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7+ Best Auckland Drain Cleaners

Are you looking for the best Auckland drain cleaners because you have a blocked drain or need some plumbing work done?

Look no further because today we will be reviewing the best drain cleaners in the Auckland region. We will highlight each companies key attributes and highlights.

We will pull out personal customer reviews and give each company a review of our own. If you are in need of some urgent drain clearing but you're not sure on who to call then read on below to find out who we recommend calling.

The Best Auckland Drain Cleaners

1. Digga Drain

  • Lower prices guaranteed
  • 24/7 service
  • Years of experience

Digga Drain is run by Matt Moors who brings with him 14 years of experience in the plumbing field. There is 24-hour service available, all 7 days of the week, making it the perfect place to call for unexpected emergencies.

All the staff at Digga Drain are highly competent and have the skills necessary to fix whatever needs to be fixed.

A full range of services are available, such as drain unblocking, drain repairs, waterproofing and sewer upgrades. There is also special CCTV inspection available which makes identifying sewer issues a breeze.

Digga Drain is highly dedicated to resolving any and all plumbing issues at an affordable price, with price guarantees available. If you show them a quote from another business, they’ll give a lower offer!

Customer Review

Warren left this stellar review:

"They came up for the appointment to view the job required promptly. They did the job in a timely and professional manner.

Very easy to deal with and did 'extra' to ensure the leftover dirt was left in a tidy and controller way. Would definitely use DiggaDrain again."

Address: 59a Swann Beach Road, Stanmore Bay

Phone: 0800 968 737

Services: Drain unblocking, waterproofing, emergency services, drain repairs

2. Drain King

  • Highly reputable
  • 24/7 emergency service
  • Professional & efficient

For those looking for efficient plumbers who get the job done, Drain King is the business to check out. With services available 24/7, the plumbers at Drain King are always prepared to solve issues at any time of day!

This business fully comprehends the importance of a dependable drainage system and has many advanced solutions available to tackle any problem.

Some techniques involve utilising CCTV inspections, hydro blasting and other deep cleansing mechanisms. Brand new installations can be also be arranged for badly damaged drainage systems using reputable PVC pipes.

You can expect to meet friendly staff who hold expert knowledge and can detect any issues in just minutes! The vans are stocked with adequate supplies and cameras to help plumbers solve issues even faster.

Customer Review

Check out this testimonial from Harry Goldman:

“I am so impressed with Drain King. They were here on time and fixed my problem right the first time. The technician was very polite, well dressed, clean, very professional and knew his job very well. I would use them again.”

Address: Auckland Wide

Phone: 0800 000 499

Services: Drain unblocking services, camera inspections, drainage repairs

3. Drain Ninjas

  • Highly reputable
  • Long history
  • 25 years experience

Drain Ninjas is staffed by technicians with more than 25 years in the field, ensuring that all drainage issues are dealt with quickly and efficiently. There are services available to suit households, small business and corporations.

There is an extensive list of services like drain unblocking for regular toilet issues. Many powerful techniques are to combat these issues like hydro-jetting which gets the job done in no time!

To clean septic tanks, cesspits and pump chambers, vacuum loading methods are utilised. Drain Ninjas has high-tech equipment to detect drainage issues such as CCTVs which also allow clients to see for themselves.

Maintenance services can be arranged to ensure everything is running smoothly.
Drain Ninjas can be contacted 24/7, making it a great option for pressing issues and emergencies!

Customer Review

Paul left this glowing review:

"I chose Drain Ninjas to clear our blocked and smelly sewage drain because of the great feedback reviews I found on this site v the other supplier who had been suggested to me.

I called Monday morning and was told they would come between 2 and 4 pm Monday 24th. In fact Darryl called at 1:15 and was here by 1:30 pm. He quickly identified what the problem was and completed the job very quickly and efficiently.

The price was very reasonable. He also identified other remedial maintenance work that was needed and took photographs. So we are awaiting further communication and quotes re that job. HIghly recommended AAA+++"

Address: Auckland Wide

Phone: 0800 115 095

Services: Drain unblocking, detecting faults, vacuum loading, CCTV

4. A1 Drain Unblocking

  • Free quotes
  • 24/7 operation
  • 10+ years experience

A1 Drain Unblocking is led by Vinesh who has been in this industry for more than a decade. Many issues have been resolved at several places such as regular homes, small business and commercial areas.

No problem is too minor or too big at A1 Drain Unblocking, with free quotes available! There is a full range of services available including fixing clogged toilets, tree root damage, and debris elimination.

The staff here are all highly trained and equipped with knowledge to work advanced CCTV cameras to detect problems that are normally unseen.

Besides resolving drainage issues, specialists at A1 Drain Unblocking can also mend pipes, take away roots and use hydro blasting.

For those who want reliable and no-fuss experts, A1 Drain Unblocking is the business to contact!

Customer Review

Khieng Taing left this testimonial:

“Decided to give A1 Drain Unblockers a call and a professional was sent within half an hour on the same day. When he arrived, he had a quick look around and assessed the area of blockage.

Was very fast to jump right in. The job took longer than expected but he was still joyful and explained every step of the way. Overall, we’re really happy with the end result and would totally recommend him to anyone who have a blocked drain!”

Address: Mt Wellington, Auckland 1060

Phone: 0800 586 586

Services: Drain unblocking, pipe repairs, debris removal, CCTV

5. Alpha Drain Unblocking

  • Highly reputable
  • 30+ years experience
  • Well-trained technicians

Alpha Drain Unblocking has served the Auckland community for well over 30 years. With experienced plumbers, no issue is ever too complex or surprising.

Alpha Drain Unblocking caters to many locations, whether that be a regular household or large corporation. Regular drainage problems from clogged toilets and sinks are a no-brainer and can be handled without hassle.

