5+ Best Boxing Boots For Every Type of Boxer In 2024!

5+ Best Boxing Boots For Every Type of Boxer

It's no secret that to go from beginner to intermediate in the boxing world, you need to get yourself some of the best boxing boots money can buy. The support for your ankles is paramount to your safety and ability to manoeuvre around the ring like the next Rocky Balboa. 

Here in New Zealand, we're limited in the number of boxing brands, however we've found 5 of the most top rated models to suit every budget. From entry level to advanced, there's something for every boxer!

The Best Boxing Boots In NZ

1. Lonsdale Mens Contender Mid Boxing Boots

  • Padded ankle
  • Full lace front
  • EVA midsole custom

With a quilted, padded ankle providing ultimate comfort and serving high-impact sportsmen well, Lonsdale mens Contender Mid Boxing Boots are exceptionally protective yet lightweight shoes, suited best for boxing.

These boxing boots feature a full lace front, an EVA midsole custom designed for boxers and mesh panels to promote an airy, breathable wear. Leather material and overlays give this shoe a durability enjoyed by religious repeat-purchasers.

Not only do these functional elements of the design promote a perfect balance of the right features, but the aesthetic appeal of this sleek, understated look makes them perfect for regular wear.

2. Lonsdale Mens Contender Hi Boxing Boots

  • Gripped outsole
  • Quilted ankle collar
  • Leather and mesh

These boots come with full lace fastening to ensure the most snug and secure fit is achieved. For comfort and protection, the quilted ankle collar is lined with padding to keep the most vulnerable parts of the ankle cushioned.

The gripped outsole gives these boots extra traction, perfect for quick movements in the ring. As with other Lonsdale boxing boots, the leather upper portions of these shoes are known to be durable and long lasting, promoting repeat purchases in regular wearers.

To top off all the functional features within this design, the layered leather and mesh look gives these boots a trendy aesthetic appeal.

3. Adidas Box-Champ Speed II Boot

  • Lightweight
  • EVA insole
  • Nylon mesh

Another great pair of boxing boots is the Adidas Box-Champ Speed II Boot, which promote a lightweight, bouncy wear to leave you light on your feet.

The nylon mesh upper portion of these boots make them a breathable pair to wear while boxing, while the speed lacing feature allows your feet to be as supported as possible.

The hardware of this pair of boots combines the comfortable EVA insole with the durable adiWEAR outsole, making these a suitable shoe for long term wear. So, consider picking up a pair of Box-Champ Speed II Boots if you’re looking for durable and comfortable shoes.

4. Lonsdale Mens Mid Boxing Boots

  • Full lace
  • Padded insole
  • Stitched details

Another great option for Lonsdale boxing boots are the classic Mens Mid Boxing Boots. This pair is perfect for those looking for the most comfortable option, while still providing support.

As with the excellent quality found in other pairs of Lonsdale boots , the full lace up front fastening creates a snug fit, while the ankles have padded, quilted collars for a cushioned wear.

What’s different about these boots is the padded insole, which allows for ultimate comfort all day long. The design is sleek and durable through extra leather upper portions, while the stitched detailing tops off the aesthetic appeal nicely.

5. Adidas Tygun II Boxing Boots

  • Suede leather
  • Rubber outsole
  • Padded insole

The Adidas Tgyn II Boxing Boots are another valuable purchase, as the functional and aesthetic features make them the perfect all-rounder boxing boots. With a stylish pairing of nylon mesh and suede leather, the 10 inch high boot design is not only great for supporting the ankles, but looks sleek too.

The Tygun II boots also have a light mesh tongue to provide maximum comfort for the top of the foot, while the padded insole also cushions the arch during quick movements.

Not only are these boots stylish and comfortable, but the traction grooves lining the rubber outsole make these shoes perfect for fast, powerful moves.

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