5+ Best Air Fryers For Your Kitchen In 2024 [Updated]

The 5+ Best Air Fryers To Buy Online

Air fryers have been around for years, but most people haven't yet discovered this hidden gem in the food world. Others have and that's probably why you're here, but which is the best air fryer out there? There's so many different shapes, sizes and features, it can often be hard to distinguish a winner, from a sinker.

Unlike microwave ovens, the shape is different but the functionality is similar from model-to-model, although some brands tout more features than others, this is often a marketing ploy more than anything. Most fryers offer different modes for different foods such as chips, as well as the ability to set the temperature and duration. The fryer does the rest!

Best Cheap Air Fryers

We get a lot of people asking why we haven't included budget air fryers from brands such as The Warehouse and Kmart. While both of these companies offer some amazing deals, the quality isn't always the best. They are cheap, and may last less than a year, but for those that want to save money, they are great options.

The Warehouse Air Fryer (Living & Co)

Starting at $69 for their 2.5L, it's highly rated online but the most popular model is their 6L ($119) and 3.5L ($85) models. They don't offer fancy control panels and dials, but they are black and look sharp in every kitchen. Offering variable cooking timers up to 30 minutes, auto shut-off and various 7 cooking presents, a 2 year warranty ensures you're sorted. > Buy online.

Kmart Air Fryer

Starting at $69 for their 3.2L it's probably the lowest priced, best value air fryer that you're going to find in NZ. Whether that's sufficient or not for your family is up to you, with their 7L model costing $129 and showcasing the most reviews. A digital pad on the top makes choosing temperature, functions and timers easy. A 12 month warranty isn't as good as The Warehouse though. > Buy online

The Best Premium Air Fryers In NZ

1. Philips Daily Collection Airfryer

  • Multi-purposed
  • With Rapid Air technology
  • Max. capacity 800g

The Phillips Daily Collection Airfryer 28520182 is a kitchen appliance that is designed to be a low-fat cooking and multipurposed product.

This model utilizes Rapid Air technology to make do with little or no oil in order to fry healthier and cleaner fries, vegetables and meats. This product has a maximum capacity of 800g.

The design of this product makes it best employed as an airfryer but this appliance also has a range of other functions including baking, grilling and roasting.

The airfryer has a manual timer that can be set before hand at up to 30 minutes, suitable for cooking preparations. There is also a manual temperature control gauge that can go up to 390 degrees Fahrenheit.

Included with this product is a non-stick drawer and food basket, both of which can be washed in the dishwasher. There is also storage for the cord.

This item operates at 1425 Watt and can be started using the on/off switch and setting a temperature. The indicators on this product include a ‘Ready’ light and there is an automated turn-off for protection measures.

A purchase of this airfryer is inclusive of a global warranty that extends for 24 months. This product is available in a white finish.

2. Sunbeam DuraCeramic Air Fryer

  • Large servings
  • Non-stick DuraCeramic polish
  • Max. capacity 3-litre

The Sunbeam Copper Infused DuraCeramic Airfryer AFP4000WH is a large product suitable for cooking large amounts of foods, with a maximum capacity of 3 litres.

This product is constructed out of a non-stick DuraCeramic polish that is designed to be long-lasting and flake-free. This model is also not made up of any PFOA and PTFE elements.

The control functions on this model include a temperature setting that can be raised to a maximum of 200 degrees Celsius. There is also a timer that can be set for 30 minutes.

This kitchen appliance is catered towards cooking large batches of healthier foods such as French fries with only one table spoon of oil needed in order to create a crispy exterior.

This airfryer has a food basket which can be detached from the main body and cleaned easily using wipes. This product however, is not safe to be cleaned in the dishwasher.

There is included storage for the cord to save space. This model functions at 1500 Watts and there are light signals to indicate the cooking process and a sound notification that goes off when the food has finished cooking.

This airfryer is in a simple white colour.

3. DeLonghi IdealFry Air Fryer

  • Suitable for 6 servings
  • Dish-washer friendly
  • Max. capacity 1.25kg

The DeLonghi IdealFry Air Fryer FH2133 is a kitchen appliance ideal for cooking cleaner meals involving 80% less oil and grease.