There are a range of options for vacuuming operations involving cesspits, soak holes and grease traps.

The plumbers at Alpha Drain Unblocking also utilise tractor camera and push camera technology to diagnose problems hidden to the eye. Root cutting and drainage maintenance is also offered.

With qualified technicians available 24 hours a day, this is the business to run to whenever an emergency pops up!

Customer Review

Lyn Barnes left this glowing review:

"Really impressed by the service provided by Alpha, from initial call to problem solved. Highly recommended."

Address: Auckland Wide

Phone: 09 950 4809

Services: Drain unblocking, CCTV inspection, root cutting, maintenance

6. Drain Surgeons

  • Extensive international experience
  • High-tech equipment
  • 24/7 emergency service

Drain Surgeons has been in the works since 1997, with a commitment to maintaining sustainable practices. This business has worked on operations overseas in countries like Fiji, Australia and Iraq.

There are a wide range of services to resolve problems faced by residential homes and corporations alike Drain unblocking, vacuum loading and pipe lining are just some of services offered at Drain Surgeons.

The plumbers pride themselves on using advanced technology such as laser and CCTV to weed out any hidden issues. Besides repairs, drain installations can be arranged to consolidate a firm foundation for any household.

No matter how small a problem may seem, technicians always work to ensure that something bigger does not come out of it! Services are available 24/7, ideal for emergencies.

Customer Review

Ross Tomlinson has some kind words:

“Fantastic professional service. Quick arrival after initial call, quick identification of the issue, promptly fixed the problem & job was priced well. Knowledgeable & helpful during the covid-19 lock down. Thanks!”

Address: 2G Piermark Drive, Albany, Auckland 0632

Phone: 0800 37 2000

Services: Drain unblocking, installations, vacuum loading, emergency services

7. Freeflow Drain Specialists

  • 24/7 working hours
  • Extensive services available
  • Multiple services available

True to the brand name, the technicians at Freeflow aim to keep toilets and sinks running smoothly.

There is an extensive list of services available which cover drain unblocking, vacuum loading, root cutting, maintenance and even hydro evacuation.

CCTV inspection is used to quickly diagnose issues and allow customers to also view the problems in their own homes. 

Clogging issues are taken extremely seriously by the specialists at Freeflow who are committed to removing this health hazard ASAP.

The best way to keep a healthy drainage system is to prevent damage in the first place so drain maintenance can be ordered to save money in the long run!

Whether problem is situated in a household or business, Freeflow Drain Specialists can solve issues at any scale. 

Customer Review

Calvin Yates left this testimonial:

“Just want to pass on my thanks. I’d like to commend your FreeFlow team on the prompt and professional service that you have rendered for me and my clients from the drain technicians to the admin staff.

I am thoroughly impressed with the service we have received so far and everything has been smooth and easy.”

Address: 1b / 25 Norman Spencer Drive Manukau

Phone: 09 391 0170

Services: Drain unblocking, drain maintenance, vacuum loading, CCTV

best auckland drain cleaners nz

How much do drain cleaners cost in NZ? 

From our research the cost of getting a drain unlocked ranged from around $75 to $120 excluding GST. Some companies in Auckland charge a premium compared with regional New Zealand. 

Take note when getting a quote from a drainage company and ensure you get the GST inclusive price. Some companies like to quote in exclusive prices, adding an extra 15% to your bill on completion. 

Most likely you'll pay a surcharge on weekends, evenings and public holidays. Clarify the surcharge to avoid querying these at a later date. Emergencies or those outside of business hours may attract a callout fee, regardless of whether you agree to any work being completed. 

Best company for emergency drain cleaning in Auckland?

Nearly all the drain unblocking service providers we looked at offer an emergency service. You will nearly always pay a callout fee plus price for the work. 

The most common callout is a blocked pipe, but whether you choose to call a plumber or a drain cleaning company can be confusing. Don't call and accept the first company you ring unless you know the rough price of a callout + work. Give a couple companies a ring and choose the best one.

Unless of course your ceiling is leaking water due to a blocked pipe overflowing the bathroom, then you may just have to call the closest company to your property. 

Can drain cleaners come at any time of the day?

Yes, the majority of the drain cleaning companies which we have reviewed in Auckland today have a 24 hour service which runs 7 days a week. These service are on call and can come out and clear any drain for you during any time that you require it!

Outside of normal business hours this may incur a call out fee but it isn't anything too drastic and when it's for an emergency most people don't really think about the price, they just need that blocked drain cleared ASAP and that is what each of these companies can do for you in quick fashion no matter what or where the drain situation is.

Why is my drain getting blocked so often?

When you flush things such as tampons, paper towels and other sanitary products which are not designed to be flushed down the toilet or drains, this can easily cause a plumbing system or a drain to become partially blocked or completely blocked.

By being mindful of not putting these types of things down your drainage system you can actually prevent and lower the chances of you getting a blocked drain.

Some of the companies listed and reviewed above also offer drain maintenance work where they can regularly check on your drains and complete maintenance work on them which in the long run will keep your drain performing at its best and prevent it from clogging up. Some of these services are offered at a good price.

What other services or work can these drain cleaners offer?

Most of the drain cleaners which we've reviewed today also offer various other types of services and work on top of being drain cleaners / unblockers.

These may include additional types of other plumbing work, vacuum loading, root cutting of tree roots, pipe lining, pipe mending and hydro blasting.

Each company provides its own set of additional services taken from the list above so when you choose a drain cleaner make sure to read our reviews thoroughly to see any other services that they may offer.

Now that you know who the best Auckland drain cleaners are you can get that troublesome smelly drain unblocked and get back to business.