6+ Best Auckland Airport Transfer Options

6+ Best Auckland Airport Transfer Options

Are you looking for the best Auckland airport transfer options because you are about to head off on business or for pleasure?

If so you've come to the right place because today we will be looking into who the best companies are that can get you from the your workplace or house to and from the airport.

Read on below to see who your best options are within the region.

Best Auckland Airport Transfer Options

1. Sky Bus

  • Hassle-free mobile payment
  • Fixed prices
  • No extra baggage fees

Sky Bus offers frequent, budget-friendly airport transfers through the Auckland City Express and North Harbour Express services, with particular focus placed on comfort and safety.

In operation every day of the week, Sky Bus’s hassle-free online ticket purchase system takes the stress out of airport transfers. Tickets are even available for purchase through the Sky Bus app!

Sky Bus is known for transparent and fixed fares, meaning that after payment there’s no fluctuation or amendment to be concerned about once you commence travel. Prices start at only $17 for adults.

So, if you enjoy great connections with public transport, friendly customer service, free wifi and no extra baggage charges, Sky Bus is an excellent choice for airport transfers during your future travels.

Customer Review

Michelle Y left this google review:

“Excellent and reliable. Buses towards Auckland City run 24/7, were fairly frequent even in the wee hours of the morning.”

Address: Auckland Airport to Auckland City

Phone: 0800 759 287

Services: Airport transfers to the city, britomart, ferry terminal, auckland events and Mt Eden

2. Super Shuttle

  • 30 years experience
  • Low prices
  • Reputation for reliability

Boasting the best reputation in New Zealand after over 30 years of operation, Super Shuttle prioritises reliability in rates, timeliness and timetables, making it a great option for airport transfers in Auckland.

Operating across twelve New Zealand airports, the difference in Super Shuttle’s service is the personable, welcoming customer service, coupled with transport to any desired destination.

Super Shuttle also has a mobile app which allows for digital ticket purchase, making the process even easier. Getting a Super Shuttle is also about half the price of catching a taxi, making it the smartest option for airport transfers.

The multi stop and shared ride options allow for great value whether you’re a solo or group traveller, while the business service offers the greatest personalisation to suit any corporate needs.

Customer Review

Jarrah Poulsom left this google review:

“Outstanding trip picked up on time with no hassle. Staff super kind and friendly helping with bags. Bus had loads of room plus nice new seats.”

Address: 393 Khyber Pass Road, Newmarket

Phone: 0800 748 885

Services: Multi stop, shared and private ride, business shuttles

3. Blacklane Chauffeurs

  • Specialise in business transfers
  • Mobile app offers car choice
  • Premium & luxury cars

Blacklane Chauffeurs is the best choice of airport transfer in Auckland if you need excellent flexibility and prefer luxury travel for business. The company is nearing a decade of valuable experience in providing luxury business travel.

As business travelers often require, Blacklane’s fleet of premium quality cars and experienced drivers will ensure stylish and exceedingly comfortable travel.

Blacklane Chauffeurs even enables you to choose between cars, with free cancellations up to just an hour prior to your booked time.

Chauffeurs also include an hour of complementary wait time, so delayed flights and mishaps won’t send your plans into mayhem.

Pricing is all inclusive and fixed upon booking, leaving passengers to enjoy the relaxing ride without concern. So, for professionals who prefer premium and stylish travel, Blacklane Chauffeurs is the best choice in Auckland.

Customer Review

Tarek left this review:

“Great experience with a move and gentle Driver. Very punctual regarding our meeting time request and we arrived on time at the airport.”

Address: Auckland Wide

Phone: N/A – Book Online

Services: Airport transfers, private car service, long-distance rides, chauffeur service and limousine service

4. Uber

  • Familiar and often inexpensive
  • Range of vehicle choices
  • Easy to use app

If you’re already familiar with Uber and prefer to go with a service you trust, consider using the app for airport transfers in Auckland.

Uber offers the usual choices between UberX, Comfort and Connect when travelling to and from the airport, and the flexible nature of catching one might make the process a bit less stressful.

The process for catching an Uber is ultimately the same; however, there are designated pick-up zones outside the international terminal.

Regular users will know that Uber is well-priced, although it’s worth considering that an airport access fee is charged and added to your fare, ranging from $2.00-$5.00.

So, for simple and familiar airport transfers with a touch of personability and novelty, consider catching an Uber.

Customer Review

Leeanne P left this Tripadvisor review:

“All my drivers have been excellent and it's actually safer as the trip is completely tracked by gps - you can see which direction you are headed in at all times on your app and if there were any problems there is a record of it.”

Address: Auckland Wide

Phone: N/A – Use the app

Services: UberX, Comfort and Connect

5. Ola @ Auckland Airport

  • Flexible and familiar
  • Transparent pricing
  • Easy to use app

Similar to Uber, Ola is another app that might be a good choice for airport transfers if you’re already familiar with the booking process.

Ola offers airport transfers within Auckland and across multiple New Zealand airports, making it a simple and flexible choice for travel.

Pickups occur at the rideshare zone of the airport, where a call to the car driver helps to locate them.

Ola also has incurred airport fees, which are included in the estimated charge prior to departure, so transparency is a nice bonus when riding with them.

So, for hassle-free, simple travel to and from the airport, Ola is another great option to consider in Auckland, especially for those who already use the app.

