5+ Best Auckland Barber Shops To Get A Haircut In 2024!

5+ Best Auckland Barber Shops To Get A Haircut

If you're about to get a haircut you should only get it done from one of the best Auckland barber shops as your look and style means everything.

Funnily enough it just so happens that today we will be looking into where the best places are that you can get a smooth new fade or touch up.

Whether you're after a standard mens cut or a beard trim, we've got all of your barbershop needs covered in the write-up below.

The 5 Best Auckland Barber Shops

1. Maloneys

  • Extensive industry experience
  • Highly skilled barbers
  • Exceptional reputation

For real attention to detail and a warm, welcoming atmosphere, Maloneys is a great choice of barber shop in Auckland.

Their expert staff are highly skilled, and some even have over 40 years of industry experience. Included in their crew of eleven are two female barbers, so they provide an inclusive, friendly service.

Maloneys has loyal customers throughout Auckland who leave the shop known for excellent customer service, helpful suggestions and varied yet unfailing techniques across their crew members.

Naturally, Maloney’s has a fantastic reputation, as both local and international customers rave about their clean cuts and friendly customer experience.

With their stylish, welcoming interior, you are bound to feel at ease through a haircut or even a hot towel shave.

Customer Review

Greg Munford left this fitting google review:

“Sweet spot and super-skilled, chill crew. Used to be my local but still go across town for the best.”

Address: 1/192 Victoria Street West, Auckland CBD

Phone: 09 379 3060

Services: Men’s haircut, clipper cut, beard trim, hot towel shave, sale of undercut products

Price:  From $28 (Clipper Cut)

Open: Monday – Friday (8am – 6.30pm) | Sat – Sun (9am – 4pm)

Bookings: Online, Phone or In Store

2. Brotherhood

  • Industry leading shop owner
  • Luxury add-ons
  • 15+ years experience

For many, a barber shop is a place visited for more than a quality haircut, but also for socialisation and a good laugh.

Brotherhood is a fantastic option in Auckland, as their premium scissor and clipper cuts are delivered with excellent customer service in a friendly atmosphere.

Brotherhood is owned by a qualified stylist with over 15 years experience, whose award-winning status in the industry enables the shop’s reputation to thrive.

This is why Brotherhood is renowned for their attention to detail and careful, precise cuts using excellent techniques.

Combining experience with modern styles, education and a respect for traditional scissor and clipper cuts, Brotherhood does it all.

So, whether you need a simple cut or have a more lavish service in mind, Brotherhood’s hot towel finishes and complimentary beverages will create a unique experience during your next visit.

Customer Review

Corey Lythgo left this Facebook review:

“Awesome had both Jeremy and Leon cut my hair, these guys know what they're doing. Thanks for the top service.”

Address: SHOP 4 Q4 THE BOULEVARD, Takapuna

Phone: 09 486 3290

Services: Classic brother cut, executive brother cut, silver brother cut, buzzed brother cut

Price:  From $25 (Clipper Cut)

Open: Tues,Wed,Fri (8am – 6pm) Thurs (8am – 7pm) Sat (9am – 2pm)

Bookings: Online, Phone or In Store

3. The Gentry

  • Extensive, global experience
  • Luxury benefits with styles
  • Exceptional renowned beard trimming

If you’re in search of a barber shop that values its service like an artform, The Gentry is one of the best options for you in Auckland.

Despite their nod to tradition through a range of scissor, clipper, beard trims and even buzz cut styles, The Gentry boasts a contemporary interior and eye for style.

What’s particularly impressive is their beard trim service, which includes the use of lavish products like beard oils, waxes and foams to leave you feeling, looking and smelling exquisite.

The Gentry team comprises a diverse trio of stylists, whose experience spans across China, London, Singapore, Sydney and of course, their home in Auckland, cultivating a wealth of varied expertise within the shop.

So, next time you’re scouring Auckland for a high quality style or even a simple cut in Auckland, consider The Gentry to be a top choice.

Customer Review

Matthew Byrne left this positive google review:

“Awesome hair cut and such a good vibe, I think I found my new barber!”

