3+ Best Auckland Celebrants For Your 2024 Special Day

The Best Auckland Celebrants For Your Special Day

Whether you require a celebrant for your same-sex marriage or any other type of marriage this may mean that you're going to need to hire a marriage celebrant. Today we will look at some of the best Auckland celebrants to suit every wedding day.

Celebrants aren't just used for marriage ceremonies but they also feature in funerals, newborn baby celebrations and much much more! Plus if you wanted a budget wedding, they can help with some of the most affordable wedding day options. 

The range of different things of which you can use a celebrant for varies. If you are unsure of what else they can be used for read on below to see our examples and reviews on the best Auckland celebrants.

Best Auckland Celebrants

1. Juliet Harper

  • Offers 30-minute free consultations
  • Warm personality
  • Professional and caring

Juliet Harper is a Wedding Celebrant who is situated in Auckland but can lead ceremonies all across New Zealand. She aims to align wedding ceremonies with the values and beliefs of the soon-to-be couple.

Harper describes herself as an open-minded and inclusive person and caters to same sex marriages in addition to straight ones.

True to her professionalism, Harper advertises that she will be present 30 minutes before the guests on the wedding day to organise the scene. Besides traditional weddings, Harper also specialises in baby-naming celebrations.

She has a collection of poems and other pieces of writing that can be used for these occasions. Vow-renewal ceremonies can also be led by Harper who works to ensure that the ceremony is meaningful for the partners and attendees.

Customer Review

Stephanie Grey left this testimonial:

“When my husband and I discussed what type of celebrant we would like for our special day, we were so elated to have found Juliet, as she fitted the bill perfectly.

She is extremely pleasant, with calm and composed energy which is something we needed (being quite nervous) on the day!

Juliet is so structured and organised and was extremely proficient at troubleshooting any questions or issues we may have had about the day. 

These are just a few of the characteristics that Juliet displayed in her very professional approach to being a celebrant.

We couldn’t recommend Juliet more highly! Thank you for making our day so extra special! :)!”

Address: Auckland Wide

Phone: 021 1400 254

Services: Weddings, baby-naming ceremonies

2. Alexa Bartlett

  • Several years of expertise
  • Can consult without obligations
  • Well qualified

Alexa Bartlett is a CANZ Accredited Auckland Marriage Celebrant with over 15 years of experience. She specialises in a variety of ceremonies, including weddings, civil unions, baby-naming ceremonies and vow-renewals.

Besides her expertise in leading celebrations, Bartlett also has a wide range of knowledge concerning venues situated in Auckland.

Her speeches are sure to be meaningful and fulfilling as she been part of Training of Communication for 10 years. Bartlett can also guide those grieving the loss of a loved one by leading funerals.

Before she was a Celebrant, Bartlett worked as a nurse in the neonatal intensive care unit where she witnessed both miracles and heartbreaks.

Her experiences in handling both heartwarming and sorrowful situations can be seen in the way she leads ceremonies.

Customer Review

Helen and Dan left this review

"Thank you Alexa very much for being part of our special day! There isn't anyone more perfect than you!"

Address: Riverhead Point, Riverhead, Auckland

Phone: 027 710 0100

Services: Weddings, civil unions, baby-naming ceremonies, funerals, vow-renewals

3. Emma Love

  • Own PA system
  • Reputable
  • Specialises in same-sex marriages

Emma Love is a Registered Marriage Celebrant and member of The Celebrants Association of New Zealand. She aims to cater to the needs and wants of the soon-to-be married couple and can host both elaborate and simple ceremonies.

Love is also a specialist in leading celebrations for same-sex marriages. Her clients’ desires are of the utmost to her and she has several plans in place in order to curate the dream occasion, that is sure to be remembered by family and friends.

Besides weddings, Love can also guide families through their grieving process by leading funerals that are full of dignity and respect for loved ones.

Additionally, she hosts special name-giving ceremonies for parents to present their transition from a couple to a family by showcasing their gorgeous child.

Customer Review

Anna and Steve left behind this testimonial:

“My husband and I are would like to share the biggest thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being such a special part in our big day.

You are extremely organised, so friendly and warm that we instantly knew we had the right wedding celebrant the minute we met you. You made the whole process easy and enjoyable.

You were easy to talk to and had it all prepared for us so quickly & smoothly, it was a breeze. Your advice was appreciated, making sure we hadn’t forgotten anything. Our day was “the best day ever” thanks to your help. It was the perfect day.

The feedback from all our guests about you was amazing. They said it was such a beautiful ceremony, one of the best weddings they’ve been too. It brought so much joy to all of us. We will never forget you and always recommend you to others!”

Address: Auckland Wide

Phone: 021 140 6632

Services: Weddings, marriages, funerals, name-giving celebrations, farewell ceremonies

Best Auckland Celebrants NZ

Why hire a celebrant?

Well, when it comes to getting married for example, it is a legal requirement to have a celebrant oversee the process as they have the power to legally bind your marriage.

For other purposes such as funerals they can assist with ensuring that the funeral goes smoothly and they help the family to celebrate the life of the passed loved one as opposed to looking at the whole situation in the usual grim way.

For newborn babies they can help with overseeing a celebration of life gathering where you introduce your beautiful new baby to all of the attendees in a fun and exciting way.

Celebrants can also hold various other ceremonies and help with other things, once you've chosen the celebrant that you wish to use ask them about what additional services they may provide.

What does it cost to hire a celebrant in Auckland?

The cost of your chosen celebrant that you wish to hire depends on how much time that you will require them for as they primarily charge by time. Usually you pay an hourly fee. 

So if you have a long wedding it may cost a bit more and obviously shorter weddings or other ceremonies would cost a bit less.

Some celebrants agree to a fixed price beforehand, as with anything it is up to you to discuss these types of things with the celebrant before any solid agreement is made.

As an example, you can easily pay between $200-$500 for a simple yet decent ceremony in front of a few family members and friends.

Longer or larger ceremonies may be a bit more or you may be able to negotiate a fixed price beforehand.

Cheapest Wedding Day Celebrants In NZ

You can use the New Zealand Government service and apply for a marriage license. This costs $150 for the license plus $90 paid to the celebrant on the day of your ceremony. This is $240 for your entire wedding ceremony which lasts no more than an hour. Some refer to this as the 'registry office' wedding. 

Now that you know where the best Auckland celebrants are you can start planning toward your ceremony or event that you have coming up.