7+ Best Auckland Airport Parking Providers For 2024!

7+ Best Auckland Airport Parking Providers

Are you looking for the best Auckland airport parking providers because you are about to go away for a business trip or are about to go and visit some family or friends?

Look no further because today we will be reviewing the best places where you can leave your car parked while you are away and by choosing from one of these parking providers from our list you will have peace of mind in knowing that your car is safe, secure and being actively monitored to prevent any theft or damages.

Best Auckland Airport Parking

1. Aero Parks

  • Free shuttle service
  • Highly reputable
  • Safe & secure

Aero Parks has been in business for over a decade and works to ensure secure parking at the lowest prices. With the implementation of an electronic barcode mechanism, Aero Parks is able to keep a look out for both cars and keys.

Additionally, the car pack is situated only a short distance from the Auckland Airport. Parking at Aero Parks ensures that cars, vans and other vehicles are kept maintained and protected from any break-ins and accidents.

There is a free shuttle service to and from the airport, with Mercedes and Renault vans for the utmost luxury and solace.

All parking services are inclusive of 24/7 surveillance, shower facilities and a shuttle service. There are add-ons such as cleaning services and WOF arrangements. Gifts and presents can also be prepared.

Customer Review

Here is positive review from Colin Buckwell:

“Use Aeroparks many times and always found them courteous and helpful. Glad to refer friends to them.”

Address: 112 Pavilion Drive, Airport Oaks, Auckland Airport

Phone: 0800 237 672

Services: Secure parking, shuttle service, cleaning, WOF arrangements

2. Fly Away

  • Recommended by MoneyHub
  • Outdoor parking available
  • 24/7 security monitoring

Fly Away works to ensure stress-free travels by providing affordable car parking services. All vehicles booked are situated in the Verissimo Drive and never moved off site.

Fly Away is located around 3 kilometers from terminals and there is a free shuttle service to and from the airport. All the employees hold police checks and appropriate licenses to more than sufficiently care for vehicles. 

Vehicles positioned in Verissimo Drive receive 24/7 monitoring, 365 days a year to ensure safety.

Besides basic surveillance, you can choose valet parking where the car keys will also be kept secure. There is also the option to have your car cleaned while away.

Fly Away has been recommended by MoneyHub and other sources as the best place to secure vehicles.

Customer Review

Stephen Kunz left this glowing review:

“Very friendly customer service. So easy to make a booking via a phone call. We had to cancel the booking the day before due to chance in alert level with COVID but that was handled easily and with no fuss. Will definitely book again in the future.”

Address: 3 Verissimo Drive., Mangere, Auckland Airport

Phone: 0800 77 66 99

Services: Secure lot, cleaning service, free shuttle transport

3. Park N Fly

  • Environmentally conscious business
  • Free shuttle service 
  • Highly regarded by Aucklanders

Park N Fly has been regarded as one of the best car service providers in Auckland. For those who just want a secure parking space, the allocated parking option allows your car to stay onsite, where it will stay there until you return.

This option is best for those who have frequent and short business trips. For longer vacations, valet parking is recommended where both the car and car keys are kept secure.

With valet parking, your car may be moved within a 5km radius to other lots. There are also car rentals available for a variety of budgets.

For people who want to be welcomed with a freshly cleaned car, there are car care services available for vehicles of all sizes.

Customer Review

Lorna Machine left this positive note:

“It was our first time doing a park and ride. Nice not having to worry, from the very beginning of a trip. A bit of a wait on pick up, 45 mins but friendly, happy driver and car well looked after. Will use again.”

Address: 26 Airpark Dr, Auckland Airport

Phone: 0800 747 227

Services: Secure car parks, valet services, car rentals

4. APark

  • Free shuttle service
  • Hourly & daily prices available
  • Maximum security with guards

The lot at APark is only a 10-minute drive from the Auckland Airport and can house up to 900 vehicles. This business caters to both short-term and long-term stays with both hourly prices and daily prices available.

So, whether you’re out and about on business or going on a long vacation, there are several options available to keep your car safe and secure. Choosing APark translates into your vehicles being adequately monitored and kept onsite.

The lot has maximum security with high fences, an electronic alarm system and guards. There are shuttle services to and from the terminals as well, all of which are free of charge!

APark operates from 5am to 12am there are also car rentals to accommodate every budget and style.

Customer Review

Keely Cho left some positive feedback:

“Quick and efficient service. Got there, dropped off my keys and john got me to the airport in the shuttle. All within half an hour.

When we came back we only had to call and john was there in 15 minutes. By far the most personalized and speedy service we've encountered in a parking company.”

Address: 57 Pavilion Drive, Mangere, Auckland

Phone: 022 6522 088

Services: Secure car parks, shuttle services, car rentals

5. Airpark

  • Free shuttle buses
  • Promos with airport hotel
  • Affordable parking

Airpark actively works to ensure secure and affordable parking for cars, vans and other vehicles. The area is only situated a short drive from Auckland Airport and there are shuttle bus services can be requested to and from the terminals.

