5+ Best Auckland Eyelash Extensions In [2024]

5+ Best Auckland Eyelash Extensions

You should only let the best Auckland eyelash extensions be applied to you when the time comes to renew or replace those lashes.

Your eyes say a lot about you and by adding some fresh new lashes to your beautiful self it can do wonders for your confidence and your overall appearance.

A nice long luscious set of eyelashes really boosts your facial appearance and brings out your eyes in ways that you'd never imagine.

Read on below to find out where the best salons in the region are.

Best Auckland Eyelash Extensions

1. Cerise Lash Boutique

  • Industry leading business
  • Specialise in Russian Volume sets
  • 13 years in the industry

When getting eyelash extensions, choosing a reputable provider with extensive experience in creating a high quality service is of paramount importance.

Cerise Lash Boutique has been in operation for 13 years and was the first of its kind to specialise in eyelash extensions in New Zealand.

If you share the common worry that your natural eyelashes will be damaged in the extension process, Cerise Lash Boutique offer a guarantee that no damage will occur in the application of their natural-style, long-lasting extensions, surely putting your mind at ease.

The most reputable Lash Technician in the country runs Cerise Lash Boutique, who has cultivated a comfortable environment where safe application is prioritised.

Specialising in Russian Volume lashes is no easy task, but they manage to complete their classic sets within an hour and their volume sets within two hours, so your lightweight, natural-looking lashes can be achieved in no time!

Customer Review

Elisia Webb left this testimonial:

“Cerise Lash Boutique is the best eyelash extensions salon in Auckland. I've been a client for years…”


4 Orbit Drive, Albany

 45 Mt Wellington Highway, Mt Wellington


09 475 6336 – Albany

 09 574 6336 – Mt Wellington

Services: Cerise classics, cerise signature, cerise hybrid/volume, infills, lash removal, lash tint, lash lift, lash tint and lift, brow shape, brow henna, brow tint, brow shape and tint,

Price: From $45 (Infills) 

Open: Check Official Website

Bookings: Phone or In Store, 50% Deposit Required

2. Lash Noir

  • Natural appearance of lashes
  • Silk and synthetic mink materials
  • Qualified and skilled staff

Perfectionism is a quality well-loved in a good lash technician, and can be found in all of the staff at Lash Noir, where their creation of natural looking and carefully applied lashes is sought after by the Auckland community.

Lash Noir boasts a lash extension service that allows clients to feel comfortable and confident in their long lasting and customisable extensions.

Using silk and synthetic mink extensions, Lash Noir’s durable extensions can be customised to your desired curl, length and thickness, ensuring the exact look you are seeking is achievable with them.

The natural, effortless look they provide is achieved through careful, individual application of each eyelash extension, so that you’re paying for the appearance and confidence that comes with natural beauty.

If you want to keep your natural beauty while enhancing your look, trust the qualified and careful experts of Lash Noir in Auckland.

Customer Review

Savannah Peterson left this google review:

“I am based out of San Francisco and get my brows shaped and tinted here every time I’m in Auckland. Simply the best!”

Address: City Works Depot, Auckland

Phone: 09 550 6665

Services: Eyebrow shaping and lamination, permanent makeup services, waxing hair removal services, eyelash extensions and keratin eyelash lifts

Open: Mon (9am – 5pm) Tues,Thurs (9am – 7pm) Fri,Sat (9am – 5pm)

Bookings: Online, Phone or In Store

3. Lash Forever

  • Light, cashmere lashes available
  • Customisable sets
  • Long lasting lashes

If you’re looking for a particular style or set of eyelash extensions and want to be careful about the Eyelash Artist you select, Lash Forever is a great choice in Auckland.

Their range of subtle, medium, full or glamour lash sets can be achieved through individually applied cashmere or silk lashes. And if you’re also concerned about the thickness and length of your set of extensions they are also customisable.

Whether you’re seeking something to brighten up your face for a daily look, or even a dramatic set of eyelashes to enhance your appearance at a special event, Lash

Forever have experience tailoring their services to a wide range of faces and specifications.

If the weight of your extensions is important to you, their premium cashmere lashes are 60% lighter and despite being thinner, last longer than other sets, so you can achieve a seamless, comfortable look.

Customer Review

Eileen Lee left this google review:

“Highly recommend!! Have loved my lashes every time I've had them done and will keep coming back. The lashes last much longer than any other place I have been.”

Address: 38 Rossmay Terrace, Mount Eden, 1024

Phone: 027 540 5999

Services: Eyelash extensions, keratin lash lifts, hybrid lash extensions, individual lash extensions

Price: From $50

Open: Mon (10am – 2pm) Tues (10am – 6pm) Wed,Thurs,Fri (10am – 7pm) Sat (9am – 4pm)

Bookings: Online, Phone, In Store

4. Kiwi Lash n Brow

  • Trendy wispy styles
  • Range of styles to suit
  • Excellent trustworthy reputation

For luxury eyelash extensions at a great price point, Kiwi Lash n Brow is one of the best choices in the Auckland area.