This product is suitable for cooking vegetables, fish and meats. There is a maximum capacity of 1.25kg, suitable and sufficient for 6 portion servings. The food bowl is also big enough to heat 1kg of French fries.

The temperature settings of this device can be managed using the knob which has 4 options. There is also an additional knob for setting up the timer.

This product utilizes Rapid SHS Double innovation to serve food in a short amount of time. There are two power heating systems which work at 1400 Watts for the upper control and 300 Watts for the lower control.

Packaged along with this airfryer is a food bowl which is non-stick in addition to a serving paddle.

The bowl can be removed from the machine, along with the transparent lid, which are both dishwasher friendly. The lid is constructed out of plastic, making it easy to view the cooking process.

This airfryer can be activated using the on and off control and set using the adjustable knobs. This machine can be purchased in a white colour.

4. Philips Viva Collection Airfryer XXL

  • Large servings
  • Dishwasher-friendly
  • Max. capacity 1.4kg

The Philips Viva Collection Airfryer XXL 28520388 is a heavy duty airfryer catered towards serving large families. This is a multipurposed product, with the pre-set cooking options for roasting, grilling and baking.

Twin TurboStar Technology is employed to create low fat meals by depositing grease from the foods and placing them in the designated grease storage which can easily be removed.

The food basket of this appliance can hold a maximum of 1.4kg, which is enough space to cook a whole chicken. This product is also inclusive of a food drawer which is dishwasher friendly, in addition to the food basket.

The majority of this machine is constructed out of plastic. There is an adjustable temperature knob that can reach a maximum of 200 degrees Celsius in addition to a 60-minute timer.

There is in-built storage for the cord and light signals for when the airfryer is cooking and when food is ready to serve.

The model works at a maximum power of 2225 Watts and can started by turning it on, selecting a function and setting the timer. This product has a warranty that lasts for 24 months and has a white finish.

Voted: Best Air Fryer For Families

5. Sunbeam Airfryer Mini Oven

  • Suitable for healthy cooking
  • 5 cooking functions available
  • Max capacity 22-litre

The Sunbeam Multifunction Oven and Airfryer BT7200 is a 5-in-1 multipurposed device suitable for cooking healthier and low-fat snack alternatives.

This is a smaller kitchen appliance, suitable for small families. inside of this mini oven is large enough to fit a 2.8kg chicken or a 12-inch pizza. The maximum capacity for this mini oven is a load of 22 litres.

There are also two racks available inside this product. There are five cooking functions available, namely airfry, convection, bake, grill and pizza. The temperature and timer settings can be set using knobs at the front of this mini oven.

The temperature knob can be turned up to 230 degrees Celsius while the timer can be set at a 60-minute limit. The model is catered to be used with a tablespoon of oil or grease.

Additional accessories that come along with this mini oven include a detachable crumb tray, food basket and baking pan which can all be wiped clean. There is a power indicator that glows red when the product is in use.

This product is structured out metal and comes in a metallic stainless-steel finish. A power of 2400 Watts is needed for this kitchen appliance to work. 

How We Tested

We evaluated each air fryer by actually using it, making frozen wedges from Countdown, as well as making a Ukranian chicken Kiev. We checked how easy it was to cook the food, as well as how crispy the food ultimately ended up. Different models offer different levels of crisp, usually cheaper models from stores such as The Warehouse offer less crisp than say a premium, Philips model. Further we looked at the features, ease of cleaning and how easy it was to actually use. Clunky touch screen panels are annoying, using an air fryer should be child's play. Lastly we looked at online reviews, as we'd hate to recommend a dud!

Where to Buy Air Fryers in NZ?

You're spoilt for choice in New Zealand, with many different retailers selling them, from cheaper retailers such as The Warehouse and Kmart, who specialise in their own homebrand versions. Other stores for more premium air fryers include Briscoes, Noel Leeming, Harvey Norman, Kitchen Things and JB HiFi. One of the best websites to search a wide range of models is The Market, where you can get free shipping nationwide by joining their Club+. This website allows you to compare pricing and shop based on your needs and budget.