Customer Review

Bhumi Gaire left this Trustpilot review:

“Excellent service...Loved ola. Quick drivers, sound customer service and very safe. Highly recommended”

Address: Auckland Wide

Phone: N/A – Use the app

Services: Airport transfers through Prime and Premium options

6. Blue Bubble Taxi

  • Frequent availability
  • Flexible pick-ups
  • Reliable & efficient

Blue Bubble Taxi is the largest and most widely trusted taxi group in New Zealand, deriving from their incredible flexibility and availability.

So, if supporting New Zealand business is important to you, Blue Bubble Taxi is a good choice for airport transfers in Auckland.

If hailing a taxi isn’t your thing, bookings can be made online, over the phone or through the mobile app, with a choice between a wide range of cars, vans and total mobility vans driven by local Kiwis.

Their airport transfers are offered for most hotels to the airport, and because the company is known for its reliable and prompt taxi services, you can count on Blue Bubble to get you to your flight on time.

Since customers consider Blue Bubble Taxi an affordable alternative to other airport transfers, it’s a great option for those operating under a strict budget.

Customer Review

Alicen Bell left this Google review:

“The only taxi company out of 5 that actually answered their phone at 4.30am and had a taxi to us within 5 minutes. Clean, tidy and polite.”

Address: Auckland Wide

Phone: 0800 228 294

Services: Airport transfers, taxi vans and total mobility vans, corporate vehicles and hybrid vehicles

Which option from the above is the most efficient?

The average time that it takes to get from Auckland airport to the CBD is approx. 60 minutes dependant on traffic etc.

In regards to who's the most efficient? This one depends because sometimes either some or all of the above companies will have vehicles already parked at Auckland airport ready to pick up customers. 

Their availability with this depends on whether or not their drivers are already out on jobs or not. Each company according to their type of offered service generally has their own designated parking areas within the airport in both the international & the domestic terminals.

For example all Uber and Ola drivers are designated to one type of area where as regular taxis and shuttles will also have their own areas.

They are all on a level playing field in terms of the time that it takes to get you from the airport to wherever you are going and vice versa. This timeframe is obviously affected by variables such as daily traffic or who the driver is that you get on any given day.

When there is no visible drivers from any of the services available you can either ring up a taxi or shuttle on the phone although some of the traditional taxi and shuttle companies are now creating apps which you can easily find by searching the company name on the app store or in google search.

For services such as Uber and Ola they are ran off of the app only with no phone line so you will generally log onto the app which you can download from the app store on iOS or Google Play by searching each ones name and from the app a driver will generally get to you in about 5-15 minutes depending on traffic.

If you are a frequent airport transfer commuter I recommend trying different types of rides and seeing which ones work out best for you.

What are the average prices to get an airport transfer to and from Auckland airport?

This depends on where you live or where your workplace is as all prices are measured by distance travelled during the journey to and from Auckland airport as well as which type of service or company you choose to use for your transfer.

Some examples for average prices are as follows:

The cheapest option is the SKY Bus, fares can be as low as $2 for children and between $16-17 for seniors or adults for a one way fare, return fares are just under double the cost of the single fares. You can find the SKY bus' timetable hereThey offer services to and from Auckland airport to both the Auckland CBD and the North Harbour area.

Taxi's will generally cost you around $40-$80 for a one way transfer from the the airport to Auckland CBD and vice versa and around another $10-$20 to anywhere a bit further on the outer suburbs. Keep in mind that this is for a whole taxi vehicle so you can cut costs by sharing the taxi with someone else. 

Shuttles from Auckland airport to the CBD can cost between $17-$40 per person door to door depending on how many people are in the shuttle with you from your booking. Book in more people or share the ride with family or friends for a bigger discount. Shuttle transfers are cheaper than taxis which make them a great option for 1-8 people.

Uber and Ola rides for the same journey are a bit cheaper than taxis and generally average between $20-$60 a ride depending on the vehicle used etc.

Chauffeurs are the premium option for luxury rides and can cost you anywhere from $80-$200 for a one way trip depending on the type of car that you choose as well as any additional services you select which may incur extra costs.

What’s my cheapest option for an airport transfer?

You can figure this out just from reading the above information where we've highlighted every type of services average costs, however below is a list highlighting the cheapest to the most expensive options to save you some time with the cheapest options being listed first.

 - SKY buses, Shuttles, Uber's and Ola's, Taxis and finally private chauffeurs. This is pecking order from the cheapest to the most expensive.

Keep in mind that the cheaper options will have you alongside more people meaning with the shuttle for example that there will be numerous stops for dropping off each passenger one at a time.

For the bus it goes directly to the airport so you are fine there. Taxis provide more comfort and selection on who you share a ride with if you choose to share it with anyone but will obviously cost you more than a bus, shuttle, Uber or Ola ride.

Uber and Ola rides are a bit cheaper than your traditional taxis by about $10-$30 per ride depending on your vehicle and driver choice and you still get a car to yourself or whoever you choose to share it with.

Hiring a private chauffeur vehicle is generally the most expensive option as you can choose from a variety of different luxury vehicles, this option is generally used by businesses or VIP clients.

You can find a plethora of different types of information and updates regarding Auckland airport hereGeneral airport info, updates, terminal locations and much much more can all be found there.

Now that you know who and where to find the best Auckland airport transfer companies, you can book your transfer from a variety of different options.