31+ Best Auckland Wedding Photographers

31+ Best Auckland Wedding Photographers

On your special day only the best Auckland wedding photographers should be there to capture all of the special moments because you only get one day and one chance to lock these memories away in picture for eternity.

This is where Top Rated come in to extensively research who the best of the best are when it comes to taking all of those special shots during any wedding and for any type of theme.

You want to be able to look back 10,20,30 or even 50 years down the track on when you and your beloved other half tied the knot and photographs are the best way of doing that.

This is a great way to show your children or even grandchildren years on on where their lineage and ancestry came on depending on how far of a generation you pass them down to.

More importantly though wedding pictures are a great way to remember and celebrate your love for one another as each year passes by and as each anniversary approaches.

Read on below to see who we think can do the best job for you on your special day from within the entire Auckland region.

Best Auckland Wedding Photographers

1. Chase Wild

  • Diverse range of clients
  • Outdoor photo specialists
  • Packages to suit every budget

Chasewild is comprised of James and Cameron who have a passion for capturing pure moments of love. They have a diverse portfolio which follows couples situated in New Zealand, India, Morocco and other countries. They have worked with same-sex couples and those from culturally diverse backgrounds.

James and Cameron can capture joyous moments during receptions. However, this duo specialises in outdoor photoshoots featuring waterfalls and the wilderness. The Chasewild aesthetic is one that features warm neutrals and a soft but raw finish.

James and Cameron have packages available for full day weddings and quick elopements. Prices start from $2500NZD.

Customer Review

Shenali left this glowing review:

“We could not have been more happy with the planning, the conversations and suggestions and then the photos we finally received. They were beautiful.”

Address: Auckland

Phone: 021 245 8876

Services: weddings, elopements, outdoor shoots

2. Justin Aitken

  • Highly regarded nationwide
  • Creative and unique
  • Range of packages

Justin Aitken is based in Tauranga but has worked in countless locations in New Zealand. He is a highly accredited photographer, having won the New Zealand Wedding Category Photographer of the Year from 2017 to 2020.

Justin’s photography style is described as less conventional and more movie-like. He encourages artistic creations and does not adhere to tradition. He captures raw feelings and blissful moments that last forever on paper.

Justin has an incredibly diverse portfolio and shoots extensively in scenic outdoor environments. He is well-known for his wedding photograph and videography. His packages come start at $1995.

Customer Review

Amber left this testimonial:

“Justin is a super cool dude and an awesome photographer. His photos of our wedding and amazing and he is just an all round good guy. I would absolutely recommend him as a photographer.”

Address: Auckland & Tauranga

Phone: 021 587 743

Services: Weddings, engagements, family portraits

3. Hayley Adele

  • Empowers women
  • Does photo & video
  • Range of packages

Haley Adele has a studio situated in Hamilton but works across the whole of New Zealand. Haley’s philosophy centers around empowering and celebrating women from all walks of life, which is reflected in her portfolio

Haley’s style has been described as classic and timeless.She shoots more traditional and clean photos, capturing raw emotions and connections.

The majority of her work consists of capturing headshots featuring women with professional hair and makeup. She also specialises in maternity photoshoots, capturing full-length photos against scenic backdrops.

Haley executes amazing wedding photography during summers. She also doubles up as a videographer to capture show-stealing moments during receptions. Her prices start at $2500.

Customer Review

Phillip left this testimonial:

“Haley was the photographer for our wedding and we couldn’t have asked for anything more.”

Address: Hamilton & Auckland

Phone: 021 128 4753

Services: Weddings, headshots, maternity photoshoots

4. Kiri Masters

  • NZ and world renown 
  • Range of services covered
  • Professional and upfront

Kiri Masters is made up of Kiri and Sunny who work on over 45 weddings per year. They are situated in Auckland but have worked across New Zealand and all around the globe.

The Kiri Masters aesthetic is seen as classic and clean-looking. Kiri and Sunny aim to capture simplistic but powerful moments of love.

This duo specialises in weddings but also have done extensive work with engagements and family portraits. They shoot in picturesque environments such as beaches and grasslands.

Kiri and Sunny are also expert videographers who produce high-quality highlight clips. Packages are priced at $500 and upwards.