These shuttle buses run every 30 minutes and are free of charge! Airpark is also affiliated with Heartland Hotel Auckland Airport where there are special promotions to save expenses on both room and parking.

You can choose to have a spa day at the hotel after a long and stressful flight or just rest in comfort before driving off! Car valets can also be booked, if desired.

Airpark frequently monitors the cars parked at the lot, allowing customers to have a relaxing and stress-free travel! 

Customer Review

Balaram Panda left this glowing review:

“Safe and less expensive car park. Very good service. Pick up and drop off very good. The staff in the hotel are also excellent.”

Address: 14 Airpark Drive, Mangere

Phone: 0800 404 204

Services: Secure car parks, valet services, hotel accommodation

6. Fly Park

  • Indoor & outdoor parking24/7
  •  CCTV and staff monitoring
  • Additional services available

Fly Park has been operating for 30 years and has a commitment to serving all travellers alike by offering secure and affordable parking. There is 24-hour surveillance supported by CCTV and guards to ensure that your car is kept safe.

Outdoor car parks are the most popular option but there is also undercover car parks on-hand.

Besides regular car parks, Fly Park also has cleaning services available to suit any budget for those who want to come home and be welcomed by a fresh car! Minor repairs can also be arranged, as well as paint touch-ups.

Fly Park works to make customers smile and does so by including a shuttle service to and from the terminals, absolutely free of charge!

Customer Review

Janene Taylor left some positive words:

“Fantastic. Regularly reliable, friendly service. I tried 3 other airport carpark companies before Flypark. Car parked nicely by office door ready for collection. Depot also in best place for drop off (before buslane) on way to airport.”

Address: 52 Ascot Road, Airport Oaks, Mangere

Phone: 0800 359 7275

Services: Outdoor and undercover car parks, cleaning services

7. Jet Park Hotel Park & Fly

  • Free shuttle service
  • Not limited to hotel guests
  • Affordable & secure

Jet Park Hotel Park & Fly allows travellers to maintain peace of mind with their budget-friendly and safe parking spots.

This is not only limited to hotel guests which means anyone can book! For hotel guests however, Jet Park Hotel also provides a week’s worth of free parking. To top it off, there is also a free shuttle bus that runs to the airport every half hour.

After returning back from your travels, another shuttle service can easily be arranged. Both the car and car keys are kept secure the entire time.

With a convenient location that is only a short ride away from the Auckland Airport, Jet Park Hotel Park & Fly offers a great solution for those who are concerned about securing a safe car park!

Customer Review

Michael left some kinds words:

"Jet park hotel park & fly provided me with a secure and affordable parking service while I was away on business. When I returned to my car it was just as I left it. These guys also provide a free shuttle bus to and from the airport every 30 minutes which was great!"

Address: 63 Westney Road, Mangere

Phone: 0800 538 466

Services: Secure and safe car parks, shuttle transport

How much does parking cost near Auckland airport?

The overall price that you will pay for car parking near the airport in Auckland varies depending on whether you are parking there for a short or long term stay and whether or not you are parking in a covered or uncovered parking area.

For short term stays across the board at most of the Auckland airport car parking venues you will usually get the first 10 minutes for free and from there it's usually $4 an hour with an average daily rate of $35-$42 depending on whether you are using covered or uncovered parking spaces.

For longer term stays the average prices are $35-$90 for stays between 1-4 days and it will cost you around $100-$135 for any stays that are 4 days up to 1 week. 

Prices can also vary depending on which parking company you use and also if you select to have any extra services done such as car cleaning or car valet services.

What other services are available at these car parking companies?

Some of these companies offer additional services such as car cleaning, car valet services where they hold the keys for you securely, CCTV camera and guard staff monitoring and free shuttle services to and from the airport.

Things like car cleaning and car valet services will incur an extra cost to you but in general the shuttle services are generally free and frequent every 30 minutes with most of the car parking companies that we have reviewed today.

Most of these companies also have CCTV camera monitoring and some of them have actual guards who monitor the premises otherwise active staff who watch the cameras to ensure that your car is safe.

The CCTV cameras and staff monitoring are free as in they are included in your initial costs for the bill that you pay to get your required parking services.

Are these parking companies premises safe and secure?

Yes, all companies reviewed today are very safe to leave your car at while you are away because they are all constantly monitored by actual people and each premises has secure and hard to access buildings unless you are authorized to gain entry into the premises.

All of these places have 24/7 surveillance cameras such as CCTV and in house cameras as well which are always being checked and looked at to make sure no uninvited guests are lingering around your car.

Only the most secure, safe and reputable established parking companies have been put into this list after we put in extensive research before including any of them in our review.

Now that you know where you can park your car at near the airport you can head away on that business or pleasure trip with full peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is safe and secure.