Awards | Top Rated

Have you been awarded as a top rated business? 

We only award businesses based on our strict criteria and being selected as a top business (regardless of the order) is a big deal, so congratulations.

Share Your Award

We recommend sharing your award with visitors, clients and future prospects. This could encourage more leads, sales or contacts, as it adds a lot of trust to your site. 

We've created three awards. Simply save these to your computer and upload to your website. Be sure to add a hyperlink to your image, linking to the post. 

Most business owners add this award to the footer, a testimonial/awards page or the homepage. 

Awards To Use

1. Be sure to right click and save your award. Then upload it to your website. 

2. Make sure you add a link to the review page so consumers can validate your award.

Tutorial: How To Link To Review Page

1. Be sure to download or save the award, upload it to your website as an image.

2. Add a link to your image, to get the link read step 3 or 4.  

3. Go to the review page, copy the website URL from the address bar, i.e: and enter this link on the image.

4. Advanced users may like to link directly to their ranking. You can click on 'In This Article' and then find your business name. Now right click and choose, "Copy link address' and use that address instead. Now your visitors will go directly to the snippet about your business. 

If you need help please email: awards[at]