Customer Review

Muhaimen left this glowing review:

“We could not be any more satisfied with their work and professionalism.”

Address: Auckland

Phone: 027 227 7969

Services: Weddings, engagements, family portraits

5. Trilby and Lace

  • Award winning work
  • Authentic & unique style
  • Diverse clientele

Trilby and Lace was established by Sonja who has received awards from the NZIPP for her work. Additionally, her photographs have been mentioned in NZ Bride and Groom and Truly Madly. She and her team work are mainly based in Waiheke Island.

Sonja describes her style as candid, beautiful and emotive. Her photos feature natural colours and authentic moments of genuine happiness.

Sonja’s portfolio consists of both outdoor weddings and late-night receptions. She has worked with same-sex couples as well.

Trilby and Lace can be called for both half-day and full-day ceremonies. Sonja can be directly contacted for pricing.

Customer Review

Chloe left behind this testimonial:

“Sonja is AMAZING! We were completely blown away with the quality of our wedding photos.”

Address: Oneroa, Auckland

Phone: 027 321 2213

Services: Weddings, engagements, family portraits

6. Proshot Photography

  • Wedding specialist
  • Range fo packages available
  • Friendly & professional

Ellie is a professional photographer situated in Auckland but works across New Zealand. She has been listed in SLR Lounge’s Top 100 Wedding Photographers 2020 list. Her work has also been highlighted in Junebug Weddings.

Ellie specialises in wedding and engagement photoshoots. She has engaged with culturally diverse couples. Her portfolio consists of candid photos enhanced by natural light. Her pictures emit warmth thanks to the neutral colouring.

Besides weddings, Ellie helps professionals create the perfect headshot. Her work here is simplistic yet powerful. Thanks to her previous years in marketing, Ellie knows exactly what consumers are attracted to.

Wedding packages are priced from $2,800.

Customer Review

Grace and Jeff left this testimonial:

“Her photography skills are amazing and we are absolutely thrilled with our photos!”

Address: Auckland

Phone: 021 277 0877

Services: Weddings, engagements, couples, headshots

7. Wendy & Chris Photography

  • Experienced and professional
  • Simple yet effective shoots
  • Range of packages

Wendy & Chris Photography consists of married couple, Wendy and Chris. They have worked extensively across Auckland, in areas such as Footbridge Lodge and Bracu.

This duo has more than 20 years of experience in the photography industry. Their expertise has earned them prizes from the Kodak Gold competition.

Wendy and Chris capture weddings and engagement photographs that display raw emotions. Their work has a minimalist touch, where the stars of the show are the married couple.

Although this team has worked mostly with wedding shoots, they can also be contacted for anniversary celebrations. Packages begin at $1450.

Customer Review

Tash left this testimonial:

“We loved having Wendy and Chris photograph our wedding!! They made it so easy and everyone felt so at ease with them!!”

Address: Bombay, Auckland

Phone: 021 9000 21

Services: Wedding, family shoots, anniversaries.

8. Tracey Claire

  • 20 years experience
  • Range of packages
  • Warm & friendly

Tracy Claire is made of wife and husband duo, Tracey and Riaan van Deventer who are situated in Auckland. They have worked in the photography industry for nearly 2 decades.

Tracy Claire captures candid and natural photographs. This couple takes advantage of natural late and warm tones to snap authentic emotions. Their editing style is not over the top, as the focus is on enhancing genuine features.

They specialise in well-planned weddings, as well as quick elopements. They have done photo ops in gorgeous landscapes, displaying New Zealand’s natural wilderness.
A typical package from Tracey Claire starts at $2400.

Customer Review

Kerry left this testimonial:

“The final photos are stunning and we couldn't be happier with how they turned out. It's been so special to be able to relive our wedding and see the moments that we missed.”

Address: Auckland

Phone: 021 277 0877

Services: Weddings, engagements, couples, headshots

9. Sarah Weber

  • Easy going & professional
  • Range of services available
  • Many satisfied customers

Sarah Weber is an easy-going photography with a worldly background, having been in London, Sweden and Scotland.

She has shot in gorgeous landscapes, but the main stars of her shots have always been the happy couple. Her photo ops also take place in low-light environments curate romantic atmospheres.

