5+ Best Auckland Catterys [2024] Safe & Secure Boarding

5+ Best Auckland Catterys For Safe & Secure Boarding

Your beloved cat should only be going to one of the best Auckland catterys in the event that you need someone to look after them while you are out of town or away.

Our list which we will compile today will feature only the most reputable and experienced businesses with compassionate and loving staff who own cats themselves, these cattery's will take very good care of your feline friend in your absence.

These companies have extensive experience in looking after cats of all ages and types, all staff are checked before employment ensuring that you can have peace of mind while your cat is in their care.

Read on below to find out where your cat can be safe and sound while you are away.

The Best Auckland Catterys

1. City Cats

  • Extensive feline and accommodation experience
  • Luxury sleep and entertainment options
  • 20 years experience

As a cat owner, you want to leave your pet in the best hands possible while you’re out of town, leaving you to relax knowing they are comfortable and happy in their accomodation. You can trust in City Cats, Auckland, to provide this kind of care for your cat.

City Cats is run by Julia Mountain, whose 20 year cat accommodation experience stems from a family owned Kennel and Cattery started in 1969.

Having studied feline behaviour, psychology and first aid, Julia is well equipped to provide the best luxury cat facilities possible, starting at only $25 per night.

If you value your cat’s ability to play, socialise or prefer that they choose between fun and relaxation, City Cats’ climbing posts, cat programmes on TV, soothing music, water fountains and even a fish tank to spark their curiosity, will surely put you at ease.

City Cats ensures either a premium diet or your cats’ own diet is provided, paired with a spacious room, treats, playtime, affection, communal areas and even added extras like meal upgrades.

To take the worry out of your search for cat accommodation in Auckland, trust City Cats to be your cherished pets’ home away from home on your next holiday.

Customer Review

Carly Orr left this testimonial:

“I can't recommend City Cats and Julia enough. We feel so great leaving our fur child in her care. Sometimes I swear he doesn't want to leave with me!”

Address: 74 Lingarth Street, Remuera, Auckland, 1050

Phone: 027 575 8558

Services: Single or double rooms with lounge areas, semi-private summer garden suit, communal area, entertainment and play facilities, relaxation areas, climbing structures, TV entertainment and customisable VIP packages, premium diet provided

2. Keepin Katz

  • Trusted reputation, 18 years experience
  • Personalised, attentive care
  • Vet care easily acquired

For a cat boarding facility based on an appreciation for the love and attention families seek to provide their pets, Keepin Katz is a great option in Auckland if you’re looking for reputability, flexibility and experience.

Keepin Katz cattery has provided a safe and attentive environment since 2001, situated in the bush and run by pet lovers with training in feline medication and care.

This safe and clean cattery space costs between $18-$26 per day and features both communal and single sleeping arrangements to suit your cats’ individual requirements, paired with playtime and affection offered by the family in operation.

To quell any worries you may have about leaving your cat in foreign hands, Keepin Katz ensures that vet care is urgently provided by one of three local vets if needed, monitoring is continual and each cat is given personal, attentive care each day.

Customer Review

Jude Cooney left this testimonial:

“Couldn't fault our experience, appreciated the care and kindness shown to our Charlie during his stay, would highly recommend and definitely use again.”

Address: 719 Huia Road, Parau, Auckland

Phone: 09 817 3250

Services: Communal area, living units ranging in size, administering medicated liquids, insulin and tablets, daily checks, continual monitoring, premium diet provided

3. Pet Motel

  • Family business with 24/7 availability
  • Outdoor areas for each room
  • Affordable rates

If your cat needs to have relaxing, tranquil accommodation while you’re away, look no further than Pet Motel for a trusted, caring cattery in Auckland.

Pet Motel is family owned and operated and has over 16 years of experience behind it. To reassure you even further of their trustworthiness, a family member from Pet Motel will be available to your cats 24 hours a day.

They greatly value the comfortability of the cats in their care, meaning the cattery is located next to their home and away from the dog kennels to provide a relaxing and happy environment.

Even more enticing is the outdoor area included in each individual unit for the cats, enabling those that love the outdoors to feel at home while being securely protected and monitored.

Pet Motel strives to offer not only a calm and enjoyable stay for your cat, but also provide their services at an affordable rate of only $15 per day, making them a great option in the Auckland area.

Customer Review

Deborah Bragg left this testimonial:

“I cannot give you enough credit for the way you looked after them both... You both give a wonderful feeling of being able to go away and a great peace of mind to both Stacie and myself.”

