10+ Best Adult Board Games For Your Next Party In 2024!

10+ Best Adult Board Games For Your Next Party

Adult board games are board games that are specifically designed for a mature audience and may have complex rules, strategic gameplay, and themes that are more suitable for adults. These games are often played at parties or other social gatherings as a way to provide entertainment and stimulate conversation among friends and colleagues.

Today we'll be looking at a collection of the best adult board games to suit mature audiences. Pull these out at your next party..if you dare!

Best Adult Board Games

1. Drinkopoly

  • Recommended for ages 18+ 
  • Board game
  • Suitable for 2 to 6 players

Drinkpoly is an adult board game suitable for parties, pre-drinks or any special occasion involving alcohol.

This is a drinking game for up to 6 people. On the board are 44 fields which have activities such as taking shots or going to bars and clubs.

There are special areas on the game where interactive exercises such as arm wrestling, kissing contests, truth or dare games can be played.

Additionally, there are certain cards that require players to take on challenges that can be quite risqué and embarrassing or take a drink.

This is a game for close bonding experiences with family and friends.

2. Cards Against Humanity

  • Recommended for ages 17+
  • Card game
  • Suitable for 4 to 6 players

Cards Against Humanity is a classic game for creating awkward and offensive comments with close family members and friends. This adult card game contains 460 white cards and 90 black cards, suitable for large gatherings.

A minimum of 4 players is recommended but 6 players can play on this deck with thousands of possible outcomes This game has simple rules where each turn, a person asks a question stated on a black card.

The rest of the players respond to the question with a white card that they have which they think is the funniest. The person who asked the question picks the best answer.

3. Exploding Kittens

  • Recommended for ages 18+
  • Suitable for 2 to 5 players
  • Card game

The Exploding Kittens – NSFW edition is a card game spin on Russian Roulette involving kittens and body parts. This is suitable for 2-5 adults. Everyone begins by getting 1 Defuse Card each from the pack and some regular cards.

The game works by players picking up cards until somebody produces one of the 4 Exploding Kitten cards in the deck. That person explodes and is eliminated from the game.

However, if that person has a Defuse card, they can save themselves. The rest of the cards revolve around avoiding picking up Exploding Kitten cards. The last person in the game wins.

4. Daring Contest

  • Recommended for ages 18+
  • Card game
  • Suitable for 4 to 6 players

The Daring Contest is an adult party game ideal for parties inside the house and suitable for 4-6 players. Inside this pack are 80 dare cards, 25 modifier cards and 15 penalty cards.

The whole setting revolves around each person completing a dare per turn. Players select dares they want to or are prepare to take on with the modifier cards.

Each turn, a modifier card is picked out and the dare must be carried out in terms with the conditions on the modifier card. If not, there are penalty cards with instructions. This game may involve flashing body parts and is not safe for work.

5. Drinking Stax

  • Recommended for ages 18+
  • Card game
  • Suitable for 2 to 20 players

The Drinking Stax is a card game with 52 cards in the deck. This is ideal for university students and adults 21 and over. A minimum of 2 players is required to play with a maximum of 20 people total.

There are over 20 drinking games with activities like truth or dare and competing in quizzes. The game works by having a player pick up a card each turn.

The player has to complete the task or game stated on the card which may involve drinking.

Afterwards, this process repeats. Any drink such as wine, shots, beer or water can be used.

6. House of Desire

  • Recommended for ages+
  • Board game
  • For 2 or more players

House of Desire is an intimate adult game meant for 2 players. There are 3 pawns, each for the emotions of love, passion and luck. The board is set up like an apartment which indicates where and what tasks are to be carried out.

The players move their pawns around the apartment until the pawns meet each other and certain tasks need to be completed. These can be innocent or completely sexual depending on the emotions.

However, there is also a Killjoy activity to disrupt the flow of the game. The main objectives are to fulfill love, passion and luck.

7. If You Had To...

  • Recommended for ages 17+
  • Card game
  • Suitable for 3 to 10 players

If You Had To… is an adult card game for at least 3 participants but recommended for 10 players total. The deck has 250 cards with scenarios that are already planned out and meant to create laughable and amusing situations.

Each round involves each player trying to justify to the Judge that their scenario is the absolute worst to envision or complete. The Judge picks the worst scenario and the person with that card gets the point.

The first player to get 5 points wins the whole game. This game does not involve carrying out certain activities involving alcohol.

8. Pick Your Poison NSFW Edition

  • Recommended for ages 17+
  • Board game
  • Suitable for 16 players

Pick Your Poison NSFW Edition is a game described as crossbreed between Cards Against Humanity and ‘would you rather…?’.

The deck consists of 350 poison cards and can be played between 16 people total. Each round, there is a Judge that picks 2 poison cards that make up a difficult ‘Would you rather…?’ situation.

The rest of the participants can ask questions about the storyline and have to anonymously vote on which card they prefer.

The Judge wins when players cannot reach the same decision and the players win if the majority of the votes are agreed upon and aligned with other players.

9. Drawing Without Dignity - Base Game

  • Recommended for ages 17+
  • Card game
  • Suitable for 4 to 12 players

Drawing Without Dignity – Base Game is a drawing game ideal for 4-12 adults. There are 150 playing cards and 670 unprofessional items or scenarios to draw out. Players are separated into teams.

Each round a player has to draw what is stated on the card depending on the number that is on the dice. The team that the player is from has to try and guess what is being drawn.

If a guess is correct, a point is awarded to that team. If there are no correct guesses during the time, the other team can have a go. The team with the most points wins.

10. Sh*t Happens

  • Recommended for ages 18+
  • Card game
  • For 2 or more players

Sh*t Happens is a card game catered towards 2 or more adults to play together. The game works by picking up 3 scenario cards from the deck and displaying them to provide a reference. Each turn, a card is taken out from the deck.

The players have to rank the situation based on how horrible they think the scenario is. Each player has a turn to guess where the card would belong on the dedicated Misery Index.

The first player that correctly gets the rank, gets the card. The first person to accumulate 10 cards wins the whole game.