Besides weddings, Sarah is also an event photographer. She has worked with schools and business to help promote personal branding. 

Sarah is also available to shoot portraits featuring even furry family members. Thanks to her family orientated background, she knows just how to capture warmth and happiness.

Her packages begin at $700 with wedding packages going for more.

Customer Review

Rakesh left this glowing review:

“We had our family pictures taken by Sarah, We are extremely happy with the pictures and the service she provided.”

Address: West Harbour, Auckland

Phone: 021 205 3279

Services: Weddings, engagements, family, lifestyle

10. Mala Photography

  • 10 years of experience
  • Global & national experience
  • Prices for different budgets

Mala is a professional photographer with a decade of experience. She received her education in Melbourne but is currently situated in Auckland. Mala has also worked globally, in countries like Australia and the United States.

Mala’s style is definitely unique and one of a kind. She takes pride in working with artistic and creative couples. Mala has had the honour of working with people from culturally diverse backgrounds.

Mala is also an experience event photographer, having shot at the Red Shoe Ball and concerts. She can also shoot capture the essence of couples and their little children.

She can be contacted directly for pricing.

Customer Review

Teresa left this testimonial:

“Mala captured the spirit and essence of our wedding day and we have these images to cherish as tactile memories.”

Address: Auckland

Phone: 09 214 9407

Services: Weddings, engagements, portraits, events

11. Coralie Bee

  • Connects with clients
  • Multiple packages available
  • Creates amazing & unique work

Coralie takes pride in her family orientated background which reflects in her work. She believes in building a relationship with clients to learn their values and translate that into tactile photographs.

Coralie’s photography philosophy centers around catching authentic emotions and comfort, rather than absolute perfectionism. Features such as eye creases and smile lines are celebrated in her work.

Besides weddings, Coralie has done extensive work in lifestyle photography. She has many packages available including family photo ops, maternity shoots and even live births.

Her prices start at $350. She can be directly contacted for more personalised wishes.

Customer Review

Jess left some kind words:

“Coralie the photos are just absolutely gorgeous. Thank you so much for capturing those special moments and making us look so good while at it!”

Address: Auckland

Services: Weddings, family, maternity, births

12. Kouki Photography

  • Diverse range of clients
  • Experienced & professional
  • Range of services available

Kouki Photography was established by Michael Kouk who is a professional photographer situated in Auckland.

Michael specialises in both large and more intimate wedding ceremonies. He also has years of experience with elopements. Michael has also worked with couples coming from various cultural and religious backgrounds.

Michael’s style varies depending on the values of his client. However, a constant factor has always been the use of black and white filters to enhance classic elements.

Besides weddings, Michael can also be contacted for corporate events and lifestyle photoshoots featuring family members.

Kouki Photography can be directly contacted for pricing.

Customer Review

David left these glowing words:

“Brilliant Photographer. Absolute top notch photos for our Engagement shoot.”

Address: Auckland

Phone: 021 058 3950

Services: Weddings, engagements, elopements, lifestyle

13. Natalie Pasco

  • Qualified & experienced
  • Mature couple specialists
  • Range of different services

Natalie Pasco is Natalie and Phil, who are based in Auckland but work all across New Zealand. Besides a Diploma in Photography, Natalie also has experience in the legal industry where she learnt amazing time management skills to help her perfect her work.

Although this duo captures moments of people from all walks of life, most of their portfolio stars mature couples who are giving love a second go.

The aesthetic of Natalie Pasco is less centered on perfectionism and more focused on candid and authentic moments.

Natalie Pasco also offers maternity shoots, event photo ops and boudoir shoots. Prices start at $200. 

Customer Review

Bec left some glowing words:

“Amazing photographer! Natalie shot our wedding day and was just absolutely superb.”

Address: Botany Downs, Auckland

Phone: 021 146 1755

Services: Weddings, maternity, family, boudoir

14. Tashina Narelle

  • Skilled & artistic
  • Range of packages
  • Great at highlighting individual qualities

Tashina Narelle is highly artistic photographer based in Auckland, who has captured shots all across New Zealand. Besides being a highly talented photography, she also offers musical highlights that truly capture the essence of her clients’ values.

