7+ Best Auckland Boxing Gyms To Join In 2024 [Top Rated]

7+ Best Auckland Boxing Gyms To Join

Boxing is a great way to get fit and it is a great way to boost your confidence and self defence skills. It is suitable for all ages and it is never too late or early to start as there are programs and classes to suit a person of any skill level.

Finding the right gym can be difficult though with all of the various options out there at the moment but today you're in luck because we are about to tell you where the best Auckland boxing gyms can be found.

Read on below to see which boxing gyms made the cut.

The Best Auckland Boxing Gyms

1. Jai Thai Boxing

  • First lesson free
  • Trainers from diverse backgrounds
  • Suitable for anyone

Jai Thai Boxing is dedicated to providing lessons for everyone, no matter their goals. Whether you’re looking to burn calories or build strength, the trainers here are more than happy to help out!

Students can expect to learn authentic fighting techniques with trainers from North Thailand and New Zealand alike!

There are over 40 classes conducted in a week, with beginner lessons available. In fact, the first lesson is on the house! Kids 6 years old and over are welcome to join the JAI Kids classes.

The Fight Circuit and Kick Tech are recommended for more experienced and advanced fighters, where discipline will is drilled!

There are several memberships available depending on if you’re looking for something casual or serious. There’s something for everyone at Jai Thai Boxing!

Customer Review

Vincent left this glowing review:

“Very good trainer. Loved the session here. Expect a full body workout in 45 mins.”

Address: Basement, 76 Anzac Avenue, Auckland CBD

Phone: 09 366 3980

Services: Muay Thai, kids’ lessons, fight circuits, sparring

2. Boxing Central

  • Innovative classes
  • Ideal for beginners and experts
  • Experienced & professional trainers

Established in 2001, Boxing Central has been the place to visit for boxing enthusiasts and casuals alike.

The team at this gym consists of trainers who have had several years of experience and worked with professional competitors.

Beginners can opt for a Boxing Basics class or a BOX2X lesson to learn how to correctly throw punches and other basics. First-tryers get a free lesson of Boxing Basics!

Fight Club is recommended for intermediate boxers who aren’t looking to go professional. There is a Junior Academy for kids ages 8-17 where they can learn how to defend themselves in a safe environment.

You don’t need to be interested in boxing to come here. Crossbox classes are a challenging but provide a great way to burn off calories and have fun!

Customer Review

Tim Spa left some kind words:

“I’ve done the beginners boxing class twice nice. It’s super cool and the trainer is awesome. Highly recommend this spot.”

Address: 41 Boston Road, Mount Eden

Phone: 021 845 373

Services: Boxing classes, beginner lessons, kids’ classes, crossfit

3. Wreck Room

  • Class for people with Parkinson’s
  • Great variety of lessons
  • 1 free beginners lesson

Wreck Room is the place to visit for a great workout and amazing boxing lessons. With friendly and qualified expert trainers, this is the gym to visit to push yourself to the limit!

For those looking to lose weight and get stronger, the circuit fitness classes are a great option. There’s a special class for kids aged 5-10 to stimulate physical development in a safe environment.

Wreck Room also has a dedicated class to help those with Parkinson’s. A variety of exercises are introduced to help refine posture and gain strength.

First-timers get a free beginner’s lesson! There are several boxing classes available for novices and advanced fighters alike.

There are both short-term and long-term subscription plans to choose from, depending on how many classes you want to join.

Customer Review

Check out this review from Hamid:

“Really spacious and fun gym. Great boxing knowledge in a welcoming environment.”

Address: 4 Glenside Crescent, Eden Terrace

Phone: 09 309 2184

Services: Boxing, cardio, personal lessons, strength and conditioning

4. Boxing Alley

  • Physiotherapists available
  • Customised fitness plans
  • Popular with locals

Boxing Alley was established in 2006 and has risen to become a local favourite. There are several weekly lessons delivered by expert trainers to get in a great workout!

For beginners, the first class is offered free of charge! Kids’ lessons are also available where no contact will be made and hand-eye coordination is developed. Yoga classes are offered too.

Boxing Alley also has massage therapists and professional physiotherapists available. Whether you’re looking for a soothing massage or want to get better after an injury, this gym has it all!

People who are serious about their health can opt for one-on-one sessions. A personalised fitness plan will be curated to fit weight loss goals, strength training or anything else desire.

Boxing Alley is truly a one-stop shop for maintaining wellbeing!

Customer Review

Skye has some positive feedback:

“Awesome boxing gym! Such a friendly vibe and great trainers!!”