Their styles range from the popular ‘Classic Glam’ to a dramatic ‘Kim K Style’, offering the perfect look for a range of preferences.

These premium extensions use handmade russian volume fans and cater to the density and length you request.

If you’re into following the trends, Kiwi Lash n Brow also offer a wispy style to enhance your natural beauty with a bit of flair - one that isn’t offered in many other locations.

Kiwi Lash n Brow uphold their reputation for excellence and trustworthiness among their clients of regular, dedicated members of the Auckland community through attentive, personalised customer service, so you know the Kiwi Lash experience will be a comfortable one.

Customer Review

Charlotte Humphreys left this google review:

“I have come here for the last several months, I refuse to go anywhere else! Calming music, soft bed and pillow.”

Address: 51C Ranfurly Rd, Epsom, Auckland

Phone: 0224559551

Services: Glamour set, classic full set, natural volume, medium volume, full volume, wispy style and kim k style extensions, microblading, henna brows, cosmetic tattoo, wax and tint, lash lift, brazillian, bikini, arms, legs, upper lip, chin and combo waxing

Price: From $49

Open: Mon – Fri (9am – 9pm) Sat (9am – 6pm)

Bookings: Online, Phone, In Store

5. Diva Eyelashes

  • Lightweight extensions
  • Excellent reputation
  • Loyal customers

Diva Eyelashes promises the ideal, lightweight eyelash extensions that still deliver volume, length and curl to give you that naturally enhanced look.

These semi permanent eyelash extensions are intended to last between 3-6 weeks, allowing you to enjoy a dramatic look for a special event or simply increase your confidence in daily life.

The difference in the Diva Eyelashes experience is the quick application time, averaging about half an hour less than other, popular technicians, so your regular infills don’t have to feel like a chore.

It’s understandable that Diva Eyelashes maintains a loyal customer base of regulars, whose trust in the safe, durable and beautiful looking extensions they receive facilitates a 5 star rating.

So, for a trustworthy and experienced expert who can create the bright, youthful look you’re searching for, visit Diva Eyelashes in Auckland.

Customer Review

A customer by the name of Angie Tai left this google review:

“I've been coming to Diva Eyelashes since 2013 and I can honestly say I won't be going anywhere else. Sam is lovely and her work is ‘OUTSTANDING’. She takes such good care of you during your appointment and you leave feeling beautiful and happy.”

Address: Shelly Park, Howick, Auckland

Phone: 021777327

Price: From $65 (Cash Only)

Open: Mon-Thurs (10am – 7pm) Fri,Sat (10am – 5pm)

Bookings: Phone, In Store, Online

How much do eyelash extensions cost?

This depends on 2 things, the first being what type of quality of eye lashes you are going to have applied. Longer lashes cost more than the shorter ones, lashes which have more of a natural shine can also incur higher fees.

Secondly the amount of individual hair strands or in other words each eye lash which is being applied to your face will also determine the cost.

For example there are services which offer 60 set strand eyelash applications which is classed as a light set and these average for around $60 a set depending on the salon.

full set is generally around the $90 mark and this will have 100 lashes, both of these are based on the classic look eyelash sets.

There are 'glam' and 'mega' volume sets available at some salons which use a higher quality and more deeper looking lash for each application and these can be anywhere between $150-$300 depending on how high end you want to go.

Each salon generally has a set to suit any budget or style, simply ask the staff for the price list and choose a service appropriate to your style and budget. 

How long will it take to get my eyelashes applied?

The eyelash extension process generally takes anywhere from between 60-120 minutes depending on what type of service you have chosen to get done. refills or replacements take around 60-90 minutes.

How long will my extensions last for?

On average eyelash extensions last for around 2-4 weeks (the time that it takes for your eyelashes to naturally grow). This depends on your activity level and how often your eyes come into contact with your hands etc.

How to take care of your new lashes & other info.

Generally for the first 48 hours upon getting your new eyelashes applied it is best to avoid activities such as swimming and exercise, after this 48 hour period you can pretty much go back to your normal routine except for going into things like saunas etc as these things can loosen up the bond of the lashes.

Things like mascara are generally not needed with your new eyelashes as extensions are designed to improve the appearance of them as it is.

When showering try not to scrub at or rub the eyelash extensions as this can cause them to fall out overtime if pulled at hard enough consistently, Pat dry gently after showering or exercise.

Before coming into a salon to get your extensions applied it is best to come in with no makeup or mascara on to make the technicians job easier and this will save you time.

Now that you know who the best Auckland eyelash extensions, you can go out there and get some luscious lashes that will have you glowing.