Tashina takes advantage of natural light and filters to create a timelessness effect on her photos. Her work captures the bonds of married couples, both young and mature.

Besides weddings and engagements, Tashina also captures intimate moments featuring family members.

She has a range of packages available for both short and full-length ceremonies. Enquires can be made directly by contacting her

Customer Review

Sarah left this testimonial:

“Tashina did a wonderful job of our wedding video! She was amazing at capturing our personalities and showing that through the video.”

Address: Auckland

Phone: 027 323 9449

Services: Weddings, engagements, portraits, lifestyle

15. Perspectives

  • Skilled team of videographers
  • National & global clientele
  • Diverse clientele

Perspectives is led by Amber, Isaac and Zahn and their team of videographers. This brand has collaborated with over 1,000 couples. Although based in Auckland, Perspectives has reached a global audience with work done in 5 continents.

The philosophy at Perspectives centers around snapping candid moments and steering away from traditions. They work in all weather conditions to get the perfect shot.

The team has worked with couples from all cultural backgrounds, in various settings. From large wedding halls to caves, Perspectives translate unforgettable moments onto frames. Video highlights are also available.

Quotes can be requested directly from the team.

Customer Review

Sally and Dean left this testimonial:

“These are absolutely beautiful. You guys knocked it out of the whole god damn park.”

Address: Auckland

Phone: 027 635 1607

Services: Weddings, engagements, short films

16. Green Apple

  • High quality photographs
  • Services all of NZ
  • Range of pricing options

Green Apple offers amazing wedding photos and high-quality photography. This business is based in Auckland but works across New Zealand.

The team pride themselves on laying low during weddings, where they can capture candid moments. The aesthetic of Green Apple has always centered around snapping genuine emotions of happiness and bliss. They do not adhere to strict rules.

Videos from Green Apple capture the raw emotions of couples and their loved ones. Timeless music and stunning editing allow couples to reflect back on their special day.

Green Apple caters to both intimate and large weddings. Prices start at $1000.

Customer Review

Harmony left some amazing words:

“Wow speechless with your work! Thank you so much”

Address: 279 Botany Rd, Botany

Phone: 021 119 5567

Services: Weddings, engagements, highlight videos

17. Dream Life

  • Perfectionist wedding photographers
  • Lighthearted & fun
  • Range of services

The team at Dream Life have a strict philosophy concerning perfectionism, where they take the role of fixing every detail to curate an amazing wedding album.

Dream Life offers professional wedding photography services. Their style is far from traditional, with several light-hearted moments mixed within formal ones. From rehearsal dinners to the reception, the team always aim to capture candid emotions.

Dream Life also provides high-quality cinematography work with state-of-the-art equipment. They shoot in several regions in New Zealand, from city landscapes to the wilderness.

There are also several options for wedding albums, whether the preferred style is modern or classic.

Prices start at $890.

Customer Review

Wang left some kind words:

“Very professional. These guys are amazing. The album turned out great we are extremely proud to show our friends.”

Address: 355A Remuera Rd, Remuera, Auckland

Phone: 09 522 8699

Services: Weddings, highlight videos, albums

18. Danelle Bohane

  • Highly artistic
  • Award winning professional
  • Range of photo environments

Danelle is a highly artistic individual who has worked with numerous couples to commemorate their special day. Her talent landed her a Range Finder Rising Star Award in 2015.

Danelle’s work has been described as mysterious and eye-catching. Danielle herself has stated that she aims to capture genuine emotions and human bonds.

Her portfolio is extremely extensive, where she has worked in wilderness regions and even arid deserts. Her work integrates natural elements, such as animals for certain photoshoots.

Danielle also shoots for brand names, with her most well-known being the Rue de Seine campaign. For enquires about packages, she can be directly contacted. 

Customer Review

Sally and Don left this glowing review:

“If anyone is contemplating on booking with Danelle I highly recommend that you do, she is worth every penny, and is one of the best in the business.”

Address: Auckland Wide

Phone: N/A

Services: Weddings, engagements, business campaigns

19. Lionel Tan

  • Matches moments to clients
  • Vastly experienced
  • Multiple pricing options

Lionel Tan prides himself on capturing moments that align with the values of his clients. He is a self-described people person who has a genuine willingness to curate the perfect wedding album.