Address: 65 Parnell Rise, Parnell, 1052

Phone: 021 720 666

Services: Boxing, physiotherapy, yoga, massage, kids’ lessons, sparring

5. Boom Boxing & Fitness

  • Innovative workouts
  • Highly reputable
  • Personal training also available

Boom Boxing & Fitness has been an Auckland favourite for many years. This gym caters to beginners, kids and offers personal training as well!

Jay Inder runs this facility and is a Licensed NZ Boxing Coach affiliated with the NZBCA. He has trained professionals and novices alike, curating decades of experience.

BoxFit allows people of all skill levels to train with pad work and bags to get a unique workout every single time!

Youth membership is available for kids ages 12-17. These classes are designed to help kids maintain health and get stronger, all in a safe environment.

As no individual is ever the same, one-on-one classes are recommended for those who want to attain a specific goal! Friends can also join in for group sessions.

Customer Review

PW left this positive review:

“Great place to work out – great tunes, relaxed atmosphere and every time something new to keep you focussed. Nice one Jay !”

Address: 4D Ashfield Rd, Wairau Valley

Phone: 021 222 0805

Services: Kick boxing, boxing, cardio, strength and conditioning

6. Boxing Studio

  • Special corporate sessions
  • Special women-only classes
  • Open 7 days a week

The Boxing studio features both traditional and state-of-the-art equipment to help people get into the best shape of their lives!

Trainers available include Todd Gray who holds several years of experience. Chris is also available for those to want learn Muay Thai!

No matter the trainer you choose, enthusiasm and friendly can be expected to help you reach any goal.

This gym is open 7 days a week and offers several classes to suit both beginners and experienced fighters.

One-on-one classes can be arranged for those who want to reach a target weight or just become stronger! Special corporate sessions can be arranged for team-building exercises.

There are special women-only classes where women can learn self-defense and get in a great workout at the same time.

Customer Review

Sean left some positive words:

“Well equipped gym with good classes and friendly owner/trainer”

Address: 115 Valley Road, Mt Eden

Phone: 09 623 3808

Services: Boxing, Muay Thai, corporate team-building, women-only classes

7. Diamonds Boxing & Fitness

  • Programs target problem areasC
  • Classes for beginners and experts
  • Professional and knowledgeable coaches

Diamonds Boxing & Fitness features several innovative programs that cater to a wide range of people! The expert trainers at this gym are committed to helping you become the best version of yourself!

The famous Skinny Legends Weight Loss Training is designed to help people shred kilos and includes a 30-minute Q&A session at the end. Bootilicous classes with Talia target the stomach, thighs, buttocks and hips to create the perfect silhouette!

Kids are always welcome at this gym with Diamond Juniors classes for ages 5 and above. Kids slowly become healthy and strong, all in a safe environment!

More serious boxers can opt for the circuit training which uses decades-old techniques to help them lose weight and develop the correct techniques!

Customer Review

Rahul left these kinds words:

"The coaches here are very knowledgeable and very helpful, this place is also very good for kids, mine had a blast and continue to do so".

Address: Auckland Wide

Phone: 111 Newton Road, Eden Terrace

Services: Boxing, circuits, weight loss programs, kids’ lessons

What can a boxing gym offer me?

A boxing gym can offer you multiple benefits. Training in a boxing gym can boost your self confidence, your overall mood, your ability to defend yourself and your overall fitness levels.

These establishments which we have reviewed today are among the best Auckland boxing gyms on offer out of the current lot.

Read up on our review for each one in today's article above and determine which one looks like it may meet your needs and goals the most, there is one above for each and everyone of you.

These gyms offer a range of different membership options to suit any budget and each boxing gym has a range of different classes and coaches to suit members of all fitness levels whether you are a male or a female.

Best Auckland Boxing Gyms NZ

How much do Auckland boxing gyms cost? 

Usually you can join as a member which gives you access to most classes for a fixed fee. Some gyms offer casual entry which might be per class. Wreck Room for example charges $22.50 per class, with a discount on a 10 class concession at $180. 

Other gyms offer a one time fee per class, if you intend on only coming once or maybe infrequently such as once every few months, this is often much higher. 

Students usually get a discounted rated in New Zealand boxing gyms. 

Usually the best value for money is by becoming a paid member, whether that's weekly, monthly, yearly and often by agreeing to a contract will make it even cheaper.

However you should consider your personal situation and finances before agreeing to a contract that could be impossible to get out of if you leave the area or the country. 

There's many horror stories of people trying to cancel their membership only to be told to pay out the remaining balance or on-sell the membership to someone else to get out. Given most gyms don't have contracts now it can be tempting to do it to save money, only to end up costing more in the long term. 

Now that you know where the best Auckland boxing gyms are, what are you waiting for? Get amongst it and start you new fitness and confidence journey today.