Address: 3 Beaver Rd East, Pokeno 2472

Phone: 09 236 0661

Services: Indoor and outdoor cat sleeping quarters, administering medication, 24/7 availability and care, daily treats and premium diet provided, dog and small animal kennels

4. Club Meow

  • Owned by experienced cat lovers
  • Longstanding great reputation
  • Affordable rates

Club Meow has 15 years of experience running a safe and loving cattery on the North Shore, building valuable experience and a reputation for their caring nature and friendly customer service.

The owners of Club Meow are cat lovers and pride themselves on maintaining the routines and keeping up with the individual needs of each cat in their care.

Club Meow strives to allow the cats in their care to feel at home, so a range of options ranging from single rooms with outdoor areas, communal rooms, private sleeping areas and full rooms for a family of cats are available to you from $19-$25 per night.

So, if you’re looking for accommodation for your cat that is promised to be clean, safe and comfortable, while allowing your cherished pet to feel loved by the Club Meow owners, this is one of the best options in Auckland.

Customer Review

Sue Davenport left this positive google review:

“Absolutely loved this cattery - my cats came home happy, healthy and with lovely well brushed coats.”

Address: 8 Wright Road, Redvale, Auckland 0794

Phone: 09 473 2961

Services: Single rooms, communal rooms, discounts for multiple cat stays, administering medication

5. Boutique Cattery

  • Owned and operated by Vet Nurse
  • Plenty of experience
  • Added comfort benefits for cats

For cat accommodation that ticks every box and provides exceptional care, Boutique Cattery is one of the best options in the area and is situated only 30 minutes from the Auckland CBD.

Boutique Cattery has been in operation for almost 20 years, run by a Vet Nurse and cat lover who is passionate about caring for her feline-friends.

With soothing music on repeat, running water and even nightlights, Boutique Cattery strives to cater to every individual cat’s needs and routines to keep them feeling loved, happy and entertained.

At Boutique Cattery, the difference is in the small things, including complementary grooming and heating pads provided to elderly cats in their care.

There is no greater comfort than knowing your cat is in qualified hands where any medical issues can be quickly addressed while you are on holiday.

With Boutique Cattery, you can relax on your travels with the knowledge that your cat is in caring, experienced hands.

Customer Review

Jacquie Langely left this google review:

“Absolutely brilliant cattery a home away from home with people that really care about your furry friends.”

Address: 161 Ramarama Road, Ramarama

Phone: 09 294 7900

Services: Onsite vet services, grooming, administering medication, overseas cat relocation assistance, entertainment facilities

How much does it cost for a cattery to mind my pet?

Most of these types of cat minding companies will charge you based on two different types of services, these are a communal room or area for your cat which is cheaper than the private option and where they will be around other cats on the premises.

Communal rooms or admissions for your beloved cat usually average between $15-$25 per day which generally means 8am-5pm depending on the business you use, these prices are subject to change depending on the time of year and on how busy they are. After hours can be arranged with some catterys which may incur an extra cost.

A private room for 1 or 2 cats is a little bit more coming in anywhere between $25-$60 depending on if you are requiring one or 2 cats to be looked after.

Prices can vary from place to place so it always pays to check with the cattery first on what they may charge.

Long-term, holiday periods and after hours stays can be arranged with a cattery depending on if they provide these additional services or not and in some cases you may be able to get a longer term discount depending on the cattery. Some cattery's may require a down payment for stays of 30 days or more.

If you are requiring holiday bookings such as during the busy Christmas period it pays to ring up and book a couple of months beforehand as these bookings can fill up fast and they can be fully booked upto 1-2 months before during the busy holiday times.

Whatever your requirements or timeframes for needing your cat looked after are it always pays to discuss this with the cattery prior to bringing your beloved pet in.

What are my obligations as a cat owner before bringing my cat in to a cattery?

As the owner of any cat is your responsibility to check each individual cattery's rules and regulations which they usually make very clear on their website or brochure, if you can't find this information simply ask a staff member at any given cattery.

In general most cattery's will require that your cat has had all of its regular annual vaccinations such as cat flu and feline enteritis, these types of vaccines are generally best done 10 days or more before bringing your cat in to the cattery.

Most cattery's will state that your cat must have already been sprayed or neutered. Most will also require that your cat has already been treated for fleas if they had any such problems, failure to check for these types of things could potentially incur extra costs for the owner if fleas are found on your cat.

It is best to bring your cat in a cat-friendly carry box and newspaper is always the best liner for the box if available. In the event that you are not able to pick up your cat you will need to give most cattery's your authority for anyone else to pick them up.

Can I bring a kitten into a cattery?

In general, yes. Most cattery's will take on kittens and they usually have a separate area specialised just for kittens. These types of separate areas are well equipped for kittens and will cater to all of their needs.

You will need to check with any cattery beforehand though on this as there are some cattery's which may only take on adult cats.

Now that you know where the best Auckland catterys are, you can go away for business or for pleasure without a worry.