Lionel can be called for weddings both large and intimate. He has travelled all across New Zealand and around the world From beach to church weddings, Lionel and his team have experience in them all.

Lionel utilises several lighting props in order to capture the perfect shot. His work is more formal, but still with a focus on capturing intense emotions and bonds.

Prices start at $2300.

Customer Review

Beverley and Jason left some kind words:

“A simply amazing photographer with such attention to detail and constantly looking for clever ways to enhance each photo.”

Address: Auckland

Phone: 021 238 3393

Services: Weddings, engagements, pre-wedding shoots

20. Wonder Ferris

  • Qualified professionals
  • Classic & timeless
  • Multiple packages available

Wonder Ferris consists of Adam and Kirsten Ferris, a married duo with a passion for photography. Adam has a Bachelor’s Degree in Photography, and the team established this brand in 2014.

The style at Wonder Ferris is described as classic and timeless. The team utilises a mix of candid and directed formations in order to develop the perfect album. From stolen kisses to teary moments, Adam is sure to capture it tall.

Besides wedding and engagements, Wonder Ferris also deal with lifestyle shoots involving new parents and little children. Adam and Kirsten can also help curate personal branding.

Packages start at $600.

Customer Review

Rachel left some kind words:

"Adam made us all feel so comfortable and for people who don’t take photos of ourselves much, we really enjoyed the experience!!

"You guys really were awesome and we couldn’t fault ya. Kirsty made all the admin super easy. Thanks again for everything."

Address: Auckland Wide

Phone: 021 205 7816

Services: Weddings, engagements, portraits, commercials

21. Perry Trotter

  • 20 years of experience
  • Many satisfied customers
  • Artistic & professional

Perry Trotter has worked in the photography industry for nearly two decades. His work has been featured in New Zealand museums and the JFF Zagreb in Europe.

He has engaged with hundreds of couples to help capture timeless moments. He has worked in several locations such as the New Zealand landscape and historic cathedrals.

Perry stages the photoshoots in both the early mornings and late evenings. This is to snap romantic and warm ambiences provided by natural sunlight. Perry’s use of filters also translates a classic and timelessness element onto his work.

To get a quote, contact Perry directly.

Customer Review

A glowing review from Daniella and Caleb:

"I highly recommend Perry Trotter Photography for your wedding or special occasion. He is a true professional and artist"

Address: Auckland

Phone: 021 141 8811

Services: Weddings, engagements, pre-wedding, rehearsals

22. Ritzy Studio

  • Highly experienced
  • Diverse clientele 
  • Range of other services

Ritz Mistry and his team are highly experienced and have worked in New Zealand and across the globe. The brand philosophy is based on story-telling which reflects entirely in their work.

Ritzy Studio offers both photography and videography services which truly showcase raw, loving emotions. Their expertise is in wedding photography, where they have extensive experience with couples from linguistically diverse backgrounds.

Besides weddings and engagements, Ritzy Studio also provides portrait services for individuals. Whether the aim is to look more professional or just for personal enjoyment, there are several resources to take advantage of.

Prices start at $749.

Customer Review

Niel and Aley left this testimonial:

"After our first couple shoot, my partner an I were so pleased. Ritzy and his crew were so professional and fun ! Will highly recommend and will use him as our photographer again in the future! – thank you so much!"

Address: Auckland

Phone: 021 874 899

Services: Weddings, engagements, personal branding

23. Fay Carey

  • Creative & professional
  • Covers indoor & outdoor settings
  • Multiple services available

Fay Carey is a creative individual whose work has been featured in New Zealand Weddings. She is based in Auckland and has worked with over 100 couples to date.

Fay’s aesthetic features lots of natural light and warm ambiance. She executes wonderful work in both outdoor environments and indoor sessions.

Fay and her team also offer services for more intimate engagements and smaller ceremonies. There are also video highlights available thanks to the expertise of Louis. Videos are recommended to showcase in motion intimate and teary scenes.

Fay offers packages for engagements and weddings, with prices starting at $450.

