can prepare ceremonies that cater to those who are budget-conscious as well as people who want a full-blown celebration of life.

People can also come in to have their funerals planned ahead of time in order to have their personal preferences implemented and erase future concerns.

Customer Review

Hannah left the following review:

"South Auckland Funeral Services provided me and my family with a beautiful funeral and send off for our loved one, from start to finish the whole process was easy and the staff there were caring and did everything they could to help us out during this difficult time, there are a range of different packages to suit any person budget or style of funeral which they wish to go ahead with".

Address: 553 Great South Road Otahuhu Auckland

Phone: 09 276 9000

Services: Funerals, burials, cremations, funeral grant enquiries

6. Ese Tatupu Funerals

  • Great qualifications
  • Culturally inclusive
  • Top of the line facilities

Ese Tatupu Funerals is part of the Funeral Directors Association of New Zealand and also the New Zealand Embalmers Association.

It is led by Ese Tatupu who is a Pacific Island Funeral Director, the first in the country to attain that qualification.

The philosophy of this business emphasises that everyone, regardless of race, ethnicity and other factors are deserving of a meaningful celebration of life. There are traditional funeral, cremation and burial services.

As part of the New Zealand Embalmers Association, a high quality of embalming care can be expected from this business. The facilities available are top-of-the-line and include a newly constructed chapel.

There are counselling services available for Work and Income of New Zealand (WINZ) and Accident Compensation Cooperation (ACC). Both national and international repatriation transfers can be arranged.

Customer Review

The Liufolua family left this testimonial:

“My name is Kealey Liufolua. I’m writing on behalf of myself and my family. We could not thank you all enough for all the love & support both yourself Ese and the wonderful Hila showed towards my family through this hard time.

This is the second time we have come to Ese for help. The first time was 31/12/12. The passing of our beloved mother Ese took care of everything, he was amazing hence why we didn’t think twice about choosing any other funeral home this time round of the passing of our beloved father.

As you could understand we were not in the right mind frame as we just lost our parents and were unsure of the next step but you Hila helped us through it all, you truly made sure we had nothing to stress about you took care of everything.”

Address: 18 Norman Spencer Drive, Manukau, Auckland 2104

Phone: 09 262 3700

Services: Funerals, cremations, burials, embalming, repatriation services, pre-planning

7. LigaLiga Fusi & Sons

  • Operation in Samoa
  • Inclusive Pacifica background
  • Plans to suit all budgets

LigaLiga Fusi & Sons provides services in New Zealand and Somoa and is guided by the principle Christian values.

Over the years, thousands of funerals have been conducted, all of which have been filled with warmth and compassion for the deceased. LigaLiga Fusi & Sons specialises in arranging funerals for Pacifica families.

This business provides high-quality facilities for use which include a chapel that can accommodate more than 300 people.

LigaLiga Fusi & Sons is dedicated to meeting the values and preferences of clients, no matter the budget.

From small gatherings to decorated ceremonies, LigaLiga Fusi & Sons can make it happen. For those eligible for funeral grants, there is assistance and counselling available when filling out applications.

There are repatriation services available between New Zealand and Samoa.

Customer Review

Joseph Fa'atalele left these kind words:

"LigaLiga Fusi & Sons provided me and my family with a lovely funeral service for my mother, they took into account our needs and our overall budget and in the end we had a beautiful funeral service conducted for my mother."

Address: Canning Crescent, Mangere 28, Auckland (Apia Samoa)

Phone: 09 275 3307

Services: Funerals, burials, cremations, grant assistance, repatriation services

Who’s the best funeral director in Auckland?

This comes down to you and your families needs whether that be cultural, religious or personal needs every funeral director can cater to different requirements and needs.

We have highlighted each funeral directors specialities and cultural backgrounds in the review conducted above. Ensure whoever you choose is part of the Funeral Directors Association of New Zealand. 

All of the funeral directors which we have reviewed today are caring people and they will generally find a package to suit your budget no matter how big or small.

When a loved one passes away it is always a difficult and sad time but these funeral directors are very experienced, they know how to support people during the grieving process and they know how to make the funeral process as smooth as can be for everyone involved.

best auckland funeral directors nz

How much does a funeral director cost?

The cost of a funeral package can vary depending on what type of service you choose, what size or type of coffin you choose, whether you go for a burial or cremation option for your loved one and other optional variables. 

You can expect to pay around $2,500 - $5,000 for the average funeral. The cost of the coffin and headstone is what makes the price a lot more or a lot less. Check if your deceased had life or funeral cover and most of these costs should be taken care of. 

When conducting this review however we know that this time can sometimes put a financial burden on families and friends and that is why we have reviewed funeral directors in Auckland who offer a variety of plans to suit any small or larger budgets so that everyone has a fair range of choices with organising their loved ones farewell.

Now that you know who best Auckland funeral directors are you can get on with arranging the send off that your loved one deserves.