Address: 70 Shortland Street, Auckland CBD

Phone: 09-303 0519

Services: Scissor cuts, clipper cuts,  buzz cuts, beard trims, colour service to reduce appearance of grey hairs, with hot towel, wax, oil, and foam luxury finishes

Price:  From $30 (Clipper Cut)

Open: Mon,Fri (8am – 6pm) Tues,Wed,Thurs  (9am – 6pm) Sat (9am – 4pm)

Bookings: Online, Phone or In Store

4. Tokoya Barber Shop

  • Award-winning barbers
  • Extensive industry experience
  • Award winnning barbershop

If you’re looking for a barber shop that welcomes both adults and children for high quality cuts and styles, look no further than Tokoya Barber Shop in Auckland.

Having a diverse range of specialities among their expert crew members is of high priority to Tokoya Barber Shop, where you are guaranteed a premium cut in any style you can dream up.

Their experienced barbers have gained expertise throughout Japan and across Europe, enabling a wealth and diversity of skills to flourish in their welcoming Auckland shop.

Many staff members boast backgrounds in hairdressing, meaning they have extensive industry experience backing their education in men’s styling.

And with a wide range of services on offer, you can be sure that Tokoya will deliver exactly what you’re looking for.

Having won titles including New Zealand Barber of the Year, Master Classic and Master Shave in recent years, Tokoya Barber Shop is a reputable, industry leader to trust in.

Customer Review

Pete Carscallen left this google review:

“Fantastic barber shop. Good vibes, barbers are excellent and prices are very reasonable. Would highly recommend Tokoya.”

Address: 279 Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby, Auckland

Phone: 09 378 4477

Services: Scissor cuts for medium hair, restyles and skin fading, hair cut, children’s haircut, buzz cut, long hair cut, beard trim, line up, shampoo, design and hot towel shaves

Price:  From $30 (Clipper Cut)

Open: Mon,Tues,Wed,Fri (8am – 5pm) Thurs (8am-6pm) Sat (8am-3pm)

Bookings: Online, Phone or In Store

5. Big Boss Barber

  • Family friendly
  • Range of services with luxury benefits
  • Great reputation

Looking for a well-rounded barber shop that offers a range of styles, cuts and beard services to both Dad and Son? If so, Big Boss Barber is a fantastic option in Auckland.

With a reputation for excellence and commitment to making their customers’ experiences comfortable and memorable, Big Boss Barber can be trusted to deliver a premium men’s styling service.

Their services range from classic cuts, buzz cuts and trendy styles to traditional razor trims and shaves, topped off with the luxury feeling of a hot towel for ultimate relaxation.

So, for a barber shop loved by the local community that offers a range of cuts and styles, noted by customers as being inexpensive, you can’t go wrong with Big Boss Barber to provide a family-friendly, personalised customer experience.

Customer Review

A customer by the name of Mohammed left this fitting testimonial:

“BIG BOSS are exactly what their name stands for. Big in quality and consistency in giving you the best look every single time. Hussain takes each customer's needs personally and makes sure that every customer is well looked after.”

Address: 6/35 Cook Street, Howick, Auckland 2014

Phone: 09 535 3713

Open: Mon-Fri (8am – 6pm) Sat (8am – 5.30pm) Sun (8pm – Midnight)

Bookings: Phone, In Store, Online

What does it cost for a mens haircut?

The average price for a mens haircut these days starts at $15 for the lower priced cuts and can be as high as $30 for a more detailed cut. Places where you can book an appointment usually charge $25-$30 where as walk ins generally sit at around $15-$25.

Additional services such as beard trimming, hot towel shaving or clean cut shaving are offered by most barbershops and these all will incur an extra cost.

Hot towel shaves go for around $15, beard trims are usually an extra $10 on top of a haircut or $15 upwards if you only come in for a beard trim by itself.

Clean cut shaving services on the facial area will usually set you back around $10-$20.

Places that let you book a time slotted appointment will usually add $5 to the standard haircut price due to the convenience for you and the fact that they are setting 30 mins of set time aside just for you.

What hairstyle or haircut is best for me?

This depends on your head shape and on your own personal preferences, you can get whatever style you like! If you are unsure on what style to go with or what new style may suit you just ask your barber as they are asked this question all of the time and they are used to helping their clients with coming up with a style to suit them.

Most barbershops have display pictures hung up in their shop showcasing different styles with a picture giving you an example to see what they look like.

Some of the more common styles that men love are styles such as the crew cut, the zero fade, the blended mo-hawk, the classic buzz cut or the mullet which has made a comeback in recent years.

There are many additional styles and types of cuts, I suggest asking your barber which hair style may suit your face and head shape because the barber will always have some good ideas which could suit you.

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