Customer Review

Here is a glowing testimonial from Cassandra:

“Fay photographed our wedding last week and we are so thankful for her! Really grateful for her time, effort and patience.”

Address: Auckland

Phone: 021 026 31098

Services: Weddings, engagements, pre-weddings, videography

24. Charlotte Christian

  • 10 years of experience
  • Documentary style specialist
  • Covers various events

Charlotte Christian has worked in the photography field for over a decade and holds a Bachelors in Design and Visual Arts. She is situated in Auckland but is available to travel to wider regions.

Charlotte captures photos and videos in a documentary style, where candid moments and bursts of laughs are encouraged. She has a genuine love for love, and aims to translate joyous occasions onto paper.

Charlotte specialises in wedding photography but can also be called for engagements, bridal parties and more. Her other photoshoots involve anniversary photo ops and family portraits.

She can be directly contacted to enquire about prices.

Customer Review

Check out this glowing reviewing from Michael:

“Charlotte is an amazing photographer, she captured our wedding day perfectly!”

Address: Auckland

Phone: 021 255 3041

Services: Weddings, engagements, bridal parties

25. Emily Chalk

  • Professional & reliable
  • Experienced and knowledgeable 
  • Variety of packages

Emily is a professional photographer situated in Auckland but is free to travel to outside regions. Her philosophy centers around capturing extraordinary shots of ordinary moments.

Emily is big on professionalism and has never missed a wedding. She has engaged with couples from all walks of her life. Her portfolio consists of Hindu ceremonies, as well as common backyard weddings.

Emily is also an experienced family photography whose latest work involves family relations during lockdown. She has also been contacted by businesses to take shots that interest customers and consumers.

She has a variety of packages available, with weddings stating at $1595.

Customer Review

Maribel left some kind words:

“We did a family photo shoot and loved the work. She is very talented and captured all our personalities. I highly recommend her as she is an amazing professional.”

Phone: 021 422 694

Services: Weddings, family portraits, business

26. Woollie Weddings

  • Utilises natural light effectively
  • Very experienced
  • Packages for any budget

Woollie Weddings is run by Will who finds honour and meaning in capturing intimate moments during a couple’s most special day. Will is located in Auckland but can be called to work abroad as well.

Will takes advantage of natural light in order to beautify raw emotions. He has several years of experience and knows the best spots for wilderness photoshoots.

Will has worked with large weddings and quick elopements as well. He can also be contacted for engagement photo ops. He has done extensive work with portraits, which can be viewed on 35mmnz.com

There are base packages starting from $1400.

Customer Review

Benny and Sandra left this glowing review:

“He was an unbelievable photographer. From the moment we met one day before our wedding he made us feel relaxed and natural.”

Address: Auckland

Phone: 021 208 2697

Services: Weddings, elopements, engagements, portraits

27. Jonathan Suckling

  • Easy-going & fun
  • Diverse clientele 
  • Highly skilled

Jonathan is an easy-going individual who loves to capture fun and unique shots during weddings. His talent has led him to be named the 2020 New Zealand Wedding Photographer of the Year.

Jonathan has had the honour of working alongside several people, including same-sex couples. His wedding photos are described as documentary-like with a story telling aspect.

Jonathan has worked in outdoor weddings and large receptions. He captures shots at every time of the day to take advantage of natural sunlight and different hues.

There are also couple shoots for people that are just in love. He can be contacted for pricing.

Customer Review

Mark left this testimonial:

“Jonathan is a great photographer; I loved his friendliness and positivity on the day and we are so happy with our photos. Highly recommended!”

Address: Auckland

Phone: 021 258 5115

Services: Weddings, engagements, couple shoots

28. Zahn Trotter

  • National & internation experience
  • beautiful & unique photos
  • Classic & timeless

Zahn Trotter has numerous experiences working domestically and around the globe. He has shot one-of-a-kind weddings in locations like Sri Lanka and Jerusalem.

Zahn’s work can be described as otherworldly while still maintaining human bonds and connections. He specialises in long distance shots which showcase the couple’s silhouettes against daring landscapes. His photography philosophy focuses on genuine and raw emotions.

Zahn also makes use of natural light and editing to create romantic ambiances. His editing work is not over-done, and has a timeless quality to it.

Zahn has worked in big reception halls and intimate weddings. He can be directly contacted for pricing.

Customer Review

Check out this glowing review from Alexia and Reuben:

“What he produced is art that captures the intimacy and spirit of the occasion.”

Address: Auckland

Phone: 021 156 3386

Services: Destination weddings, engagements, pre-weddings

29. Misi Chan Photography

  • Vastly experienced
  • Bonds with his clients
  • Various packages & prices

Misi Chan is an experienced photographer situated in Auckland, New Zealand. He specialises in wedding and portrait photography.

Misi describes his style as candid, natural romantic. Although he is big on professionalism, Misi takes pride in building a genuine bond with clients and finding their values.

Misi has worked in several regions, including landscapes such as waterfalls and grasslands. Thanks to his years of experience, Misi knows just the right locations to capture the perfect shots.

Besides weddings, Misi has worked extensively with portraits. He takes photographs during protests and marches alike.

Package and pricing enquires can be directly made.

Customer Review

Juea left this fantastic review:

“Misi photographed my wedding and did the most amazing job.”

Address: Auckland

Phone: 021 0827 1223

Services: Weddings, engagements, couples, portraits

30. Jessica Higueras

  • Award winning photographer
  • Qualified & experienced
  • Great attention to detail

Jessica is an accomplished photography based in Auckland, having won various Kodak Gold and NZIPP awards. She also graduated from The Photo School in Wellington, where she was received honours.

essica has shot couples and weddings across New Zealand. She also engages in destination weddings, having worked in British Columbia. She has experiencing capturing moments in the quiet wilderness or buzz of a city.

Besides weddings and engagements, Jessica is also an expert in snapping shots of new parents and children. Her maternity shots are also well-known for highlighting the grace and elegance of women.

Jessica can be directly contacted for pricing. 

Customer Review

Marta left some kind words:

“Jessica was amazing on our wedding day! She went above and beyond to make sure all the special moments throughout the day were captured and with such beauty.”

Address: Auckland, Waiheke, Coromandel

Phone: 027 658 8831

Services: Weddings, engagements, maternity, lifestyle

How much does a wedding photographer cost?

There is no set price, the total cost will vary depending on which photographer you use, which package you select and on how experienced or in-demand the said the marriage photographer is.

To give you a rough idea though in Auckland you can pay anywhere from $1000-$5000 for a full package depending on how basic or advanced your package is and whether or not you've included optional extras into the deal.

The average middle price for a package that would cover everything would sit around $3000 between most companies.

Most businesses offer a range of different packages to suit lower, medium and higher budgets so it's always best to discuss your options with the photographer before agreeing to terms.

What will I get in a standard type of wedding photo package?

In general for most basic to standard wedding photo packages which are for the lower to medium end budgets you will get services such as:

- one to two photographers

- bridal and groom prep

- Photographs of the wedding ceremony, the detailed pictures of the venue, separate bridal and groom group photos, photos of the bride and the groom together, photos of the first dance and of cutting the cake, photos of the family and various groups.

You will also generally get 100-500 hi resolution photos sent digitally and 2-10 hours of high quality video footage. 

All of the above are what you should expect to get at least for a package where you are paying $3000+ however everything is subject to the business or photographer who you select to use and these services all vary between each one.

Some of the above services and products will also be included in lower end packages dependant on the photographer that you use.

As with anything it pays to shop around between different photographers and compare packages and prices until you find one that best suits you and your wedding.

How to find the best Auckland wedding photographers?

Usually you'll be recommended to a wedding photographer by a friend or family member who used them, however all photographers have to start somewhere and build a portfolio, so sites like ours help you find some cheaper alternatives that you may not have considered. Equally you can find some amazing photographers you hadn't heard of or considered too. 

You should do your research though, and checkout their credentials, history, portfolio and background to ensure you're working with a professional. There's plenty of cowboys in this industry that see dollar signs at the thought of charging upwards of $3,000 - $5,000 for a days work. You should put your trust in someone who is going to deliver amazing photos, fast and efficiently after your wedding day.

Hopefully you've got a better idea on the best Auckland wedding photographers now. 

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